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      The MLS (multiple listing service) is what most buyers and sellers use when seeking information about buying or selling a house. Odds are you’ve spent a little time online searching for homes. After all, most home searches begin online. You may have even used a broker’s website or a site l...
Prince George’s County, Maryland and the surrounding communities are experiencing record low cold temperatures.  When temperatures drop significantly below normal, it’s hard to stay warm and safe even in your own home.  Taking preventive measures can be your best defense against extreme cold weat...
Sometimes a perfectly nice home in fine shape just won’t sell. Fresh paint, fine curb appeal, new appliances, a solid neighborhood...and still no offers.  Sellers are confused and irritated.  “But, I’ve lived in this home for 15 years!  There’s nothing wrong with it!”   Often the culprit is “func...
As we head into the first quarter of 2015, many people are gathering tax prep documents for the April 15th filing of their personal taxes, but what about property taxes? Just because home values are rising, doesn’t mean property taxes have to go up too.     When property owners receive their Noti...
People approach the whole idea of owning a second home from a hundred different perspectives simply because a second home can answer so many different purposes.  If you are a homeowner at the stage in life where making retirement plans is becoming a more immediate imperative, you might want to bu...
Past history tells us that home sales in Upper Marlboro perkup come springtime, just as the advent of colder weather brings a slowdown in Upper Marlboro home sales.  But what if your own family and professional situations dictate that now is the time to list your own home?   Fortunately, the seas...
  Real Estate Investors keep their eyes trained on the local market filings, but also stay aware of the national trends as a signal of what might be coming down the pike.  Across the U.S., by the end of November there were nearly 112,500 foreclosure filings, which amounts to one out of every 1,17...
At the end of 2014, it’s as good a time as ever to look back over the real estate investment landscape to see if any new trends or directions may have become apparent.  It does look as if one development in the country as a whole may cause ripples that could affect real estate investment hunters ...
Every landlord has the feeling at one time or another that a prospective tenant may not be a good choice.  Call it a hunch, or intuition, but something tells you that this tenant may be trouble down the road.  There is more than enough riding on the decision to make you want to pay attention to y...
It happens:  an irresistible real estate investment crops up when you’re least expecting it.  You may have been actively searching for your next family home when you happen across a particularly good bargain, but its not a good fit for your own family.  “Oh my goodness,” you think to yourself, “t...

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