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The magazine, Fast Company, recently declared that Americans are becoming a nation of "free agents". They described a generation of consultants and professionals, all selling their services for the length of a project or until a problem is solved. That brings tremendous freedom, and new responsib...
Here's 10 of My Best Questions to Ask: When you ask a question, there are ways to determine whether or not you have a good shot at getting to yes which is by asking qualifying questions first. Simply stated, you won't get the business if you don't ask (which is why I say that asking for the busin...
One of the most common misconceptions I encounter regarding ‘Sound Bites' that one has from 30 to 45 seconds to make one's case.  And, frankly, :45 Seconds may be to long; you run the risk of boring your listener to tears. That's not what you want, is it?A true ‘Sound Bite' can be delivered in, w...
Okay, the last nine posts in this series were all about accepting and enjoying the positive and negative sides of being human and life itself. Now that you're giggling hysterically at all of your problems, you CAN become 'responsible' for your weaknesses or tendencies. In other words, just becaus...
I'd rather be terrific at being a failure than constantly struggle to be a success. Make sense? Being real really is/can become a delightful way to live and experience your life. And if we buy the concept that success is a journey not a destination, It's even more important than success is, in my...
If you buy the idea that truth is the most attractive thing about becoming attractive, then anything that isn't true is going to make a person less attractive. Most personal development jargon isn't very attractive because it's a manufactured word or meaning that most people who use it cannot tra...
Euphemisms and 'positive interpretations' are the bane of many people's existence. Rather than call something a problem, they call it a challenge. Rather than call something a @#%& up, they call it a breakdown. Rather than call somebody clueless, they call them well-intentioned. The first step in...
This one is tricky. I see a lot of people aspiring to become more, but it seems to turn into a quest or marathon or a track measured by attaining the next thing.  The challenge then becomes the cycle of disappointment.  You are always chasing your tail looking for fulfillment which is always just...
As you adopt healthier personal OS, your antennae will be able to better detect earlier who's real and who isn't. This happens because you're understanding yourself more. Pretty soon, you'll come to recognize and feel the extremely high costs of spending much time with those who are still trying ...
This one is also tricky, because most of us are very much defined by the roles we adopt or which have been given to us: child, mother, father, provider, sibling, boss, employee, client, vendor, professional, educator, expert, etc. Solution: Can you be yourself if you had no role in life? Better y...

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