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Has Fairfax County passed the under $300,000 range? At Buyer's Edge, I receive many calls from people who live out of town and are planning to move to the DC Metropolitan Area. They want to live near DC, near a metro, in the same size home they currently own and they want to pay about what they w...
Real Estate Agents at Cocktail Parties When I was a kid I thought it was doctors who were asked for free advice by friends and neighbors who had mysterious aches and pains. Today I think real estate agents are in this category as well. When I'm at a kid's soccer game there are two types of parent...
Today I received the weekly newsletter from my local real estate association, The Greater Capital Association of Realtors (GCAAR). The subject line was "Beware of the Zestimate." I clicked through to a Washington Post article titled "Zillow offers estimates of your house's value. But the error ra...
Post Super Bowl Inventory At this time of year, buyers are always asking me, "When will I see new listings?" and "When will all the spring listings start to come on the market?" I always tell them that they start to show up the weekend after the Super Bowl.  Yesterday I wrote a blog titled Post S...
Why should I get pre-approved before house hunting?  This is one of the questions I hear quite often. So many people love to search online for homes. They love looking at the pictures of big and beautiful homes and imagining themselves living in them. No one dreams of paying a mortgage. Or fixing...
I (knock on wood) haven't lost my wallet or had it stolen recently, but I have had my phone stolen while on vacation and it was a horribly confusing process of figuring out what to do first. Suzanne McLaughlin shares her knowledge about what to do if your purse or wallet is stolen in this great p...
Choosing the Right Listing Agent It's amazing what you can find when you're surfing aimlessly on the web while waiting on hold on your phone. Last night I found all kinds of resources I never knew were available to all Realtors. I'll write more about that later.  Today I found this video that my ...
If you have thought about branding your business, you should read this beautifully written blog post first. I was really taken with the description in the second paragraph, but it all rang true for me as well. It might be because I do a lot of thinking about branding, but read this piece for your...
I wanted to get the attention of dog lovers so you could see this great post written by my co-worker, Stephen Mercer. He is a fellow exclusive buyer's agent (EBA) at Buyer's Edge. This is his first post and I know you will love it. He decided to write his first post about dogs and fences. It star...
I was home on a two-hour school delay and saw this post by my co-workers, Victoria and Marshall Henderson. They give such great advice about fighting cold weather in the home and I know I couldn't have said it any better myself. Please make any comments about the post to the original writers. Tha...

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