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Multifamily FinancingMultifamily financing and low interest rates are here, but they are not here to stay.  Today interest rates in multifamily financing and apartment loans can be as low as 2.99% on loans with amortizations as long as 25 years!  These phenomenal rates are here now, but they won'...
Multifamily Financing - Refinance and Recapitalization LoanMultifamily financing for refinance or recapitalization are available with rates in the high 2% to low 3% range.  Refinancing an existing apartment loan using our multifamily financing can net huge savings, even in situations where there ...
Blanket MortgageBlanket mortgage - a partitioned loan specifically designed to allow a single loan collateralized by a portfolio of properties.  With a residential blanket mortgage for residential investment portfolios real estate investors that want to purchase more than 4 properties can use a b...
Physician Loans to help doctors and their practices grow are available with up to 100% financing at very affordable rates and with long-term amortizations.  Physician loans from Dividend America Commercial Lending can help physician practices do many things.Professional practices seeking to acqui...
Bridge Loan Bridge loan, fast closings and quick turnarounds are exactly what is needed with this very vital type of financing instrument.  Finding a bridge loan specialist that understands the demands that a transaction that needs this type of financing requires is critical to success. The bridg...
Apartment Financing Rates are in the high 3's to low 4% range right now.  Rates this low help apartment complex owners and apartment building investors create excess cash flow.  Using Apartment Financing and apartment loan refinance strategies properly can help investors rapidly grow their portfo...
Multifamily Financing - High Leverage Multifamily financing with high leverage has been a challenge for many investors to obtain.  With new programs and very competitive multifamily financing market new programs are coming available that help real estate investors purchasing large multifamily pro...
Physicians Loans and Financing for DoctorsPhysician loans and financing for doctors is available for established practices to fulfill a variety of needs.  Doctors can now receive very favorable terms for up to 100% of the funds needed to buy out a partner, purchase a new practice or even buy a ne...
Self Storage Loans - Public Storage Financing Self storage loans also referred to as public storage financing are available through a variety of sources.  For loans less than $5,000,000 a small business loan can typically be used to acquire, build or pull cash out of an existing facility. Small b...
Apartment Loan Refinance for Apartment and Multifamily Loans Apartment Loan Refinance to pull cash out and to radically lower your rate can be achieved in many cases in less than thirty days.  The key to success is being prepared and engaging the right team. The challenged for most small enterpr...

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