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Queens County, New York, USA Tour of Homes (New music from Mommy and the Little Minions) Time for another turtlerun. Blogging and jogging is always fun. Making music with your friends: priceless. The wee ones were helping Mommy make some noise. Cindy Tsui thought it was cool lounge music and so d...
Today's Wordy C Agenda: Creating Works of Art (and maybe finishing that market report...) Time to get new supplies for our next Minion Painting video. I've been in Google and have decided to go somewhere I have never visited: Utrecht Art Supplies located at 211 Glen Cove Road Carle Place NY 11514...
Wordy C on The Wrath of Cow Pie and How To Cowculate Bull Buying a brown cow dos not automatically mean it will produce chocolate milk. There are some people in the Rain who would have you believe this fairy tale because in cyberspace anything is possible if one is willing to believe. Like the Go...
Stephen and I have been hanging out at the outside office for most of the afternoon with EEK. Little dude has been driving her Yorkie crazy. Got great shots of four neighborhoods and am arranging some music. We're still working on our next Cow Pie project between teasing the puppy. Will be postin...
Got the Nikon, going on a turtle run to collect some eye candy for a little Cow Pie YouTube and Tour of Homes adventure (oh horror!!!). Need some interesting background to float my titles over. Will be writing a real estate centric not quite market report post very soon (LMAO). Why does that mean...
  Colleen was kind enough to make this available for a re-blog. Very well said... Reminds me of CP moments... makes one pause...   I heard someone say recently that they were entitled to speak their mind because "that's what America is all about".  This person was describing an ugly closing where...
  My Cow Pie Is Bigger Than Your Cow Pie! Is Not! Is Too! Nope-nah! Uuh-huh... Yeah, it is. No it aint. Bite me...  Today's Cow Pie Talking Point is ANTITHESIS. Antithesis is simply an opposing argument. Had I titled it that you wouldn't be curious to see where this is going (LOL). We are going ...
http://activerain.com/groups/CosmicCowPie Steaming, organic and very juicy. Nothing like a new group to make you go hmm, eh? Being a card carrying member of 75 I feel the need to talk about 'em every once in a while (LOL).  This group has an interesting mandate: "This group is for individuals who...
Tenants Victimized By Foreclosures... I have been having this conversation a lot lately. It gives me chest pains because people usually call in a panic about the Sheriff showing up and informing them they have to vacate the premises. I don't do rentals anymore. The drama is not conducive to my pe...
http://www.foxnews.com/projects/pdf/082609_familytree.pdf I was looking at the Kennedy Family Tree that Fox News posted from the Kennedy Library and found myself thinking about all the ways people affect other people. Sometimes we have no idea how what we say or what we do will affect a third par...

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