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Real Estate Agent - Goldcoast Sotheby's International Realty - License # 9481514
What can go wrong in our business? ... Ocean City, New Jersey   Almost anything.  There are a thousand stories in the big city, or even the little town (when it comes to real estate).  Working with a buyer,  or a seller.  A misunderstanding about almost anything.  And on and on. I came from a pub...
Occasional Book Review ... Ocean City, New Jersey   I'm a very steady reader often reading two books at a time:  a good mystery and a non-fiction piece as well.  Often the non-fiction tends to be much longer so I like to shift around to maintain interest.  The mystery book tends to be my personal...
The Last Snow of the Winter ... 4-6 Inches in OC/NJ   It isn't the most important aspect that we talk about, but it does have some relationship with selling "shore property" with potential buyers from about one-to-four hours away.  It would appear that another slow weekend is ahead for us.  I did...
Attention Readers ... The Best Magazine You Can Buy ... Ocean City, NJ   About 5 to 10 years ago, I discovered a very interesting magazine ... BOOK MARKS ... For Everyone Who Hasn't Read Everything ... published every other month (6 issues per year.  If you can find a location, you can also buy i...
March, 2015 in Ocean City (NJ) ... "From Winter to Spring"   A few days ago I thought winter would be forever.  I was out pushing the snow around.  I was cold.  Sitting by the fire, I wondered what would be next.  I was getting tired of arriving home realizing that it was simply too cold to get o...
Locking up a Sale Listing before the start of the Spring Buying Period (Ocean City, NJ)   It doesn't happen all of the time; but when it does happen, it certainly brings a smile to one's face.  I had a sale listing start in early February just after my return from a lovely Florida vacation.  We h...
Some positive thoughts about weather & sales ... Ocean City, New Jersey   At our regular months office meeting at Goldcoast Sotheby's International Realty in Ocean City, NJ; we talked about sales activity to date ... of course, that meant January and most of February, 2015.  Surprisingly, many re...
The "Ups & Downs" of Real Estate ... Hang in There!! (Ocean City, NJ)   There is a bit of wisdom in my remembering this:  "When you were up, you were up; when you were down; you were down ... and when you were half-way up; you were neither up or down." Real Estate relates quite a bit to those wor...
What Are You Reading These Days ... from Ocean City, New Jersey   I almost hit 70 books in 2014.  That might have been a record.  I do much more reading living in Ocean City, New Jersey than I did anywhere else.  Fall, Winter, and Spring tend to be great time frames "for reading" because there ar...
I'm Here, You're There ... Ocean City, NJ to Elsewhere   It's certainly a simple process to explain.  We live on a barrier island with a winter population of about 10,000 give or take, but even some of that population is away for the winter.  And as one drives around the island, you can quickly r...

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