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I was attending a local Fund Raising event yesterday.  We had just finished our meal and were commenting on the food when the subject of the local restaurant/carry-out came up.  Seems like the local place that has been frequented by the majority of the people there has gone down hill since one of...
  I have had the pleasant experience of my desktop and laptop crashing in the past and loosing all of my emails that have been saved in Outlook Express.Does anyone know if there is a way to back all Outlook Express Emails onto a CD???  This may seem like a "dumb" question and the answer may be ri...
Finally got around to watching The Pursuit of Happiness this weekend with Will Smith and his son.What a great movie.  I highly recommend it to anyone.  This story is true.  Definitely a "must see" and a lesson to all of us when we feel like the real estate world it a little too much to handle.  I...
Hello everyone.  I am sure a lot of you have used the fax to a phone number that goes into your email.I need to set this up for my laptop when I am on the run, instead of always being chained to stop by the fax machine.Any suggestions or successes would be appreciad
The final comment on the Showing Instructions, "Don't Let the Cat Out"The instructions are usually easy to follow because the cat is hiding.  It is rare to show a property and have a visible cat.   Yes, there is always the evidence.  Sometimes you can smell it.  Sometimes you can see it.  It is v...
 Spring Time in Hopewell Boro, altho it is slightly chilly today and snow flurries are outside my window.Oh well, time to go feed the horses and change to go show some properties.  Better take the Hemi.Seriously, folks, unless you personally experience it of live in close proximity to it, you can...
I was asked to clarify where I was coming from on my last post, While You Were Sleeping Rip Van Winkle.I have noticed thru out my real estate career, even before I was licensed, that there are certain agents that are top of the top and best of the best, a branded name.  King or Queen of Real Esta...
Just like having to "Blog" every day multiple times a day...While You Were Sleeping...others of our lesser Realtor Associates have crept up and taken 'some" of the market share.Are they better than us because they have passed us??? Of Course not, they were just there when we were not.We all have ...
it is obvious that in order to get your score up you have to "Blog" all the time.  Daily or multiple times a day.  I guess you can hire someone...all the while you hire a Virtural Assistant. and an Assistant and a Lawn Maintenance Person, not to mention a "Dog Walker" and a person to do whatever ...

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