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Sacramento real estate and housing market, from Galt to Lincoln. Local observations about Sacramento restaurants, special events, music concerts and the Sacramento lifestyle, including great places to vacation around the world.
You know what I hate? Having to interact with people who are forced to deal with the public in customer service positions. For one thing, dealing with the public all the time can make a person jaded because lots of people, unfortunately, aren't very nice. They can be jerks and self centered and a...
Ever since we switched to the Breeze litter box system, dealing with our cat's boxes has been, well, pretty much a breeze. All of the cat litter tracking we had to clean up every single day has stopped. There is no lingering odor and obsessive scooping going on. The cats adjusted to the new syste...
If you're on an Ingress Mission, you might need backup power. It's important to pay attention to your devices. Like every so often you have to pick up your keyboard and pound the dead skin and bread crumbs out of it. It's amazing what kind of crap falls out of your keyboard, and what's even more ...
I tromped in my winter boots through the back yard strewn with leaves and over the heaving sidewalk cracks to inspect a home. This is a very chilly time of year to walk around a property, but as licensed agents, a Sacramento REALTOR is required to do her visual inspection in connection with listi...
I like to think of myself as a compassionate person who cares about other people, and I often find myself jumping into high gear when people are mistreated. One of the biggest abusers I see in my line of work are debt collection agencies. That's because I happen to sell a lot of short sales in Sa...
I don't know about you, but this Sacramento REALTOR is thrilled that her reluctant participation in the MetroList iBox exchange is over. When we were hit with the news between our eyes, it was a bit of a shock to discover that not only were we hosed by having to exchange our lockboxes, not one fo...
The rain in Sacramento puts me in a reflective mood sometimes, and yesterday, while driving to a client's home in the rain, I thought about how much I love my job as a Sacramento REALTOR and, by extension, how much I hated some of the jobs I held as a kid. Oh, the door-to-door flower seed sales w...
Some Sacramento REALTORs have been yipping lately about the new font used in Yosemite, and I didn't seem to have any problem with the font while my old Mac had been connected to my television monitor. Due to my volume of work, I use a 40-inch TV monitor for my computer screen. Once I made the swi...
Anybody who has been through therapy, which is pretty much anybody breathing in California these days, knows that those guys always go back to your childhood to search for simple answers to complex problems. I suspect it helps to glean insight. To provide information to why we do some of the thin...
There are times in just about every Sacramento real estate agent's life when she realizes that first time home buyers today have little idea how many amenities they get in a home versus what people used to wish for years ago. I don't mean just four walls and a roof over your head, but the items t...

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