land park agent: When Sacramento Mortgage Borrowers Don't Fit Right in - 03/03/15 08:07 AM
I don't get out very much to mingle with other people unless I'm with my husband or my team members, so it was doubly nice for me to attend a birthday party last night at the Riverside Clubhouse in Land Park for an agent in my office who turned 80. She is such an inspiration to me -- to everybody she knows, I imagine. She's accomplished, has a wonderfully big heart, and has been in the real estate business almost forever.
In fact, when I first moved to Sacramento and we were looking for homes, I almost bought my home in … (6 comments)

land park agent: Tenants and Homes in Land Park - 02/24/15 07:42 PM
A tenant at one of my listings sent me a text message a while back warning that I better be careful about how I communicate with her if I wanted good reviews. That kind of threw me for a loop because I don't work for the tenant, and I certainly wasn't asking her for a review. Then it dawned on me that she was threatening me by saying if I didn't comply with whatever she wanted, she might go online to say something horrible about me. And this is why I don't think online reviews on certain types of websites carry … (7 comments)

land park agent: Six Weeks to Finish a Land Park Bath Remodel - 02/24/15 10:00 AM
When we first bought our home in 2002, we were so excited -- OK, make that I was so excited, my husband was just going along with the idea reluctantly -- that we were moving to California. I preferred a home that needed a little bit of work because I like to do home improvement projects and don't always agree with somebody else's idea of taste. Although, in retrospect, what we bought was actually a fixer because it was 1948 all the way past the orange shag carpeting and wall AC unit in the family room.
Today, it's a fairly modern home, … (5 comments)

land park agent: Selling or Buying Homes in Land Park - 06/06/14 08:53 AM
It's an added benefit for clients when an agent lives in Land Park and also sells homes in Land Park. It's not absolutely necessary, but it helps to know the neighborhood. Not only do I live in Land Park and sell homes here, but I also sell an extraordinary number of homes in Elk Grove, of all places. Some buyer's agent in Elk Grove told one of my clients that he lives and works in Elk Grove, implying to her that she should have hired him instead of me, or at least that's the way she took it, and she was … (5 comments)

land park agent: Gardeners in Land Park and the Financial Times Comes to Sacramento - 05/01/14 08:11 AM
I am now the traitor in my Land Park neighborhood because I broke the gardener cycle. There were the early years in Land Park during which I used to mow my own lawn, believe it or not, many moons ago, and then I decided I had other things I'd rather do on a Sunday like hold an open house. A group of my Land Park neighbors used a gardener who came on Tuesdays, and I didn't like the crap in the street all week because the street sweepers come on Mondays. So, I did what any good Land Park real estate … (6 comments)

land park agent: Craft Beer Has Found a Home in Land Park Sacramento - 10/27/13 09:58 AM
I was so happy to walk down Broadway in Land Park last night with my husband and smush my nose onto the windows of new stores. We have progress now. For years, it seems, many of the storefronts have been closed and / or boarded up. I was very saddened when Broadway Hardware closed doors and the Mailbox place went out of business. Of course, having a pawn shop on that stretch is not the best type of business to boast about, but it beats having a closed store there.
One of the Thai restaurants has a bright new sign out … (7 comments)

land park agent: The Dogs Lost in Land Park And What You Don't Know About Land Park - 07/27/13 11:16 AM
Not only do I sell real estate in Land Park as a Land Park agent who specializes in the area, but I also live in Land Park. I've lived in Upper Land Park for more than a decade. I was here for the sudden increase in prices in early 2000, the real estate bubble in 2005 and the rebounding market of 2013. Some homes that weren't selling at all a few years ago are being snatched up by home buyers today.
I know a lot about Land Park, including where the streets flood in the spring and which areas are likely … (7 comments)

land park agent: Who Owns These Missing Chihuahuas in Land Park? - 07/26/13 08:36 AM
Sometimes we do things not because they are convenient, not because they are popular and not because you want to -- because they are probably not convenient and not popular and you don't want to. You do it because it needs to be done and it doesn't look like anybody else is doing it. Then, that responsibility falls to you, even if it disrupts your life.
I realize that many people might not agree with that premise. But it's how I was raised, and it's what I believe. I follow what I believe. Even if my husband gets upset about it. … (14 comments)

land park agent: William Land Park Rainbow with Geese and a Water Fountain - 07/17/13 07:10 AM

They say you can tell if somebody inserts a rainbow into a photograph with Photoshop because you should look at which way the sun is shining. Some photos with rainbows are unlikely to be real if the sun is shining directly on the object because that's not what produces a rainbow. A rainbow is created by reflection from behind.
In this particular photo of William Land Park that I shot yesterday while riding my bike, the sun is setting in the west, and we are looking east. Even though it was just an hour break from my work as a … (4 comments)

land park agent: When Your Number Comes Up in Land Park - 05/30/13 09:43 AM
I watched a home go pending in Land Park that I had listed a few years ago when the sellers were thinking about moving to the Bay area. Turns out their job offer had fallen through, so they no longer wanted to sell, and we took the home off the market. It was a tough home to sell, located across from a school and at the corner of a busy intersection.
I saw it go pending within a few days on market, and the sellers had listed with a competitor. I don't know why they didn't call me. Maybe they tried … (7 comments)

land park agent: You Don't Have to Take That Sacramento Home Off the Market - 05/29/13 09:52 AM
There are reasons why a seller might want to leave her home on the market in Sacramento, even after the seller has signed a purchase contract. Just because a buyer and seller have agreed to terms and conditions doesn't mean the home will close escrow. There is still the appraisal to receive and many times a review appraisal is required right before closing. The buyer still needs to be squeaky clean all the way through underwriting and be a square peg that fits into a square hole.
Then, there is the home inspection and that Request for Repairs issue to resolve. … (7 comments)

land park agent: A Land Park Cactus Garden and a Home Closing, Not Far Away - 04/17/13 07:13 AM
As I stumbled over the garden hose sprawled out all over in my back yard yesterday, I said to myself, Hey, I should shoot a photo of the cactus garden in bloom. Yup, my Land Park cactus garden is blooming even more spectacularly this year than the last because some of the baby offshoots of barrel cacti are producing flowers. It's like everything has exploded in color and my crepe myrtle is leafing out. Who doesn't love spring in Land Park? Who doesn't love spring all over Sacramento?
Everywhere I drive I see new leafs popping out and technicolor cinema-worthy flowers. … (6 comments)

land park agent: Do You Need an Affordable 5-Bedroom Home in Land Park Sacramento? - 04/12/13 09:20 AM
Would you like to buy a home in Land Park with a view of William Land Park? Isn't this a home you've always dreamed about? Looking out your window at a spectacular, unparalleled view of the beautiful park and its stately oak, elm and sycamore trees? Not only does this home enjoy a fabulous view of the gorgeous park, but you've also got 5 bedrooms and 3 baths, plus 2,265 square feet, per the assessor.
It's in move-in condition. You don't have to lift a finger to do anything except find a way to utilize all of that extra cabinet space … (3 comments)

land park agent: What A Difference: New Doors on an Old Home in Land Park - 04/10/13 07:30 AM
Nobody wants to be accused of being cheap -- except maybe PUC Energy Division Director Edward Randolph, because he was too cheap to buy an upgraded memory card for his phone -- but it's true that you can sometimes save a lot of money by jumping on home improvement opportunities when they present themselves. I noticed an ad in the Sacramento Bee for doors, something like $120 per door installed! That sounded too incredible. But I called Mike at Home Story in Rocklin, he came out, and it was true.
Not only did I end up replacing all of my interior … (9 comments)

land park agent: Should a Seller Take the Highest Offer? - 02/27/13 07:17 AM
A Sacramento seller in Land Park called yesterday to discuss selling his home. He had his home on the market a while back and it didn't sell. When I asked him why he didn't call the agent he had been working with instead of this Land Park agent, it was pretty clear he had been extremely unhappy. I'm not exactly sure why but I suspect it had to do with communication. People think communication is all about delivering news or staying in touch, but that's not really true. It's about being on the same page, talking the same language and giving … (2 comments)

land park agent: Do You Know Where Your Land Park Agent Is Hanging Out? - 02/26/13 08:36 AM
I was hanging out in my driveway in Land Park last week trying to figure out why my car wanted me to check my engine oil. You know, these new fangled dashboards all talk to you, they tell you when to bring in your car for service and they share horror stories: it was a dark and stormy night when we ran out of gas . . .
My car, for example, spells tire as tyre. It tells me I have a flat tyre, and it throws in an exclamation point for emphasis, as in: FLAT TYRE! Except my tires aren't … (3 comments)

land park agent: When a Listing is Expired or Withdrawn from MLS - 12/08/12 07:31 AM
There are times it makes sense to cancel a listing in MLS and put it back as a new listing. Maybe I'll relist it immediately or maybe I'll wait 30 days to remove the days on market and restart as a fresh listing. Not every Sacramento home listing sells right away, for a variety of reasons that may have little to do with price or condition. It might be the time of year. It might be demand. It might be location. It could be a host of things. Sometimes, a seller will want to remove a home from the market and … (15 comments)

land park agent: Come to Our Open House for Homes in Land Park on Sunday - 11/10/12 08:01 AM
Lyon Real Estate is hosting a huge Open House for homes in Land Park and throughout Sacramento, Placer, El Dorado and Yolo Counties on Sunday! The Open House Bonanza is held from 1:00 to 4:00 PM. Look for the giant Open House page in the Sacramento Bee and online for Sunday, November 11th.
If you're looking for a special home in Land Park offered by your Land Park agent, I suggest you stop by my open house at 576 4th Avenue. This is a brand new listing that just hit the market at $399,000. It features those hard-to-find double baths. The … (3 comments)

land park agent: Would You Represent Two Buyers for the Same Home? - 10/05/12 06:52 AM
Should a Land Park agent represent two buyers for the same Land Park home? I imagine this is a dilemma often faced in sellers markets, like the market we have in Sacramento at the moment: little inventory and many home buyers. How does an agent deal with this? A real estate agent doesn't want to alienate either home buyer.
Should an agent have to choose between the two buyers? Right now, I have offers from one Sacramento real estate agent who is representing 2 different clients. He emailed yesterday and asked what he could do to improve the offer he wrote … (73 comments)

land park agent: Dual Agents in Land Park - 09/16/12 07:58 AM
Every so often a buyer for homes in Land Park comes along who knows exactly what she wants. She has selected a Land Park agent to represent her because she wants to buy that Land Park agent's particular listing. She feels that the agent who is representing both the seller and the buyer will give her the best deal. Where do people get this idea?
Is it because agents don't educate their clients? I know I am often guilty of passing by these types of home buyers because I don't always have the time nor the energy to explain the error … (4 comments)

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