best realtor: Are You Using Your Ceiling Fan the Right Way - 03/27/12 12:17 PM
In colder months, do you use your ceiling fan the right way?  When my brother-in-law stopped by my house to visit the other day, he made a comment about the direction my ceiling fan blades were rotating. Of course my curiosity led me to investigate the matter further.
In the summer ceiling fans can provide cooling breezes, but during winter they can also assist in circulating warm air through your home.  The trick is to understand the switch on the fan which controls the direction of the fan blades:
During the SUMMER months, the standard setting of COUNTERCLOCKWISE provides … (2 comments)

best realtor: How Much Is Your Home Worth - 03/15/12 03:44 PM
Do you know how much is your home worth? Did you buy a home last year? Have you owned your home for a decade? Do you have an accurate idea of how much equity you really have in your home? If you were to sell today, do you know how much cash you’d have available moving forward?
Understanding the true equity you have in your home is a vital part of understanding your complete financial picture.  You may have a vague idea of what you think your home is worth, but do you really know?  And if you’re not sure, … (0 comments)

best realtor: Renovating the Interior of Your Home - 02/28/12 08:01 AM
Are you thinking about renovating the interior of your home or building a brand new fantasy home? If you’re just beginning to formulate an idea of what the living space of your dreams looks like, I’ve put together a list of three great sites to help inspire your imagination:
Houzz is a leading destination site for home design enthusiasts-- professionals and homeowners. The Houzz site and mobile apps feature over 250,000 high quality interior and exterior photos, thousands of highly-engaging articles written by design experts, product recommendations and social tools to manage the remodeling and decorating process.