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Real Estate Agent - Goldcoast Sotheby's International Realty - License # 9481514
The "Ups & Downs" of Real Estate ... Hang in There!! (Ocean City, NJ)   There is a bit of wisdom in my remembering this:  "When you were up, you were up; when you were down; you were down ... and when you were half-way up; you were neither up or down." Real Estate relates quite a bit to those wor...
What Are You Reading These Days ... from Ocean City, New Jersey   I almost hit 70 books in 2014.  That might have been a record.  I do much more reading living in Ocean City, New Jersey than I did anywhere else.  Fall, Winter, and Spring tend to be great time frames "for reading" because there ar...
I'm Here, You're There ... Ocean City, NJ to Elsewhere   It's certainly a simple process to explain.  We live on a barrier island with a winter population of about 10,000 give or take, but even some of that population is away for the winter.  And as one drives around the island, you can quickly r...
The "Early Bird" gets the Call, the 1st Cup of Coffee, & More  ... Ocean City, NJ   So I was up and about at my normal morning time ... about 5am.  Did a bit of reading ... my lingering mystery with about 40 pages to go.  Read THE PRESS of Atlantic City and THE WALL STREET JOURNAL which arrive ab...
Getting "In" and "Out" of the Writing Habit - Ocean City, New Jersey   I've always known that I was a writer.  As a history major in college, I could knock out those "essay questions" with the best of them.  Should have read more of the assignments, but my writing style got me though it all. Whil...
Some Limited Signs Pointing to an Early Spring ... Ocean City, New Jersey   Our closing months of the short "Fall Buying Period" left a lot to be desired.  We got another bit of a buyer surge in mid-December and into early January (not expected, but well received).  So we have moved beyond the st...
The Impact of Cold Weather in a Resort Town (Ocean City, New Jersey)   Weather plans a significant role in what we do, how we do it, and where we do it.  But maybe moreso when you live on a barrier island off the coast of New Jersey and only an hour away from Philadelphia. Cold weather and even h...
Real Estate:  What do you do when you're not Busy?  (Ocean City, NJ)   Let me start topic by stating that most of us tend to slack off a bit, or a lot, when we're not busy.  We all tend to be quite strong in responding to "being busy," but when we encounter those "more frequent than not" slower t...
A New Listing in the Northend - Ocean City, New Jersey   A Northend single family under $700,000 close to the beach and boardwalk.   A 4BR/2BA ranch in great conditon with well-maintain efforts to keep said property up to appropriate standards.  On the "800" long beach block, a short walk to ever...
Back From A Mid-Winter Vacation (OC/NJ)   That really means that we left our barrier island in South Jersey (Ocean City, NJ) to travel to the Gulf side of Florida for a mid-winter vacation.  We stayed for a week in Marco Island ... and spent a bit more time seeing some Ocean City friends who wint...

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