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I love Central Virginia and would love to answer questions for anyone thinking moving to Charlottesville, Virginia area. Call me - anytime 434-242-1769 :)
I recently read a blog article by Chris Brogan one of my favorite writers.  http://www.chrisbrogan.com  In his article he makes the statement that it is important to occasionally start from the beginning to let your new readers understand what you are all about.  His statement is back up with exa...
OK no small talk this time let’s get down to business.  In a previous blog I gave the description from the http://www.vawineclub.com newsletter about this merlot called EQUATION from Breaux Vineyards in Loudoun County, Virginia  http://www.breauxvineyards.com .  “The nose features dark cherry and...
Tasting Willowcroft 2006 Cabernet Savignon. As I sat down to start on this article a great idea came to me.  Everybody seems to love "Dancing With the Stars", there is even a new show coming that is" Skating With the Stars".  How about somebody producing a "Tasting With the Stars" show.  I'll bet...
This months Virginia Wine of the Month club selection is from Prince Michel Vineyard and Winery.   The wine is the Old Town Alexandria Vintner's Reserve Merlot. Click on photo to enlarge. Old Town Alexandria - Merlot  This is the fourth shipment since my wife signed me up for the Virginia Wine of...
I am curious as to how others might feel about this so I thought I would ask the question.  Well actually I thought of it when my wife commented that she now rarely sees me without my Blackberry and I am reading or chuckling at something on this little screen.  How would you feel about a schedule...
Who needs California when we have access to a great selection of vineyards in Virginia?  Why in the Charlottesville area alone there are over 30 Wineries.  With the economy like it is more and more of us are staying close to home for our vacations.  Why not take a trip through our wine country an...
A few years ago I ask this questions, and I am still asking it today.  I am really serious about this, and would like to open a dialog asking anyone that is thinking about purchasing or selling a home or has bought or sold a home in the past to respond.  It doesn't matter if you live in Virginia...
Let me provide a short update for those that haven’t visited this blog previously. I am not a wine expert by any means. My lovely wife is the reason I started this section on wines. She, being the wonderful partner she is, provided me with a membership to the Virginia Wine of the Month Club this ...
It seems that almost everyone now understands that the real estate market has cooled. Analyst are implying that if you didn't get into the market before the boom it's no use investing now. WHY? Again I ask Why? When you get down to it and talk with real estate professional in the local market you...
Shopping for a home in the Charlottesville, Virginia area or anywhere for that matter?  Below you are a few helpful tips to keep in mind. Few things in your life will be as exciting or nerve racking as locating and purchasing a home ranks right up there with divorce and a death in the family.  It...

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