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If you're thinking about buying a new home and using a mortgage to help cover some of the purchase costs, it's a good idea to get an initial pre-approval from your lender before putting in an offer. Here are three quick tips to help ensure that your mortgage pre-approval isn't declined.   Demonst...
Who doesn't like extra savings during the holiday season?  I found these tips online and thought you might want a few extra dollars in your pocket.   Black Friday is the unofficial kickoff to the holiday shopping season, accounting for about 10 percent of all holiday spending. (The true busiest ...
It doesn't matter if you heat your home with electricity, natural gas or some other energy source; prices continue to rise and that means increased heating costs for most of us. Here are three easy ways that you can save money on your home energy costs this winter.   Install and Use Programmable...
     Excellent tips from Cameron Huddleston at to save your budget this holiday season. Who doesn't like to save a buck or two? I hope you find them as useful as I did.     Get ready to adjust your budget for higher prices at the supermarket. Eight common food items are expected to ...
Are you thinking about using a mortgage to buy a new home? Buying your own piece of local real estate is a major financial investment and one that can require some pretty complex math to fully understand. Mortgage calculators are one of the tools to determine your monthly mortgage payments, inter...
Getting a headache during the holidays is no cause for celebration. According to statistics from the National Headache Foundation, there are over 45 million Americans who suffer from chronic headaches. We've taken the three most common types, highlighted their symptoms, causes, and, most importan...
     Fantastic article from Kirk Leins to make you thankful.  I wanted to share his Thanksgiving cooking secrets while you still have time to save the day.   Thanksgiving is the perfect holiday. Simply put, it's about reconnecting with loved ones and eating great food. And of course, watching a f...
You've found the perfect new house or condo, and you are now preparing an offer that you believe the seller will find tempting enough to accept. However, you know that there are going to be thousands of dollars in closing costs that need to be paid before the sale is completed and you become the ...
Are you about to apply for a mortgage loan? If so, you may be curious about your credit score and how this might impact your financing. Let's take a quick look at how FICO credit scores can affect your mortgage and share a couple of ways that you can boost your score to ensure your application is...

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