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Many attendees of my different Smartphone classes and seminars have Windows Operating Smartphones and when I show the Financial Calculator on the Palm OS many moan that their Windows device is lacking the Financial Calculator.  Well we have looked at some options and wanted to share with you one ...
Hey anybody within driving or flying distance of Santa Jose have we got a deal for you!  Thanks to Sprint they have arranged for a full day of training for FREE!  We plan on presenting "Everywhere is My Office" from 9:00 to 10:30 then "Today's Top Technology Trends" from 10:30 until noon.  The af...
If you are a member of the MetroList MLS in Sacramento you so need to show up at one of my seminars, their free!  We kicked the week off in Placerville today with a nice size crowd.We are not selling anything just telling you the real estate professional how to "Make Everywhere Your Office" so yo...
If you expect my normal technology blog today, well you ain't getting it this time.  No typical geek talk or tips and tricks, rather something more important, YOUR LIFE.It seems since the first of the year it's been pack, leave, come home, unpack, repack, leave.  Looking back at the past 8 years ...
I think one of the toughest things with a Smartphone is managing the email.  Even the devices that are easy set up you the user need to decide the best way to handle the email.  For sake of staying sane with this blog let's not talk about how to set it up which would take a book because of all th...
After 8 years of running around North America and almost everytime I finished asking if I had a book or a tape of my session.  It seems I cover more material then most can aborb in a three hour classroom setting.  I listened and finally have done something about it.  We have built a DVD which inc...
Wow what a response on my blog about fear button!  Folks are adding their own tips both here on the blogs and by email directly to me.  I want to share some points;The Centro both Sprint and AT&T have the same nub for finding in the dark or with eyes closed.  I have heard other phones have nubs s...
We read too many stories about agents being attacked, kidnapped, raped and even killed.  This tip might not prevent that from happening but could get you help on the way quicker.  PLEASE do everything possible to avoid getting yourself into a position where you might need this tip!Whether you are...
If you want a Smartphone and want some unbelievable deals then you need to check out www.amazon.com  I direct folks there all the time as you can get a much better price from Amazon then walking into a store.  You do the whole deal right on their website which involves either getting a new contra...
I have been hired to work 3 events with the Alabama Association of REALTORS at three different locations.  I just finished my first event held at the Auburn University Dixon Center, yes I have been surrounded by War Eagles!  During one of my sessions I told the room I posted more information on m...

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