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Tired of do-nothing brokers that put a sign in the yard & wait? My one-of-a-kind marketing plan does what the others cannot do, at any price. Do NOT list with anyone else until you call 770-827-6225. Coweta Fayette Real Estate and Richard Weisser offer musings and original photography about real estate, auction and the community!
The signal fires once kindled are now set ablazeTo beckon the wandering sojourner to this place,But those diverted from their course shall not departThe fires that now burn deep within the heart!     (R Weisser 2014) It’s Fall again! What else do I need to say? It’s my favorite time of year. But ...
Increasing property values in Coweta County Georgia over the last few years have led to a new kind of property flipper and consumers need to be wary. These marginal foreclosures are getting a fresh coat of paint, some new flooring, and a few new shrubs planted here and there and are being offered...
Laden rife with every hue,The Artist’s palette raised anew,As brush to canvas soon unfoldsA masterpiece of window gold!            (R Weisser 2014) When the leaves begin to change in the Fall my entire being becomes immersed in the wonderland of color and aroma that is unique to the season. And f...
In all of my years in real estate I have had clients that have agonized over every facet of the real estate transaction. They try to analyze everything, including the motives of the other parties in the transaction. I have had too many questions that began something like: “Why do you suppose they...
Consumers tout the availability and easy access to information in our digital age. Anyone can research any topic with a few quick keyboard clicks or a voice recognition program. But how does one know if the information that is presented is correct? The short answer is that you don’t. The long ans...
I used to enjoy the company of others. Whether eating at a nice restaurant, relaxing at a local park, or during the duration of a long car ride, it’s nice to have intimate interaction with others of our species. But there can be no expectation of intimacy these days. And one cannot assume that th...
Writing informative posts about real estate or any industry can be challenging at times. We often want to write about problems and obstacles that we encounter in our day to day professional experiences. And these kinds of experiences can indeed be learning opportunities IF they are properly prese...
When I hear the phrase “great motivational speaker” I usually cringe. I’m not really the kind of audience a motivational speaker wants within earshot of their pitch. Why? First of all, I am NOT motivated by money. I find the pursuit of money to be vulgar and coarse. I also truly believe that in m...
A mere thirteen years ago today the United States of America was the victim of a terrorist attack that took the lives of thousands and changed the way that we look at security. It’s hard to believe that such a horrific episode could be executed by a mere eight individuals bent on wreaking as much...
I really want to know the answer to this. And my question may NOT be the one that you think it is at first. No, I’m not talking about cursing or swearing. I’m talking about technology. Here’s my question: Do you talk on the phone while you are using the bathroom? I mean, not while you are washing...

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