denise lones: New Construction: 5 Trends You Need to Know - 08/26/14 09:26 AM

New Construction: Trends You Need to Know
As real estate professionals we are trained to keep a very close eye on changes in the housing marketplace. But we also need to pay particular attention to what is happening in the world of new construction, as construction trends can have a dramatic impact on the housing market. Here are five important trends we've seen recently in new construction that you may find interesting.
House Size Decreases
When the real estate market is booming house sizes seem to increase because builders and home buyers have more confidence. When the market struggles, the size … (1 comments)

denise lones: The Market Now and What Is Coming - 08/15/14 01:53 PM

The Market Now and What Is Coming
The spring and early summer brought a very robust real estate market in many areas and many price points. Multiple offers became the norm in many markets and agents found themselves busier than they had been in years. The market was moving, buyers were out looking and sellers who previously couldn't sell were finally getting the offers they needed to make a move possible. Pending home sales rose consistently and real estate was back in the media in a positive way.
However, agents in many areas may have noticed a slight slowdown … (1 comments)

denise lones: Seven Steps to the Perfect Buyer Client Experience - 08/08/14 11:02 AM

Seven Steps to the Perfect Buyer Client Experience
If you want to create a memorable buying experience that will have your new homeowners singing your praises, here are seven steps to really enhance the services you currently offer and some ideas of how you can improve some of the things that you are already doing.
Mind the Money
Have you ever watched a home buying show and asked yourself why the real estate agent is showing the buyer homes much higher than their price range? If a buyer asks to see $300,000 homes, assume this is the price range they … (1 comments)

denise lones: Making Goals and Striving to Reach Them: The Pros and Cons - 08/01/14 08:53 AM

Making Goals and Striving to Reach Them:
The Pros and Cons
When I encourage my clients to set realistic goals I also help them set up a strategic plan to achieve them. When a plan is followed, success usually follows! The challenge is when they focus too much on the goal and not enough on the plan.
When setting realistic goals you have to first have a clear vision of what you want to achieve. You then need to be realistic about the plan to reach your goal. The goal is the vision of what you want and the plan … (0 comments)

denise lones: Results vs. Action - 07/18/14 04:57 PM

Results vs. Action
This week I had a few clients who were feeling down about some things that had transpired in their business lately: Transactions that fell through at the last minute, past clients who didn't refer business, and the inconsistent nature of this business in terms of income were all weighing heavily on them.
In fact, not only was this weighing heavily on their outlook, but worry and anxiety were causing their confidence to take a nosedive. As salespeople, confidence is paramount to their interactions with others. When a salesperson loses their mojo, it can cause them to … (2 comments)

denise lones: Delegation: Your Secret Weapon! - 06/13/14 03:19 PM

Delegation: Your Secret Weapon!
One thing that successful real estate agents have in common is the ability to delegate. When we see successful agents who are busy and thriving, one question we might ask ourselves is how they do it all.
The truth is that they don't do it all and that is what helps them to be successful. Learning how to delegate is an essential part of growing your business, reaching your full potential, and is a crucial indicator of your success. When an agent insists on maintaining control of everything their effectiveness is diluted. A smart agent … (3 comments)

denise lones: 20 Real Estate Photography Tips - 05/30/14 08:07 AM

20 Real Estate Photography Tips
First impressions are critical when selling real estate. Buyers and their real estate agents are scouring the internet and the MLS for potential properties and they have to rely on the accuracy - and appeal - of the photos that accompany the listings online. These photos are what attract and capture the attention of the buyers and the real estate agents.
While this may seem like Real Estate 101 and a basic fundamental of marketing you wouldn't know it from some of the photos that are online advertising listings.
Here are some tips to … (8 comments)

denise lones: Rethinking Vacation Coverage - 05/22/14 02:33 PM

Rethinking Vacation Coverage
With the summer months almost upon us, I hope you have planned some time off to have fun in the sun. However, with vacation and time off comes the worry about what will happen with your business while you are away. Or perhaps you wind up promising to give away half your commission for the covering agent but wind up coming home to 95% of the work! This summer, I encourage you rethink how you partner with the agent(s) who cover your business and find a solution that is more reflective of the work that is … (0 comments)

denise lones: Getting the Right People on Your Bus: An Essential Element of Success - 05/06/14 09:12 AM

Getting the Right People on Your Bus: An Essential Element of Success
Great leaders do it, smart business people do it, successful real estate agents do it, even celebrities and athletes do it: I'm talking about getting the right people on your professional bus.
Think of a celebrity in a movie or a singer performing at a rock concert; they all have a team of people who work with them to bring out the best in them. You cannot fill stadiums of people or movie theaters without a team.
Many people in the real estate industry tend to put … (0 comments)

denise lones: Know Your Market: A Telling Look Back! - 04/25/14 08:44 AM

Know Your Market: A Telling Look Back!
A lot has changed over the past two decades in the housing industry. The makeup of buyers, tenants, as well as household formation has all changed dramatically. Here are some changes that are worth noting and keeping track of as time goes on.
There are many reasons people choose to buy or rent. Age and family formation are two of the biggest variables when determining how to live. According to the 2013 Census the estimated median age of a man at first marriage is 29 while the median … (3 comments)

denise lones: Why not Be Unique, Authentic and MEMORABLE! - 04/18/14 09:37 AM

Why not Be Unique, Authentic and MEMORABLE!
Ask any real estate agent that has truly embraced their authentic self in their brand and they will tell you that while it was scary at first, it was probably one of the best business decisions they ever made.
I am not talking about buying a $29 logo online from someone in a foreign country reselling that same logo hundreds of times over. I am talking about having a branding design expert create a cohesive brand identity that visually tells the story of who you are and highlights your area of specialty … (25 comments)

denise lones: My Company's Brand or My Brand, Which Should I Use? - 04/04/14 01:30 PM

My Company's Brand or My Brand, Which Should I Use?
A client who had hired us to create her brand was approached by her managing broker. He didn't understand why the agent hired me to do "branding." His comment? "Why do you need to spend money on that? We have company marketing materials that you can use."
Sound familiar? I bet it does. Many agents and managing brokers believe that all you ever need is generic company-supplied marketing materials. So, why is it so important for you to have your own "brand identity"? Well, first of all, let's define … (2 comments)

denise lones: Systems to Organize Your Business Paperwork - 03/21/14 11:59 AM

Systems to Organize Your Business Paperwork
Last week we discussed ways to handle the personal paperwork ("Tax Time & Paper Management") in your world. When it comes to your paperwork and your business papers it is easy to get overwhelmed with expenses, paperwork, and files. Many agents struggle with a simple system to keep their files and paperwork in order but it will greatly benefit you to find a good way to handle all the paperwork and files that comes your way during the course of business. During my years as an agent, I have developed a few systems … (0 comments)

denise lones: Tax Time and Paper Management - 03/14/14 09:22 AM

Tax Time and Paper Management
I don't profess to be a tax expert or an organization genius, but I do know a thing or two about managing large volumes of paper. Most real estate agents have to manage a lot of paper and when it comes to the management of their personal financial affairs, it often gets put off until April 14th.
By paper I mean all of the things that we have to manage to keep our finances and files in order. I have a very simple system that works brilliantly for helping me to minimize the amount … (0 comments)

denise lones: The Changing Face of Real Estate: Lifestyle Housing - 02/28/14 10:25 AM

The Changing Face of Real Estate: Lifestyle Housing
Today brings us to part three in our series on the changing face of real estate: lifestyle living. To access the other two weeks please click here: Part 1: Micro-Housing and Part 2: Generational Housing.
This final, and probably the most important, topic in this series on how real estate needs are changing shows how housing needs are changing dramatically due to lifestyle choices. In particular, Baby Boomers are really taking initiative when it comes to housing and they are not afraid to name and claim what they really want - … (0 comments)

denise lones: The Teeter-Totter Approach to Selling - 11/08/13 02:28 PM

The Teeter-Totter Approach to Selling
There are agents who are all about the relationship and agents who are all about the task at hand. Is one area of focus better than the other? This is a discussion that has provided debate over the years.
You've likely heard the expression, "he/she can sell ice to Eskimos," implying that the individual is a natural born salesperson that could talk anyone into buying anything even if they didn't necessarily need it. They are natural born closers and they have the ability to communicate with almost anyone anywhere. When not careful they may … (0 comments)

denise lones: Government Shutdown: Another Stall for the Real Estate Industry - 10/11/13 12:39 PM

Government Shutdown: Another Stall for the Real Estate Industry
Just when we thought the real estate market was back and moving along nicely, the government decided to shut down. Real estate is driven by consumers who are ready to buy and sell, and when consumer confidence gets low, sellers and buyers stall too. Buyers who are ready to sign on the dotted line are no longer queuing up in multiple offer situations; they are deciding to sit on the sidelines.
Buyers and sellers who are eager to sell and take advantage of the low interest are now questioning this … (1 comments)

denise lones: WHAT IF? Essential Words to Use With a Seller After an Inspection - 09/27/13 02:48 PM

WHAT IF? Essential Words to Use With a Seller After an Inspection
This is our final article in my "What If" series. If you would like to read the entire series, click the links below:
WHAT IF? Essential Words When Working With Buyers to Write an Offer WHAT IF? Essential Words to Use When Working With Sellers WHAT IF? Essential Words to Use When Pre-Qualifying a Buyer WHAT IF? Essential Words to Use When Asking for a Price Reduction The theme throughout these articles is encouraging dialog with your buyer or seller by engaging them in conversation and getting … (2 comments)

denise lones: Conflict Q & A - 06/21/13 11:35 AM

Conflict Q & A
I have shared my Conflict Resolution formula over the last few weeks and I've been asked a few questions that several of you might be wondering about as well. Enjoy!
I have a situation that I should have addressed a long time ago, but because I avoided conflict, the situation has gotten worse and I don't know how to broach the subject. What do I do?
It is never too late to resolve conflict! However, to avoid blind-siding someone with a problem that you might have lived with for weeks, months, or even years, it … (2 comments)

denise lones: What Is Your One Thing? - 04/26/13 01:04 PM

What Is Your One Thing?
Over the last several weeks, my teaching schedule has been pretty full. I had EVOLVE students graduate, met with my ENCORE group, taught classes on Open Houses, Pricing, Lead Generation, and new tricks to follow up with leads in your pipeline.
As you can imagine, I have A LOT of information and ideas to share. And inevitably at the end of the day, many of my students look a bit overwhelmed. Why? Because they want to implement every single idea I presented in class into their business and they want it done last week. … (6 comments)

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