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March 11, 2008-Corcoran Consulting & Coaching(SM) introduced its "REO Quick Start Program" for residential real estate professionals targeting the "bank-owned or foreclosure" market. "If you want to find the silver lining in today's challenging real estate market, then you will want to take advan...
Some boundary invasion is very clear.  Other forms are subtle enough that we may not recognize them for what they are and wonder why we feel irritated when they occur, or if we even have the right to feel irritated.  All of the behaviors in the link below involve boundary invasion, if they happen...
Why would anyone write a book for residential real estate professionals during what housing experts are calling "one of the worst real estate markets in a decade"? Author, national speaker and real estate business coach Bob Corcoran says his timing is perfect!"This is one of the best times to be ...
Addressing the problem will only work and help you in the short term if you do not look at the source of it! It is not about time management, but personal management. Look at the benefits in the below link. Do I mention the word time? For additional information and guidance on this topic we have ...
Does your job or business demand that you be accessible 24/7? In an era of ubiquitous cell phones, pagers, Blackberrys and WiFi internet access, it is easy to keep in touch with the office from anywhere. No doubt, many of you find that this is a mixed blessing at best.  While technology gives inc...
"The brain is a wonderful organ; it starts working the moment you get up in the morning and does not stop until you get into the office." Robert FrostThe secret to success in real estate - and in life - is much closer than many of us realize: it is right inside our head. During my years of helpin...
Have you ever had a crisis in your career?  Maybe we should ask how many have you had today?  Let's face it, a great real estate agent is first and foremost a problem solver, and because of this, a top producer's desk will often become a crisis management center.  This center is where all problem...
When dealing with a Seller, do you sometimes find that they are unrealistic about how much they want for their home? Do you find yourself wanting to ask for price reductions right after you put the house in the MLS? Do you not always know how to bring up the topic of a "price reduction" to one of...

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