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This is the blog of Darren Copeland, Senior Mortgage consultant and mortgage banker in the Kansas City area. We specialize in Home Mortgage loans specifically FHA Mortgage loans, VA mortgage Loans, Conventional Mortgage loans and even reverse mortgages for seniors! Check out our blog for information about Home Loan and Mortgage tips and news for Home Buyers & Real Estate Agents! Call us today to get started! (816) 268-4025
Seniors living in Olathe Kansas could qualify for the all new Reverse Mortgage Olathe Kansas program offered by LeaderOne Financial.  If you're interested in a great product like this that will allow you to increase your income all while staying in the home that you're currently living in!  You c...
One of the greatest mortgage programs out there is the Reverse Mortgage Merriam Kansas, if you're a senior and you're wanting to stay in your house close to that new IKEA.  Then let Darren Copeland of LeaderOne Financial and the founder of KC Loan Tips!  He can help you understand what you need t...
Seniors who are above the age of 62 and are looking for a way to increase their income while staying in their home should look into the Reverse Mortgage Mission Kansas program offered by LeaderOne financial's mortgage expert Darren Copeland.  Darren is the founder of KC Loan Tips, a one stop shop...
Okay, This question isn't that hard, and I'll be honest we know everyone out there wants to save money, but sometimes it pays to use a professional and that's Why You Need a Realtor.  You can buy or sell a house without a realtor but there are so many reasons to use a realtor, and the #1 reason i...
   When it comes to getting a home loan or a mortgage it seems that everyone wants you to get a Pre-Approval Letter.  Everyone! Realtors, Mortgage Lenders, your Aunt Mary, everyone is pointing you towards this seemingly important first step towards getting your home loan.  There's a very good rea...
Did you know that internet is changing the way relationships work?  Just think about it, I know some 20 somethings who didn't consider themselves exclusively dating  until it was on Facebook!  Most people know that the internet is changing business and really changing the landscape of our economy...
There are a lot of great mortgage loan options out there, but What's the benefit of a 20% down payment?  Does it really change the terms of getting a home loan that much?  To answer this common questions we're using our youtube channel, a local Lee's Summit Missouri Mortgage expert and a local Ka...
Closing on time is the most important part of your mortgage, that's why it's important to know How a Local Lender Can Help You.  As we continue blogging through our Ask Darren youtube webseries, we noticed it was high time we talked about how great finding a local lender can be for your home loan...
Over my time in the mortgage industry many people have asked me the question, What do Closing Costs Cover?  So we thought it was about time for us to put out a video answering that question!If you're about to being the mortgage loan process or you're curious about getting pre-approved for a home ...
We're experts on just about any home loan you can get, but What's the difference between Mortgage Programs?  Many people call us to get pre-approved and many of those same people don't know what program they qualify for, let alone how those programs differ from each other! Our primary focus when ...

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