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This is the blog of Darren Copeland, Senior Mortgage consultant and mortgage banker in the Kansas City area. We specialize in Home Mortgage loans specifically FHA Mortgage loans, VA mortgage Loans, Conventional Mortgage loans and even reverse mortgages for seniors! Check out our blog for information about Home Loan and Mortgage tips and news for Home Buyers & Real Estate Agents! Call us today to get started! (816) 268-4025
We're experts on just about any home loan you can get, but What's the difference between Mortgage Programs?  Many people call us to get pre-approved and many of those same people don't know what program they qualify for, let alone how those programs differ from each other! Our primary focus when ...
Do you know what your mortgage lender says the Biggest Challenge in the Mortgage Process is; it may be something that you can do something about as your journeying through your home loan!  We asked Darren Copeland, a Lee's Summit Missouri Loan officer to answer some of the most common questions t...
One of the most frequent questions we get asked after people get pre-approved for their home loan is How Much Money Will I Need for Closing Costs.  So in this episode of Darren Copeland's "Ask Darren" webseries featured on YouTube, a local Kansas City realtor asks him what about those mortgage re...
When Should I Buy Furniture? We're continuing blogging through our Ask Darren Series on YouTube, and we wanted you to know what the best time to buy furniture is when you're purchasing your new home!  Darren Copeland, your Lee's Summit MO home loan expert sat down with a local Kansas City area re...
Maybe you weren't expecting it, your credit slipped, something happened and now you're waiting after a bankruptcy wondering if you can buy a new home?  The good news is that having a bankruptcy doesn't end your dreams of owning a house, however it may delay them by a few years.  A Realtor in the ...
Many people are confused when it comes to Starting the Home Buying Process, but why is that?  We find that people just get excited about finding a home and we completely understand, what's not to get excited about finding that place to raise your family, to invite friends over for a backyard BBQ....
If you're a first time home buyer Lee's Summit MO is a great place to purchase a house and raise a family. Living and working in this part of the Kansas City area is one of the dreams of many people looking for great neighborhoods and great schools.  If you're looking to purchase your first home ...
Of all the questions that we get asked on a regular basis , What is Premium Mortgage Insurance is probably the one of the most common.  When we're working on an FHA mortgage we're always explaining to people how PMI works and letting them know why they have to pay an extra fee or two when picking...
When it comes to buying a home one of the first questions you're going to ask yourself is "How Much Can I Afford," and that's where the tried and true process of getting pre-approved comes in handy.  Pre-approval is the first step in any mortgage process (and you can start the application here,) ...
The mortgage process with a new client and you're going along swimmingly then; there's always surprise at the Documents You'll Need to Get a Mortgage! There's quite a big list of stuff that you'll need now and below we've got a mortgage expert from LeaderOne Financial who answers the questions of...

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