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Sacramento real estate and housing market, from Galt to Lincoln. Local observations about Sacramento restaurants, special events, music concerts and the Sacramento lifestyle, including great places to vacation around the world.
At the moment, I am sitting upright with my laptop computer in my lap, furiously typing so I can finish and move. A B52 bomber just flew through the doors on my deck, buzzing my right ear, and rammed its head into my sofa. I am not turning around to look where it crash landed. Although I do have ...
The escrow officer who handles most of my sellers' real estate transactions often goes to exotic places to SCUBA, and I have always been in awe of her ability to do that. It's not quite the same thing when you're watching fish on television, even if the cats seem to enjoy the action, as when you'...
I'm not quite sure I get what all the hoopla is about when it comes to women traveing solo but then I never have. I recall an incident in the early 1980s when I decided to go all by myself from Orange County, California, to Negril, Jamaica, to a resort I had never been to before. Everybody though...
My husband sent me a text message this morning asking if I was leaving Eratap Resort today. Why, no, it's tomorrow on Christmas Day, I told him. I have a massage scheduled this afternoon. Hmmm . . . he could swear my agenda that I gave to him before I left Sacramento reflected a change of resorts...
In spite of the fact that I am vertical in Vanuatu, it seems like I am still sound asleep. That's because the sun is out, so it's time to rise and shine, even though it feels like I just went to bed which was, let's face it, a whole 6 hours ago. Ah, my penance for sitting at the Eratap Resort res...
Because Vanuatu is fairly close to Australia, there are a lot of Australian tourists at my resort on Efate Island. And Australia is home to all kinds of deadly and poisonness things, as cleverly pointed out by Bill Bryson in his book: In a Sunburned Country. So, I guess if you are used to things ...
One of the reasons I picked Vanuatu as a vacation destination is because the happiest people in the world live in this country of 83 islands. I mean, given a choice, why would you go somewhere inhabitated by grumpy people when you want to go on vacation? Yet, people still go to Los Angeles; they ...
Yeah, there are people who will disagree and say there is nothing better than shopping in Waikiki over visiting the Honolulu Zoo. But I ask you where else can you order a lunch consisting of a rectangular hard-pressed mountain of rice, dribbled in syrup and topped with two hibachi-style chicken b...
The way I envision sock puppets would re-enact the story conveyed at the Pearl Harbor Visitor's Center: Japan wanted to take over the world, alongside the Nazi's, so President Roosevelt said stop or we won't sell you any oil, and then Japan planned a surprise attack on Pearl Harbor. There's a lot...
As my husband drove me to Sacramento International airport last week to embark upon my month-long journey wandering about the South Pacific, he related a story about the macadamia nut lady and Korean Airlines. A Koren Air executive, and daughter of Koren Air Chairman, was furious because the flig...

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