insurance: Disability insurance: an overview - 05/20/12 06:09 AM
Disability insurance is often termed as disability income insurance or simply DI. The policy holder gets the assurance of regular income even during the course of some disability which makes working uncomfortable. It offers payments during sick leave and other short-term and long term disability benefits.
The disability insurance policies are of different types including: individual disability insurance, high-limit disability insurance, Key-person disability insurance, etc. Individual disability insurance is beneficial for those people who do not get disability benefits from the employers or those who are self-employed.
The size of premiums and scope of benefits may vary among states, countries, … (1 comments)

insurance: Consider No Medical Life Insurance - 04/28/12 11:33 AM
A lot of people tend to overlook how important having health insurance is. Some people know that, but they couldn't ;purchase a life insurance due to various reason, like preexisting conditions.
For such situations, insurance industry has created a special product - no medical life insurance. This kind of insurance policy doesn't require medical tests, and it only includes few medical question.
The main advantage is that you can purchase it even when you have some chronic condition (diabetes for example). The main disadvantage is, well, the higher cost of this insurance.
No medical insurance policies offer is here for … (0 comments)

insurance: Life Insurance for Veterinarians - 02/23/12 04:38 AM
Many people I know have had the dream of becoming a veterinarian and Lorne Marr from has written an article about insurance just for them!
Veterinarian is the dream career for any animal lover and according to the Canadian Government, 101,972 people across the nation are living that dream. They are doing it for an average salary of $27.42 per hour, but living it none the less.
However, it's not just animals that need protecting, but humans too, especially when a family loses a major breadwinner. Sure, vets may belong to a group plan and think they have enough life … (0 comments)

insurance: Insurance medical tests - what it is about - 06/17/11 07:23 AM
Most of the standard life insurance policies come with medical test. Simnply given, the insurer wants to know your health condition before he assigns risk to you and sets your rate.
There are four basic tests: blood test, urine sampling, ECG (or EKG, electrocardiogram) and finally saliva tests. While all these tests have different conditions, they are the key to lower rates. Passing them smoothly means you can have your annual rate reduced by hundreds, or even thousands dollars. Not bad, what do you say?
Unfortunately, improving your insurance medical tests results is a long run. You definitelly cannot lie - … (0 comments)

insurance: Do you trust your insurance company? - 04/18/11 06:38 AM
Probably every one of us owns some insurance policy - health insurance, life insurance, car insurance, property insurance...There are hundreds of various policies, eaach of them has own set of terms and rules. Insurance is supposed to keep financial troulbes away, if 'something' happens.
However, anectodal evidence creates an atmoshpere of uncertainity - when the time comes, what will my insurer do? Will be my claim approved, or denied? We all read sad stories about denied insurance - but what's the reality?
At the beginning af April, Health and Human Services published audit of long term care insurance claims. The results … (2 comments)

insurance: Can You as a Stroke Victim Get Life Insurance? - 01/04/11 11:03 AM
Even though someone suffers a stroke, that does not mean that he or she cannot buy a life insurance product.
A stroke (also known as cerebrovascular accident) is exactly what its complicate name suggests – an anomaly of blood (or lack thereof) in the blood vessels which bring your brain to life. Strokes can be slow, which are the cases when small volumes of blood leak into the cerebral tissue slowly and press the live cerebral tissue in the vicinity. Strokes can also causing a burst vessel to release large amounts of blood into one's brain. The previous scenarios are called hemorrhage. … (2 comments)

insurance: Optimistic Predictions for Insurance Sector Dividends? - 10/14/10 09:40 AM
During the recent crisis, insurance companies were distressed as strongly as were securities firms and investment banks. Most insurance companies were forced to reduce their dividends last year. In 2010, however, it turns out the trend reversed.
In contrast with 2009, over 60% of U.S. insurance houses actually enlarged their return on investment for the beginning six months of this year as the business environment steadied overall. Even more are awaited to improve their dividends towards the end of 2010, Bloomberg experts claim. Additional spotlight is attracted by the ongoing bids and announcements of mergers. Bloomberg also indicates that in the business, … (0 comments)

insurance: Super–Regulators Emerging in Europe - 10/12/10 10:58 AM
After the decision of European Commission in early September, Finance Ministers of the European Union (EU) approved that in 2011, four super-national financial supervisors may be put into force, intended to control and regulate the following: shared risks, the banking sector, pensions and insurance and, last but not least, the markets of securities. This was voted on by the European Parliament earlier at the end of the summer of 2010. The pronouncement is positively in favour of three large powerful European Supervisory Authorities soon.
The recent economic downturn forced the E.U. to begin a far-reaching melioration of the control scheme whose goal … (0 comments)

insurance: Insurers Combat IFRS - 09/29/10 06:08 PM
Canadian Insurers are asking the Canadian government and regulatory bodies to drive the accounting rules in their direction. In summary, insurance industry representatives wish an amendment of IFRS which Canada has already agreed to implement but wants to effect no sooner than 2013.
They argue that the new rules will implement tremendous volatility to the c/e ratio in year-to-year (quarterly) checks. Unfortunately, not only would this make period-to-period comparisons much more difficult, but it would also prevent comparisons to statements prepared under the former rules.
LSM Insurance believes the latter is a weak plea though, as the the companies would most … (0 comments)

insurance: A Helpful Guide to Disability Insurance - What Does It All Do for You? - 09/25/10 11:42 AM
By taking out disability insurance your income is covered in the unfortunate event of disability due to injury or illness.
The majority of group plans break down disability insurance into short-term and long-term disability cover. Disability from the first day lasting up to 120 days, is usually covered by a short-term scheme Disability continuing from 120 days up to the age of 65 is covered in the long-term disability insurance.
These policies can be purchased individually but normally they work together on the same policy, so as the short-term part of the policy comes to an end the long-term starts, which … (0 comments)

insurance: AXA Term Life Provides More: Disability Benefit - 07/28/10 08:36 AM
AXA boast an very good standing all around the world with a net of 000 devoted brokers and agents almost everywhere. AXA has over 2000 experienced colleagues who help individuals to pick from a variety of good term, critical illness and disability insurance coverage and fine art collectibles insurance coverage.
AXA's Universal Life Insurance morphs adjustable life insurance with a savings opportunity. Another interesting policy is the AXA Art, where individual art collectors can secure their valued purchases such as paintings or, sculptures and others.
AXA's Term10 & Term20 life products have unique feature that many consumers are unaware of. AXA … (0 comments)

insurance: Canadian Earthquake - How Prepared are You and Your Family? - 07/13/10 09:03 AM
South eastern Ontario and some of Quebec were struck by an earthquake last week, did you experience it?
The damage fortunately wasn't too bad even though it made 5 on the Richter Scale according to the US Geological Survey. The centre of the earthquake was 61 km north of Ottawa.
As reports came in, many Canadians spoke of a gradual rumbling which increased in intensity, a bit like building work going off below or around you. One woman even felt it as high as the ninth floor of her office building. Lorne Marr, a mortgage life insurance specialist from Toronto, … (2 comments)

insurance: Critical illness insurance: Help for Breast Cancer Patients - 06/17/10 03:49 PM
In addition to the onslaught of the disease, it's no secret that breast cancer patients face a gargantuan financial burden. The Canadian Breast Cancer Network has carried out a survey which was published in the Vancouver Sun, showing breast cancer is not only a health issue but an economic one as well. The survey further revealed that 80% of the 400 women who took part in this survey stated that they had suffered some type of financial hardship because of the disease. It wasn't just loss of wages while they were unable to work, but many other payments that led to … (1 comments)

insurance: Mortgage Insurance in Canada: Questions - 05/31/10 05:59 PM
Mortgage Life Insurance in Canada is often confusing. Most mortgage insurance purchases are sold through lending institutions and the insured often pays little attention to the plan as he or she is focusing on their mortgage. When you purchase this type of insurance through your lender you are basically taking out a decreasing Term Life policy. The payments increase on a five year span even though the value of the policy drops as your mortgage drops.Instead of this sort of insurance, have a look at individual life insurance which is certainly more premium friendly. You are able to combine life insurance … (0 comments)

insurance: Relocation and Insurance - 04/28/10 03:49 PM
Accidents happen all the time, no matter whether you use a good removals company or not; so where ever you are moving to, insurance is a necessity. During transportation there is always the chance of a box being dropped or something breaking, no matter how well the belongings are packed there is no guarantee they will not be broken. What is essential is how that damage is dealt with, how the removals company sort out the claim and that the item is covered. Insurance will not control an accident from happening, but it will provide the needed compensation for your losses … (2 comments)

insurance: Life Insurance and Driving - 03/18/10 01:22 PM
It may surprise you to learn that the mere fact you have a driver's license can affect your qualification for life insurance. This is because insurance businesses know that motor vehicle accidents are the main cause of death among young people, due largely to to much speed and the presence of alcohol. For older drivers, (65 and over) driving can indicate to an insurance firm the beginnings of underlying cognitive degeneration. As a result, the following circumstances are examined by underwriters when the applicant is known to be a driver:
How old is the person? What infractions has the applicant had. … (0 comments)

insurance: Canadian Tire Term Life Insurance: Favorable Or Inadequate? - 02/21/10 02:09 PM
Canadian Tire is not just power devices and patio furnishings but also a life insurance provider. The home hardware firm adjusted their life insurance policy and came up with a new policy.
A marketing strategy was produced by this firm whose underwriters are Canada Life. So now we will go through some of the small print of this kind of policy. Applying is simple, you can do it by calling, mail or on the internet. You will be asked seven health questions and you will need to fill them all in. Answering ‘yes’ to any of the inquiries will demand more … (0 comments)

insurance: Do Not Undervalue Disability Insurance - 02/19/10 06:59 AM
When you hear the word 'disability', you probably think of mobility loss as a result of an unexpected work or sport incident. But the statistic tells us quite a different story: people are twice as much likely to be disabled due to a serious sickness such as cancer, diabetes or heart disease than to an accident.Invalid - what is the chance?Twice more people under 65 years of age become long-term disabled than die due to an accident or illness. Of course the chances of becoming disabled gradually raises with age:* out of every 100 children up to 14 years, 3 are … (2 comments)

insurance: Life Insurance as an Investment - Advisable or Not? - 02/16/10 04:30 PM
Is life insurance an investment, or not? Of course, it's investment in terms of financial safety, but can it bring anything more?
Life insurance policies can be divided into two very broad groups - term insurance and permanent life insurance. If you choose a term insurance policy, you will get a coverage for a limited period of time, e.g. 10 or 20 years. Permanent policies on the other hand, can cover you for your lifetime. Furthermore, there are three sub categories of permanent life insurance policies: Term 100, Universal Life and Whole Life. There are several sub-types of the latter two … (1 comments)

insurance: How Insurance Brokers Get Their Paycheck - 02/14/10 08:54 AM
Concerning the commission payment for the insurance advisors, it doesn't make a difference if they are captive (working for just one company) or independent (for multiple companies), as all of them get their commission when an insurance policy is activated. I asked Lorne Marr, Canada life insurance broker, for an opinion: "If you decide to cooperate with an insurance advisor, there are two important advantages for you: you can get the best premium on the market, and the broker will help you to choose the optimum type and amount of coverage for your situation."
It's crucial to note that the agent/broker … (0 comments)


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