This is rediculous, where is the trust, or why is she so protective of such email, whats in it? a divorse, a child, oh boy, thats going to be nasty!A man in Michigan has been charged under an anti-hacking law.  His crime?  Checking his wife's e-mail without her authorization.  The case is compli...
Happy Holidays to one and all!
How to Buy Commercial Property Without Using Your Own Money By Nick Gromicko and Rob London There is practically an unlimited amount of money available to those who wish to borrow it. There is so much money, in fact, that you can literally buy commercial property worth millions of dollars without...
There are very few high-efficiency hot water heaters available. Changing your furnace may lead to having to think about your hot water heater.  Existing hot water heaters are often located vertically below the kitchen and bathrooms, where the water is used. If you are changing from an electric to...
There is a wide range of furnace efficiencies, although only high-efficiency gas furnaces are sold in Canada as of 2010. The range of efficiency will vary by fuel. Electric furnaces work on electric resistance. The full 100 per cent of the energy consumed goes towards the heating of the house. Th...
There are usually two major reasons why you are choosing another forced-air furnace. The first is that your furnace does not function. It has just broken down, irrevocably, or it has been "red-tagged" or condemned by gas inspectors. If it is winter, and your house is getting colder quickly, you m...
  2010 InfraMation Conference, Las Vegas, Lots and lots of information shared on Building Science, HVAC systems, even information on using thermal Imaging for Veterinary use. Keeping Current with Continuing Education, just got back, What a Blast! Now, We get to incorporate what we learned on Ther...
Outdoor air pollution in cities is a major health problem. Much effort and money continue to be spent cleaning up pollution in the outdoor air.  But air pollution can be a problem where you least expect it, in the place you may have thought was safest -- your home. Many ordinary activities, such ...
What are Biological Pollutants? Biological pollutants are or were living organisms. They promote poor indoor air quality and may be a major cause of days lost from work and school, and of doctor and hospital visits. Some can even damage surfaces inside and outside your house. Biological pollutant...

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