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Pull don't push, people.Get input from the team - What do you think we should do?Cast the vision and make sure everyone understands where it is you're heading with the business.Acknowledge and appreciate people.Put people in the right roles.Understand your team and build systems around their role...
How to Help Your Teenager Feel Good About the Upcoming Move! Moving to a new area is difficult enough without having to face the challenges that come with uprooting a teenager. Studies have shown that teenagers are generally more angry about having to move then their younger siblings.These teens ...
What Parents Can Do To Help Your family's move can be an exciting time for your children and for you. It can also be a stressful and sad time. Your child may have different feelings about your family's move: scared about going to a new school, excited about your new home, sad about leaving old fr...
I had an interesting meeting with an agent this week - one that has been a reoccurring theme over the last 18 months with agents across the nation.  We started the meeting under the auspice of setting goals, markers and expectations for the next 90 days.  We ended with tears, hugs and a new lease...
The following issues represent the new issues behind business formation and creating hyper competitive business models of the future--in my opinion.AggregationMainstreaming of "demand aggregation" where aggregation is no longer supply-driven. In new models, giving things away first aggregates dem...
Let us assume your current financial needs were covered by income from a job/business or investments and you had the following two choices:Work on a project for a year that had an excellent chance of earning you an extra $100,000.Spend a year learning Internet, communication and entrepreneurial s...
You should focus on shifting from attempting to serve any and all potential customers to identifying and serving your ideal clients better. This upgrading process ultimately helps your viability and is continual, so keep losing the average customers and replacing them with those that are loyal, p...
This is a continuing series - if you want to start at the beginning it's posted at -  The Private Client Group campaign employs a four pronged strategy to ensure adequate interaction for optimal ROI and highest yields. We also ...
We got a real nice testimonial this last week that I thought I'd share -  Instead of reveling in what stroked my personal ego, I thought I'd share with all of you something we worked on with Gary to get him to say such nice things so that you may also benefit... Your Sphere of Influence (SOI) is ...
To make money in business, you need to add value to customers. And to have a very attractive life, adding value is, of course, key. With this short list, you'll learn how to add value to others in ways that can also bring you joy. In fact, the aspect of the practice of adding value which will mak...

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