charlotte home buyer tips: Why Isn’t YOUR Buyers Agent Making Your Appointments? - 11/25/14 09:44 PM
Why Isn’t YOUR Buyers Agent Making Your Appointments?
It occurs many times each day - leads come in from our websites, registering with us to view listings.  No, not all of the listings are ours - our home searches are high-tech, super-Savvy and pull all leads from our MLS several times each hour.  So, the homes that the Charlotte home buyers are viewing, are listed by the listing agents all across the city.
The calls go something like this:
BUYER:  I’d like to see the house at 123 Main Street sometime today or tomorrow.  Do you have time to … (54 comments)

charlotte home buyer tips: What Do FSBO's and Dual Agency Have In Common? - 01/02/14 07:44 PM
What Do FSBO's and Dual Agency Have In Common?
North Carolina is one of the few states the continues to allow Dual Agency - that is basically when one agent represents both the Buyer and the Seller in one single transaction.  Dual Agency is also when two agents from one firm/brokerage represent both buyers and sellers in a single transaction.  This discussion is about Dual Agency - By Agent ONLY & FSBO's.
What do they have in common?
First, let me tell you what prompted this post: 
Recently the National Association of Realtors® published their annual Profile of Home Buyers … (46 comments)

charlotte home buyer tips: Buyer Tips | Know Your Rights - Select Your OWN Attorney - 12/05/13 08:46 PM
Buyer Tips | Know Your Rights - Select Your OWN Attorney
I’d be willing to bet there are 250 real estate attorneys here in town!  Ask 250 agents who their preferred real estate attorney is and you’ll likely get at least 200 different answers!
From the onset of agents handling short sales in our area, there are consistently, the handful who INSIST that the buyers use the seller’s attorney.  I’m not going to debate the RESPA issues with that but, I am going to share what recently happened to a client of mine who was purchasing a luxury short … (12 comments)

charlotte home buyer tips: Charlotte Home Buyers Q&A | Can The Sellers Write ME a Check for Repairs? - 11/24/13 09:01 AM
Charlotte Real Estate Q&A | Can The Sellers Write ME a Check for Repairs?
 “Can the Seller write ME [the buyer] a check for repairs?”
NO.  In lieu of repairs, we’re finding that more and more sellers have little time to remedy any inspection issues so, they tend to negotiate a dollar amount, placing a value on the repair items.  This value is to be paid ONLY to vendors who provide hard-copy invoices with concrete prices or to an attorney to be held in Escrow until the work is complete and approved by you, the buyer.
Most … (5 comments)

charlotte home buyer tips: Home Buyer Tips - Dual Agency is NOT the Best Option for You - 11/11/13 08:52 PM
Thinking Of Buying a Home without Your Own Agent?  Think Again! Why Do You Need a Buyer’s Agent? Real estate agents get calls from buyers all of the time, requesting that we show them homes that we have listed and many of which we aren’t the listing agents.  These buyers don’t want to see ANY other properties, no matter how you insist that they view a ‘little something to compare!’
We confirm that these buyers aren’t working with an agent.
We ascertain that these buyers have been pre-approved with a lender, contacting the lender for confirmation.
We discuss the neighborhood, the … (7 comments)

charlotte home buyer tips: Charlotte Home Buyer Tips: Locate the Neighborhood BEFORE You Look for a New Home - 11/07/13 08:10 PM
Buyer Tips:  Locate the Neighborhood BEFORE You Look for a New Home
Charlotte has a multitude of areas, subareas, communities, subdivisions and neighborhoods and if you’re new to the area, you really do need a knowledgeable agent to guide you through the process of elimination as far as neighborhoods are concerned.
There are a few good sites that I recommend to my clients to learn more about the different areas/neighborhoods in Charlotte.  First, you’ll want to consult your agent and let him/her know, specifically, what you’re looking for.  Ask your agent if he/she is a Charlotte Certified Neighborhood Specialist.   … (3 comments)

charlotte home buyer tips: 4 Important Charlotte Home Buyer Tips - 11/03/13 05:12 PM
4 Important Charlotte Home Buyer Tips
Most of the time when buying a Charlotte home, there are a few obvious factors that you will consider – such as the location, the number of bedrooms, school assignments or commute to your workplace, the need for repairs and any interior features.  However, there are a few things that you may not have considered during your house hunting but, could be very important factors in your decision.

1.  Water Quality
Most home buyers don’t even think about water quality until they get to the inspection stage or for some, until they wash their first load of … (8 comments)

charlotte home buyer tips: Buying a New Home Before Your Charlotte Home Sells - 10/19/13 12:37 PM
What Happens if You Find Your New Home Before You Sell Your Old One? This is a common question that I get from sellers who have found their Charlotte dream home but, have not yet sold the home that they’re living in.  So what does happen when you find that dream home that you want to buy, before you have made the sale on your old property?
Ideally you would have sold your current home before you buy your new property. However, sometimes the transition doesn’t work out that way.  You don’t want to give up the sale if you have … (5 comments)

charlotte home buyer tips: Lifestyle Choices | City Lights Or Starlit Nights – What Charlotte Home Location Will You Choose? - 10/18/13 08:08 PM
Lifestyle Choices | City Lights Or Starlit Nights – What Charlotte Home Location Will You Choose? If you are looking to buy a Charlotte home, you might be wondering whether you should be looking for properties that are right in Center City (Uptown) or whether a better option for you would be to buy a home in the suburbs, just a short drive away.
The rural or urban decision will ultimately be up to you, as there are advantages and disadvantages to either option. The main difference will lie in your priorities – what type of lifestyle is most important to … (0 comments)

charlotte home buyer tips: Charlotte Home Buyer Tips - Key Points to Consider When Buying a Charlotte Home - 03/22/13 08:36 PM
Key Points to Consider When Buying a Charlotte Home Buying Charlotte real estate can be a frustrating and a bit overwhelming experience.   With so many pieces to the home-buying puzzle to put together, it can become a daunting task, to which I tell my clients that we are here to assist them.
Here is a quick-checklist that you can refer to in order to alleviate a few key points that can cause frustration and confusion associated with buying a home in Charlotte:
First, make sure that the home that you are buying includes all the features you are looking for in … (4 comments)

charlotte home buyer tips: Charlotte Home Buyer Advice - Avoiding Heartbreak with The Right Vendors - 03/17/13 09:59 AM
Charlotte Home Buyer Advice - Avoiding Heartbreak with The Right Vendors Who Understand Time Management
I have proclaimed many times that in order to keep your lending qualifications/licensure (including underwriters and processors), you should be required to buy/sell your home at least every 2 years.  That would insure the realization that there are critical deadlines that every single buyer and seller lay on the line when all parties to a transaction are trusted to get a job done on time. 
The absolute worst is when a seller is also Closing on the same day on their purchase.  I've had transactions 4-deep … (15 comments)

charlotte home buyer tips: Today's New Charlotte Real Estate Listings - 12/30/12 04:26 PM
Charlotte home buyers - Are you just WAITING on that perfect home to come on the market? 
With our Charlotte real estate shortage in inventory, home buyers are finding themselves in temporary housing until the right house comes along.  And, there are PLENTY of home buyers out there just waiting to pounce on the first thing that comes available!  They've been searching all winter and have missed several opportunities to get into their dream home.
So, if you're a Charlotte home buyer in this situation, you'll want ready-access to the first homes that come on the market that fits your criteria.  … (7 comments)

charlotte home buyer tips: 4 Top Tips for Charlotte Home Buyers - 12/16/12 08:54 PM
Charlotte Real Estate Buyer Tips | House Hunting Buying Charlotte real estate is a serious investment of both time and money.  However, the process of buying a Charlotte home can be very stressful and daunting task.  There are many complicated factors involved in the process.  You need expert advice if you plan to invest in real estate–and buying your personal home is one of the largest investments that you will make in life.  Here are some tips that you can use to locate that perfect home or investment property.   1.  Apply for a mortgage BEFORE you search for your Charlotte … (5 comments)

charlotte home buyer tips: WebMD, Can You Teach Me How to Perform My Own Tonsillectomy? - 07/24/12 10:08 PM
Most of you who read my blog know that I'm a former nurse AND the wife of a quadriplegic so, this analogy is even far-fetched for ME but, I've just got to rant a little here!  
AGENTS:  How many times have you been working with buyers who say, "I've done all of the research and this is what I want to Offer on this property?"  
"Oh, I KNOW what the comps are!  I found them on Xyzillow!"
"I've bought and sold MANY homes in my lifetime--at least 5!  Of COURSE I know how this is done!"
"And, don't think … (64 comments)

charlotte home buyer tips: Charlotte Homebuyer FAQ - Is the research I’ve done online all I need? - 06/07/12 10:13 PM
I’ve Already Done The Research Online; Now, Can You Write An Offer for Me?
I often get the question, “What information can you provide other than what I’ve already learned online?”  Several recent buyers have requested that Offers be made for them as they have already ‘done the research’ and I don’t need to do anything but, write the Offer.  On each occasion, the buyer wants to present incredibly low-ball Offers.  
The numbers that they are obtaining from aggregate sites (national sites that have feeds from SOME of our data), are quite different than the actual data that is recorded … (29 comments)

charlotte home buyer tips: Got Cash? Many Charlotte Home Buyers DO and They're Competing with YOU! - 05/25/12 08:22 PM
How are you planning to purchase Charlotte NC real estate? Cash Buyers have been dominating the Charlotte NC real estate market for the past two years.  Wise investors (just as Warren Buffett advised doing) have been increasing their inventory by leaps and bounds and smart individual home buyers are doing the same.  Not just with cash but, with the use of conventional, FHA, VA loans and 203K loans.   During the past 90 days, cash buyers accounted for 32% of the home buyers in Charlotte NC.  Of the 5,506 cash buyers over the past 90 days, 76 of them have purchased properties over $1,000,000.  … (23 comments)

charlotte home buyer tips: Champagne Budget - Real or Perceived? - 03/25/12 08:40 PM
Champagne Budget - Real or Perceived? Find Out BEFORE You Shop for Homes in Charlotte NC!
This topic has been discussed repeatedly but, it certainly bears further conversation as the issue repeats itself, creating problems for everyone involved.
My mantra is that you must have a pre-approval letter before getting into my car.  Granted, I spend more time with sellers these days than with buyers but, my buyers agents spend 100% of their time with buyers so, I’m speaking on their behalf here.
I’m generally a trusting soul--when a potential buyer phones me and is seriously interested in purchasing a home … (35 comments)

charlotte home buyer tips: BUYERS: Anything You Say CAN and WILL Be Used Against You! - 03/11/12 08:48 PM
Recently I had a buyer phone me who had already decided which community he wanted to reside.  He phoned me to show him a listing in that community; it wasn’t my listing but, one that he had found on my website so, he presumed it was my listing.  He refused my offer to view other properties in the area.  He also confirmed that he is not working with a real estate agent and that he had already spoken with Joe Lender and had a pre-approval letter in-hand.  
Sounds like the perfect buyer candidate, right?
So I referred him to one … (79 comments)

charlotte home buyer tips: A Surprising Realization - Some Sellers Just GET IT! - 02/09/12 01:04 AM
Some sellers these days are taking a bit of a hit on their equity.  Savvy sellers who are also purchasing realize that they’ll recoup that lost equity when they make a smart purchase on the other side.  Many have, as they say, given away the farm because they HAVE to move; others are simply motivated by the low prices and the incredibly low interest rates on their purchase.
When it comes to selling a Charlotte home, I have to say that I am quite proud of some incredibly smart sellers of mine!  More and more, buyers believe that they can get … (69 comments)

charlotte home buyer tips: BEWARE! Online Inaccuracies Can Cost You Thousands! - 11/06/11 01:26 AM
Beware of Online Inaccuracies in Your Charlotte Real Estate Inquiry
As the old adage goes, ‘time is money’ and that applies buyers and sellers in the computer age in which we live.  Everyone relies on the Internet for information and it’s unfortunate that some online Charlotte real estate information can be misleading.  For buyers, the vast amount of time one has to spend house hunting to find the home that you love, you don’t want or need to waste any of it on properties that aren’t what they seem.
Beware of the following inaccuracies when Charlotte house hunting online:
History hiccups … (6 comments)

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