vancouver real estate: New Vancouver real estate site! - 05/26/12 08:17 AM
The busy real estate market in Vancouver, BC, inspired local realtor Sebastian Albrecht to open a new website dedicated to buyers and sellers in Vancouver area.
Calle simply, this site has larger ambitions than a standard real estate agent's web. One of the most special features is it's Which Area of Vancouver Should You Live In? quiz, which helps newcomers to locate their ideal neighbourhood in a playful way.
Beside being a top performing realtor, Sebastian is also a record holder of the Grouse Grind run, when he conquered the Grouse Gring 14 times in a single day!

vancouver real estate: Thinking Before Buying A Property - 05/10/12 05:11 AM
I borrowed this article from one of the most promising young Vancouver realtors right now - Sebastian Albrecht.
The housing market in Vancouver is a favourite topic in Canada’s housing bubble discussion. Extremely high prices, low affordability, and changing conditions in the housing market suggest that this isn’t the right time to buy a home. Of course, it’s true for those who can’t afford it. Buying a home is probably the biggest financial decision you will ever make, so before buying, you should gather as much information as possible and think about investing. How much can you afford? Is this … (1 comments)

vancouver real estate: Is The Canadian Economic Circumstances - Strong? - 09/23/11 08:59 AM
I have been thinking about Canadian economy in the last few days and my thoughts are brilliantly summarized in this article by Jay Banks below.
The days of dilemmas and financial slowdown are finished; there is no reason for us to worry anymore, or is there? This is not the position we are in and now the Canadian economy is facing more problems than the average person first thought. The Bank of Canada predicts that the fall in economic growth is going to be a short-term problem and that the second half will be represented by more rapid growth. The bank … (3 comments)


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