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Tired of do-nothing brokers that put a sign in the yard & wait? My one-of-a-kind marketing plan does what the others cannot do, at any price. Do NOT list with anyone else until you call 770-827-6225. Coweta Fayette Real Estate and Richard Weisser offer musings and original photography about real estate, auction and the community!
Once a welcomed pilgrim and delightful guest.Has waned in vigor and now seeks rest,Depart now, harbinger of Arctic’s reign,Adieu dear Autumn, ‘Til we meet again!                 (R Weisser 2014) A blast of early winter has accelerated the end of leaf season here in West Georgia. Our peak season i...
Too often I read about some miraculous result based on an unorthodox premise that is purporting to go against the grain of conventional wisdom. But the wise reader is cautious and takes such anecdotes with a grain of salt. Because there is no cut and dry pattern of human behavior, one cannot expe...
The NAR has reported that it is developing a new “Code of Excellence” designed to take the trade organization to the next level. According to an article published November 11, 2014 in REALTOR Magazine: :…the Code of Excellence will focus the attention of REALTORS® on key issues, such as data prot...
I am not one of those real estate brokers that will tell you that you can’t sell your own home. Of course you can! I am not a mechanic. I often work on my own vehicles. I am not a trained chef. But I’m a pretty good cook and I prepare a lot of the meals that we eat at home. I am not a physician. ...
I guess that I lead a very boring life. I really don’t care to travel very far from home, and I rarely do except to visit relatives or for family functions. I like being at my house. It’s nothing special, just a regular house in a regular neighborhood. I like to prepare home cooked meals and fall...
Buyers often ask me, as their real estate broker, the following question: “Would you buy this house?” My response is typically something along the lines of: “Only you as the buyer can properly determine if the property is suitable for your needs. If you have specific questions about the property ...
It’s that time of year again! We get a “Free” hour of sleep tonight as we rewind the clock back one hour. I awoke early today to enjoy the darkest morning of the year. It was nearly eight o’clock before the sky began to lighten. But tomorrow morning will be lighter and brighter! It we want to be ...
It’s not really something that I have thought about before in this light, But maybe I should. I write a good bit and I publish it online. And I back up my articles religiously. But my work only exists in electronic formats. It takes a device of some sort to open the data and interpret it. So what...
The firmament clears, devoid of stormsTo merge upon deciduous forms,O’ rapture rife with boundless thrillsWhen rainbows melt into the hills!                                (R Weisser 2014) I traveled to Connecticut last week and had the pleasure of enjoying my “First Fall” of the year. Now I can ...
After years of prognosticators heralding the demise of home ownership in the United States, the consuming public seems to be laying that dire prediction to rest. The simple truth is that Americans, for the most part, still want to own their homes, their cars, their furniture and anything else tha...

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