newbies: Scared (for a better use of words) Crapless. - 07/26/08 01:48 PM

I joined The Rain on October 04, 2007 and shyly surfed the site for the first 10 days. No comments, no posts, in fact I hardly understood the concept of "Blogging." Blogging, it's not even in the spell check system. How important can it be if it hasn't made the spell check system? (hint, hint Active Rain Team). I thought what the heck, I'll look into it now that I'm here.
My first post was on October 14, 2007. Nervous, yep, after seeing the post that some of the seasoned (OK, old timers) Rainer's were posting.
But, what to write? Would I … (56 comments)

newbies: Really, what are we all doing here in Active Rain? - 06/07/08 10:39 AM
I have noticed that many cities have only a few members in the Active Rain Network. My particular city has a total of 6 members including myself, 3 of which I have invited to join.
Some times I feel like I'm walking alone in The Rain in my area. I have invited nearly all the area Real Estate Professionals to join this great site with not much luck.
So I ask what are we really doing here in the Rain?
My take, of course we all want to build our business presence, I feel that's #1 on most members list. Admit … (52 comments)