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Are there any fellow cCalifornia or out of state active rainers that are going to the Learning Annex`s Real Estate Wealth Expo the weekend of november 4 and 5 in anahiem california? Keynote speakers will be Donald Trump, George Foreman, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, to name a few. This my first year atten...
instrumento = instrumentinforme de impacto ambiental = enviornment impact statementinformacion de la evaluacion = appraisal reportingreso neto de operacion - net operating income (NOI) jurisdiccion = jurisdiction ley de prescripcion = statute of limitationslicencia = liscenseley de veracidad en l...
Feng Shui is the art of placement and arrangment of space to achieve harmony with the enviornment. Supposedly this "art" maximizes positive energy, improves health, prosperity, and family cohesion. Quite frankly i think this is bogus. How can the arrangment of furniture cause postive energy? As l...
extracto del juicio = abstract of judgment fideicomisario = trusteefranquicia = franchisegravamen = lien gravamen de tributacion = tax liengravmen de un constrcutor = mechanics lien hacer reformas = improvementsheredero = heirhipoteca = mortgagehipoteca de tarifa ajustable = ARM Adjustable Rate M...
cierre = closingcontrato bilateral = bilateral contractcosto de reposicion = replacement costcontrato de asociacion en participacion joint venturedocumento = documentdemanda = demanddepreciacion = depreciation derechos aereos = air rightsdeclaracion de Impacto Ambiental =  Enviornment Impact Repo...
beneficiario = beneficiarycasa abierta = open housecertificado de titulo = certificate of titlecoercion = duress codigo de eticas = code of ethicscondominio = condominium contrato de compraventa = contract of salecredito = creditI will post more terms in the future. My goal is to have the most fr...
I posted some of these yesterday but i think it would be easier if i posted the terms in alphabetical order. I list these terms off the top of my head so if you need any others please contact me and i will gladly assist :):  adelanto = earnest moneyadministracion de inmuebles = property managemen...
My processing team did a great job and got my loan documents out to the customer two days ahead of time. My customers for this deal were my aunt and uncle they needed cash out. The signing took place last night at my aunts and uncles home. So I get a phone call from my uncle early this morning. T...
I caught the tail end of the game between the saints and falcons. It was good to see that the superdome was repaired and the stadium was sold out. The saints shut down the falcons and made the state proud. It was almost a superbowl-like atmosphere last night. The reality of the situation is that ...
uso no conforme = nonconforming useutilidad = utilityacreedor hipotecario = mortgageefideicomisario =  trusteedocumento = documentdeudor hipotecario = mortgagor cierre = closingcondominio = condominiumdemanda = demand prestamo amortizado = amoritized loan

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