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  The rise in rental rates is being reported everywhere WHERE people want to be - for work, school or retirement....INVESTORS need to be buying!  AGENTS!  Start calling 10 investor owners a day with DEALS!   A recent trend is starting to emerge for single family homes for lease in the San Fernand...
  It is amazing how property managers do not blog....YES, we are busy at this time of the year; however, the NEXT great rental home is outthere waiting to have their owner call me....Google says so! Wallace S. Gibson CPM * Landlord Whisperer (Gibson Management ... - Cache...
  This is easier than I had thought.  It uses my Google profile that I have already established so I have done much of the work.  Great suggestion to have a GOOGLE Plus 1 group.   Are you a +1? Do you +1? Now you can! A couple months ago I wrote a blog introducing Google's new +1 Feature similar ...
  Most prospects in our area know NOT to look in our MLS because these are UNsold properties that will go back on the market OR have the potential to go into foreclosure. I make a point to tell prospects that my properties are INVESTOR owned so that I am signing 2 year leases at rents HIGHER than...
  Ben makes very good points......our area has few foreclosures and when rental prospects moving into the area for better employment tell me that MY rent is higher than their FORMER mortgage payment, I have to think that they don't get it!  YES!  rents are rising!  YES! if you can't afford the re...
The current FRENZY of prospects attempting to locate area rental homes has ramped up several notches.  My last 2 homes where the owners were moving out and new tenants were moving in * the 1st I had a week and the 2nd I had 1 day - I could not get it cleaned, only the carpets done.  That was CLOS...
  I'm going to try this on my Android Acer tablet over the holiday weekend.  I suspect it may work with that tablet also! When my new Toshiba Thirve arrives in July, I want to be productive from the JUMP!   I am a dog on a bone sometimes and this was one of those times.  Having bought the iPad; I...
A recent WSJ article highlights a little advertised but widely known gem in the landlording community - retiring as a landlord in a multi-unit building. Many retirees are seeing this as an alternative to full-time retirement AND a way to hedge their retirement income with net cash flow that does ...
06/28/2011 come on by and check us out.    We have over 400 property manager members from all over the country giving rental market UPdates for their areas as well as the UPdates on new laws and regulations for their states.Temecula Rentals Sidney Kutchuk,Temecula Short Sale Agent Specialist, Rate...
As a Sole Operator, I don't have a lot of space in my office nor do I have time to be knowledgeable about all things that effect my business.  I rely on several local businesses to help keep me in Business!Sir Speedy * I've used them for over a decade.  They do my printing * I just send it to the...

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