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This morning a co-worker lamented that he was in a meeting last night that lasted past 10 PM and it was supposed to be over at 8:30. Management. Time Management. Effective Time Management. Years ago I was managing a Finance Office for Avco Financial Services. One night around 8 PM I looked around...
A real estate buyer walks into an open house and the listing Realtor is sitting in the kitchen.The Realtor asks the potential buyer, "do you have a Realtor." the reply will be, 'Yes' or "No". As the conversation continues either the buyer or the listing Realtor will casually make the comment that...
I owned my own sales training (Sales Magic) company and taught sales for many years. During that time I used many books as reference material.  The 5 Great Rules of Selling, The Greatest Salesman in the World, and How to Sell Anything to Anybody were some of the excellent books. But there was one...
Recently a Realtor referred a client to me and the client was already in contract; an offer had been made and accepted. When the Realtor submitted the offer he submitted it with a pre-approval from another company.On the surface the loan appeared to be an easy approval. But, alas, the loan indust...
My wife's cousins Mom passed away at the end of March. The Mom was 84 and had a good life; she lived in three countries and had opportunity to travel and was surrounded by a gentle caring family. The Mom managed money well and left her two daughters quite a bit of assets but she did have a Revers...
One tree can make 16.67 reams of copy paper. My office uses three times  that much paper each month; therefore we kill at least three trees each month. I checked our last 10 scanned loan files and the average file is 387 pages - a ream of paper is 500 pages.   The real estate transaction uses mor...
A purchase money loan was sent to us by a Realtor. The purchase was from one brother to his brother. One brother was selling the property to his brother. This is a non arms-length transaction and FHA requires a 15% equity position for non-arms length transaction.   The purchase price was $250,000...
Many years ago I worked for the financial division of AVCO Corp and was promoted from a branch manager in Fremont to the western area marketing supervisor to the company headquarters in Newport Beach.   AVCO Financial Services  had just over 10,000 employees with operations in the U.S., Canada, E...
Do you know if you are a Realtor or Loan Officer that the banks can and do discriminate against you for credit applications?  The Equal Credit Opportunity Act prohibits a creditor from refusing to grant credit because of your:   race or color national origin sex marital status religion age public...
It is doing the little things that can lead to great success.   John Wooden is known as a famous basketball coach (He was  also known as a great human being -died 2010). John won 10 national championships in 12 years as the coach of UCLA. At one time his team won 88 consecutive games and 4 season...

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