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WHAT DOES A MORTGAGE BROKER DO? As a Kentucky mortgage broker I get calls from home buyers and home owners who often simply ask me to explain what a mortgage broker does.  Mortgage brokers take applications, collect supporting documents, pull credit, and use their experience in mortgage originati...
CAN I STILL GET A SUB PRIME MORGAGE LOAN?   Are there still sub prime loans available? Over the last few years the mortgage lending field has changed a lot. Recently the "qualified mortgage" has been analyzed and implemented. The CFPB set new guidelines for a qualified mortgage, ability to repay,...
HARPING ON HARP REFINANCES   Our beloved government did several things to help housing recover from the collapse... Yes, it is possible they can do something well for us. One of the best things they did was the Home Affordable Refinance Program. (I know, wouldn't affordable home refinance be a be...
BUYING A HOME AFTER FORECLOSURE/SHORT SALE   The housing collapse/financial crisis of the last few years affected many home owners. Still our economy is struggling to recover. I get many calls now from folks who want to know when they can buy a home after they suffered a foreclosure/short sale. T...
  THIS FORT THOMAS LIBRARY JUST FOR KIDS! Each time I walk down one street in Ft Thomas I'm reminded of what a great idea this is. The home owner built a library of kids' books where kids on the street can check out a book and return it. What a great way to keep kids interested in reading and a g...
  STEP ONE - CALL YOUR LENDER There is no step two or three without... step one - call your lender. It seems week in and week out I get calls from potential or hopeful home buyers who have been actually viewing homes (sometimes writing a contract) with no idea of what they WANT to spend. When buy...
EXPENSIVE HOMES ARE SELLING! According to a USA Today article this week expensive homes are selling. The article  headline is actually "Existing home sales up 4.9%". One can come to a different conclusion, but this article makes clear to me that the term income inequality it is evident in these n...
FHA/HUD CAN ONLY BLAME THEMSELVES   I read today that FHA loans are down 53% from last year in the first quarter. HUD (FHA) like other loan guarantors was hit hard with foreclosures over the last few years. Their remedy to bring money into the coffers has been to increase the monthly MI rate from...
AFFILIATED BUSINESS ARRANGEMENTS AND THE CFPB       The cfpb is taking issue with another real estate company's affiliated business arrangement with a title company.  I've done a few blogs about one stop shopping. The cfpb is paying attention now to whether home buyers are being fully advised as ...
WHY DON'T HOME BUYERS LISTEN TO THEIR REAL ESTATE AGENT?   I spoke with an agent this afternoon who said she could not get her home buyer to consider options other than the lender they always use. This happens to be a lender who advertises low closing costs. My comment was "ask them if they like ...

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