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Apartment Loan Refinance? Thinking of refinancing an apartment loan and wondering where to turn?  Apartment Loan Refinance in today's market with constrained capital can be hard to find for both well-healed multifamily portfolio operators and single entity apartment building owners. Whether the l...
Business Loans Business loans in are extremely hard to come by unless the business is teaming with the right lender.  Standard business loans are available but small businesses have to understand the proper path to creating a successful business loan package. The Business Loan Application The fir...
Funeral Home Financing in Phoenix, AZ Loans for Funeral Homes Funeral home financing in Phoenix, AZ is easy to achieve with the right advocate in your corner.  Many lenders shun financing for funeral homes, cemeteries and churches because they don't see these types of loans as 'sexy' or because t...
For great information on funeral home financing and loans for funeral homes look to the experts on the subject.  In many cases lenders tend to shun funeral home financing, however, there are lenders who embrace the industry and provide many financing options for funeral home businesses. The funer...
Small Business Loans - Commercial Real Estate. Did you know that the easiest loans to get are for small businesses that have real estate? Here is some great information on small business loans. In a nutshell there are certain risk factors that lenders take into account when making loans to small ...
Business Loans are loans designed to help individuals start, acquire or grow a business.  Business loans can be found in many categories from lines of credit to senior secured debt that is collateralized by real estate. Today most business loans require two basic components; 1.) the borrower must...
How do you buy a building for your business in Phoenix, AZ and get the most out of that purchase?  With strategies devised by Dividend America Commercial Lending and their professional commercial real estate partners, Business Owners can purchase commercial real estate for their business and grea...
Apartment Building Loans and Apartment Complex Lending are generally simpler forms of financing than loans for multifamily developments.  The buyers of apartment buildings and smaller apartment complexes (less than 150 doors/units) don't need complex structured financing. The borrowers that need ...
For growing businesses, business expansions and even business acquisitions one simple fact remains true .. in order to grow, one must have capital.  Commercial Lending - Structured Finance & Business Growth Capital - are all forms of capitl that are readily available through Dividend America's un...
Multifamily Financing- Apartment Lending & Multifamily Acquisition:  Multifamily financing today is loosening in two destinct sectors; Apartment Lending and Multifamilly Acquisitions. Apartment Lending encompasses loans for smaller complexes and apartment buildings.  These are smaller loans in th...

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