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Real Estate Broker/Owner - Vision Realty
Donald Payne, Founder of Vision Realty, has been the REALTOR® of choice for buyers and sellers since 1979. Donald specializes in helping first-time homebuyers, new families, single families and more in Columbus real estate.
  Oh yes, it's definitely getting that time of year. We've put away our air-conditioners and finally kicked on the furnace on these chilly autumn mornings. Now is the ideal time to check your seals around doors and windows so they are not wasting that precious energy out into the cold air that co...
Here we go again! This year’s amazing Oktoberfest is coming to Columbus and if you’re as excited as I am about attending this year’s festivities then here’s what you need to know. Happening September 26-28 at the Ohio Expo Center at the Ohio State Fairgrounds is the event Germans and locals alike...
If you have been paying attention to financial or realty news lately you have probably heard of the plans some members of government have for winding down Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and replacing the Government Sponsored Enterprises or GSE’s with a Federal Mortgage Insurance Company. This plan ha...
Best or Top Rated Steakhouse in Columbus Ohio Are you looking for the best steakhouse in the Columbus Ohio area? This is probably all relative and of course you can look on sites such as yelp, trip advisor and urban spoon and get a plethora of reviews and information but of course, people's mood,...
Franklin Park Conservatory - 20th Anniversary Blooms and Butterflies The Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens is located at 1777 E. Broad Street in Columbus Ohio. This botanical landmark and cultural attraction is situated on 88 acres in Franklin Park just 2 miles east of downtown Col...
Negotiating tactics. It’s a topic that business authors adore. This is perennial best-seller territory…so much so, you could probably fill a moderate-sized home library with titles like The Art of the Deal and Getting to Yes.                                                                        ...
  ….before moving here or maybe you just never knew.   1. The Best Roses around at the Columbus Park of Roses. It may not be a big secret but it IS one of our favorite places to be on a beautiful summer afternoon. The Columbus Park of Roses is 13 acres of beautiful roses in Clintonville and also ...
  The FHA has recently increased their rates due to  a surge in default to during the housing crash. Since 2010, the FHA has more than doubled their mortgage insurance fees, which can add hundreds of dollars to monthly mortgage payments. Because of this, many homebuyers are simply unable to purch...
Negotiating with a seller for your terms and price can be a little intimidating but with an experienced agent it doesn’t have to be the emotional roller coaster that so many buyers fear. First Things First If you are not prepared to negotiate you will probably get run over in the process. Listing...
                                                                      As the real estate meltdown has come to an end, one thing is certain. Credit scores are here to stay. This makes understanding what makes up your credit score and how you can improve your score imperative.   First, what are the...

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