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Adventures in Destruction: One PHP5 Headache and Four Warnings Later... Our ActiveRain "export blogs" plug-in used to work flawlessly as a XML zip download but now the latest update of WordPress states "parser error : Start tag expected, 'Invalid argument supplied for foreach(...
Are you guys adding a HTTPS login or did I just do something mad stupid? (LOL) It's a holiday weekend so the last thing I expected was having to make an "Add Exception" just to log into my blog. I noticed the URL had an "https" prefix after I clicked the log on link. I will confess to not previo...
Did you know that parking tickets are now being issued for parking tractor-trailers on New York City residential streets between 9 PM and 5 AM? "The initial fine is $265, but any additional tickets issued to the same owner within a six-month period are $515 each. You are required to respond to a...
My FB peep Deidre Leggett started a new blog today - http://singlepurgatory.blogspot.com It's no secret that I have been having fun hanging out on the Kim Harrison Facebook page. That is where I met my FB peep Deidre Leggett. We both love her books, enjoy social media chatting and are waiting fo...
If you were in Cinci Ohio which Skyline Chili item would you pick as a starter? I had this really brief social media conversation with a very nice lady named Valerie Adkins McDaniel on the Kim Harrison Facebook page about where to eat when I get to Ohio for my photo-shoot. I didn't realize a ref...
I quote: "What happens to my old group when it gets archived? When your old group gets archived, it will be converted to the new groups format. Almost everything from your old group will be available in the archived group, with a few exceptions. Things that will be available in the archived vers...
From Pier 6 to the Brooklyn Bridge We're scouting film locations so today's jog was from Pier 6 to the Brooklyn Bridge with lots of stops in between to take photographs. Why don't you see any? It's because I am in bad gateway hell right now. I have 40 really nice pictures but the only thing load...
On the hunt for a book cover in Far Rockaway Today's jog and blog adventure takes place in Far Rockaway (The Other End) where I am on the hunt for a decent book cover. I shall spend the day stalking sea shells and waves, amusing myself with the surf and editing a few more chapters before high-ja...
Sitting on the futon cracking up over PT's "How to date your co-worker" post I have soooooo much fun lurking on that blog. Seriously (LOL) :-D If you haven't read Penelope Trunk's "How To Date Your Co-woker," do click the link and settle in for some very unique perspectives regarding employees w...
Interesting is me having to pull a post down three times to re-embed graphics I do not like when my graphics disappear. Are you guys fixing something again? Inquiring minds want to know. Seriously (LOL). You announced that the header issue was resolved but ClubChaosAgents.com will not upload the ...

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