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Although it is not an exact translation, Feng Shui means 'wind-water', does this make more sense? I can hear many of you say 'Nope', well it doesn't make it any clearer to me either. However if given its original interpretation, you possibly know exactly what it is. Although the phrase 'wind-wate...
Do you have any names or suggestions about contractors in my neighbourhood? Definitely! Look no further, every realtor will provide you with suggestions for most types of contractors. Referrals are the backbone of real estate firm, and many realtors believe in sharing the love - so over the year...
This serie of renovation articles is prepared in cooperation with Jay Banks, realtor in Richmond BC Canada When looking at increasing the value of your property, the most straightforward action to do this is to improve the outside. The outside of your property is the first and last image a potent...
Announcement on behalf of our dear colleague, Vancouver realtor Jay Banks: Golf, the game for the businessmen, constitutes an important part of the lives of many of us.  It is no longer affordable only to the select few.  More and more of us are discovering the beauty in it.  Golf offers its play...
Great pictures make great real estate website. The selction of various graphic editors, tools and plugins is often pretty huge, but not in all cases. When it comes to the server-side processing of the pictures when they are being resized, there are really only two basic tools for image handling r...
Heather Hadden, Toronto realtor, decided to fight with the crowd of really boring real estate websites, which are constantly flooding internet. Her new site I Love Toronto  offers something completely different - besides traditional sections like neighbourhood guides and MLS listings there are nu...

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