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http://www.callmitchellhall.com/ I love reading old blog posts. Sometimes you run across something about one of your friends and it gives you a new perspective about what you've always suspected was true but didn't quite figure out how to articulate it. In my case, I said an awful lot, then disco...
http://www.thomasmore.org/qry/page.taf?id=19 The Thomas Moore Law Center is always a good read. AIG is the pink elephant in the room for a lot of people. The cartoons in my head are having a field day with this lawsuit. Make sure you click the links and read everything you can on this subject. It...
When social media divas take time out of their busy schedules to share several of their business secrets one should never squander the rare moment that is the gift of shared time. Trendsetters, movers and shakers are fascinating people. You never know what nuggets of wisdom you're going to recei...
    The Outside Blog Minion Report ClubChaosAgents.com Finnigan's Wake REBar Camp Ad hoc can be a good thing. It was a pleasure to see so many of the people living in my computer in the same room enjoying the lovely spread and playing Pass the Nikon. It was my first REBar Camp and I am glad I par...
  The Outside Blog Minion Report ClubChaosAgents.com Carolyn Tann-Starr http://www.bigapplecircus.org/ From May 16th until May 31 the Big Apple Circus will be performing in Queens County, NY. The little minions had a blast with Mike and I. I haven't been to the circus in a long time and it was q...
Richard was kind enough to make this available for a re-blog. Enjoy! :-) Many towns in America have constructed memorials to those residents who have given their lives in service to their country. On Memorial Weekend there are parades and ceremonies, some well attended, some not so. Take a momen...
Took the shorties to see the Big Apple Circus. Had a Spanking-A time. We Bar-B-Qued in the park with our neighbors afterward. When I come back from dropping the kids at school and torturing myself in the gym I shall post some pictures. It was hard taking shots in the dark with kids running amuck ...
My last post generated an interesting series of questions I figured I'd answer in public rather by e-mail: (1) Always hire a tax professional to deal with tax questions. (2) Realtors do not give tax advice. (3) Realtors talk in "generalities" because it keeps us out of trouble. (4) My blog is ent...
Am I the only one noticing my group features wont stay featured? Every time someone edits a post featured in groups it automatically un-features. I've been popping the same two back up on the highlight board since 6AM (LOL). I'm trying to read and serial comment but I have to keep checking back t...
http://rebarcamp.com/philadelphia/2009/04/pre-barcamp-beer-with-bloggers/ I don't drink but I'm thinking I should be the designated driver and drag a couple of peeps to go hang out over here (LOL). You have to admit this is going to be fun. I could use some fun. How about you? ;-) http://www.flic...

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