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For Baby Boomers, the “getting older” concept has gradually changed from the distant abstraction it seemed in the 60’s and 70’s to a more immediate concern.  And of all the decisions that will have the most impact on those nearing their golden years, buying the right home is one that makes the mo...
At holiday time, homeowners can count on being flooded with decisions.  For everything from the extent of front yard decorations to the menu decisions for family gatherings.  ‘Tis the season for organization and planning.  Homeowners have done their best to minimize the likelihood of travel-relat...
Just about the last thing Upper Marlboro homeowners expect is for the price of something we use every day to drop so quickly.  It’s been slightly confusing to experience what has been happening with energy prices.  It’s not your imagination.  As you drive past the neighborhood gas station, the pr...
“The best real estate value” is certainly a little bit over-the-top when it’s used in a listing, but in truth, that’s pretty much what most prospective home buyers in every price range actually hope to find.  For homeowners planning to list their own homes, it’s good to keep in mind.  When home i...
Suppose your Realtor helped you land a prime rental investment property and you’ve been more content with the result. Your longtime tenant proved to be conscientious and dependable, with resulting passive income that has been quietly building your bank account with very little oversight from you....
First-time Homebuyers looking to buy a home and need downpayment and closing assistance may have heard about the My Home Program.  The My Home Program is a great home-purchasing assistance program that’s available to eligible first time homebuyers to purchase a house anywhere in Prince Georges Co...
You’re at home watching TV and trying to unwind when all of a sudden here comes another baby boomer celebrity looking into the camera giving you his most sincere trustworthy look and then assuring you that a “Reverse Mortgage” really isn't too good to be true (even though it sounds like it is).  ...
Oak Creek, Beechtree, Marlboro Ridge subdivisions have a single standout factor that make a luxury home.  When you are selling your Upper Marlboro luxury home, you are marketing to a narrow niche of the home-buying public.  They’re high-end customers, certain to be very smart, business savvy - an...
  For renters who are beginning to investigate the possibility of buying a first house, the prospect can look like more than just a steep hill to climb.  It can look more like a mountain.  Just last month, the Daily Real Estate News cited recent research that indicates in most places that it can ...
There’s no place like home for the holidays.  And, there’s no place like Upper Marlboro for really nice home values.    I’m always a little surprised that more people don’t take advantage of the holiday season to sell their home.  The spring selling season may be the most popular, but there are a...

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