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Parking - An Issue?One thing that is very uninviting to a potential buyer is seeing lots of cars parked in front of your property. Many individuals do not use their garage to park their motor vehicles, so a garage is not essential to parking your car off the road. If you don't have the space avai...
The long expected Christmas season seems to be approaching pretty fast. The primary thought in many people's minds is getting the Xmas presents paid for and wrapped, therefore the shops are extremely busy. As with every year, the madness has arrived and will only get worse the closer Xmas comes. ...
Green or environmental are commonly spelled key words. Sustainability and renewable supplies became parts of official policies and business marketing. So let's have a look at some events of the last few years at what has got politicians, scientists and the western world so fired up. Prepared by T...
Property taxes represent serious expense for all Canadian home owners and are one of the determinants, when choosing you next home. Every municipality has its own tax rate for each property class and counting the correct tax meant spending hours searching for the rates here and there. Not anymore...
The Beaches is popular tourist destination in Toronto and probably one of the best neighbourhoods around. Well, who wouldn't like to live next to beach? No matter it's no sea, just the Ontario Lake. Heather from IloveToronto prepared the most complex guide about The Beaches I saw on the web. If y...

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