sacramento real estate agent: Which Home Buyer in Sacramento Loses Out the Most? - 08/27/14 07:09 AM
People think because I talk so much about my love for VA buyers and how much I enjoy receiving purchase offers from VA buyers that I am this extremely patriotic person, and that's not really the entire picture. Well, I do feel patriotism, but it's not due to VA buyers, LOL, any more so than an agent might feel working with an FHA buyer, since those loans are guaranteed by the United States government.
One of the reasons most agents I know in Sacramento truly appreciate VA buyers is because once they commit to a transaction, they stick with it. They … (3 comments)

sacramento real estate agent: Accepting an Offer Just as a Buyer's Agent Arrives - 08/26/14 08:51 AM
No matter how hard I try to quickly respond to agents, there are always buyer's agents who think a Sacramento listing agent should do more. Even if it's outside of our scope of practicality and possibility. Like this guy yesterday who called my seller to make an appointment, and she did not recall who he was except that he would show up at her home at a certain time in the afternoon. She was about to accept an offer in DocuSign and asked whether she should let the agent inside after she signs the offer.
My response to her was yes. … (5 comments)

sacramento real estate agent: Are You Looking for a Pet Friendly House to Rent in Sacramento? - 08/24/14 10:09 AM
I have clients who are looking to rent a home in the Sacramento area, possibly as far as Auburn or in the foothills of Placer County, because they want to be closer to Roseville and Folsom. They are presently waiting for short sale approval, which we already received once before the buyer bailed on these poor people. They have big dogs, and the dogs are old, which makes it even more difficult to find a rental.
It doesn't have to be a huge house or a glorious home with tons of square footage; it can be small as long as there … (6 comments)

sacramento real estate agent: As a Woman I am Thrilled Mo'ne Davis Inspires Us to Throw Like a Girl - 08/20/14 07:40 AM
I imagine every young girl in America right now wants to grow up to be like Mo'ne Davis. And what pressure that's got to put on that thirteen-year-old superstar from Philadelphia. That sudden fame appearing overnight and adoration of fans has got to be horribly jarring. I've always said that if I had to choose between being rich or famous, you know that game you play with your friends when you're a kid, which would you choose -- well, I would not choose fame.
It's bad enough that I can't go out to lunch in Sacramento wearing no makeup, a torn … (9 comments)

sacramento real estate agent: No Lip Service About the Time to Buy or Sell a Home in Sacramento - 08/15/14 09:11 AM
It seems like lately every seller I've ever talked to in Sacramento is on the phone calling or on the computer sending me an email. I know that's not possible, but it's what it feels like to me, which is OK. I truly thrive when I am busy. They are asking if now is a good time to buy or sell a home in Sacramento, and that's an excellent question. If you read the Sacramento Bee this morning, you'll see the view that the market is somewhat stable, and I agree with that assessment.
What is implied but not discussed is … (5 comments)

sacramento real estate agent: Tips for Marketing Homes in Sacramento - 08/09/14 08:55 AM
I contribute to a lot of nonprofits because I believe it's important for people to support causes we believe in and to give what we can. What is not really appreciated by me is when I make a contribution and the next thing I know my name is sold to a bazillion other nonprofits and I get flooded with requests. I also don't much like the marketing techniques that rely on the two-punch principle of persuading a donor to a) contribute more often and b) to make higher contributions.
Although I can't help but admire the techniques. I study what makes … (6 comments)

sacramento real estate agent: Why Real Estate Agents Have Nothing to Fear But Their Own Shadows - 08/08/14 09:08 AM
This is not Montezuma Valley, and we real estate agents are not meeting up with Zillow and Trulia at high noon in the middle of a dusty street to shoot it out. Dogs are not whimpering and running for cover. Kids are not timidly peeking out from behind lace curtains. There is absolutely nothing going on but a big ol' tumbleweed rolling by as the stagecoach clatters on headed for another destination.
You wouldn't know it to see the real estate websites filled with chatter and the clinking of bar glasses over the ZT merger. Agents tend to worry about the … (9 comments)

sacramento real estate agent: What's at the Bottom of Finding Foreclosures in Sacramento? - 08/05/14 04:37 PM
The same guy who once told me that controlling real estate was all that mattered, closing on the deal, even if it's above market value, is still a tremendous step in the right direction because you own it, is the same guy who earned fame through no-money-down seminars and urged buyers to search high and low for foreclosures. How can one guy be so right in one sense of the word and so wrong in the other? Well, he's dead now, so it doesn't matter.
The fallacy lives on, and you can find lots of books, online articles, seminars, videos about … (8 comments)

sacramento real estate agent: Selling Fixer Probate Homes Require Fiduciary Just Like Any Other Sale - 08/03/14 09:06 AM
Without really focusing on distressed sales, I seem to have become rather proficient at extracting top dollar for fixer homes in Sacramento, in particular by selling probate homes and short sales that need work. In a short sale, you can pretty much be guaranteed the bank will run it's own BPO and not pay a whole lot of attention to condition, so that can require a bit of finesse when pricing. But in a probate sale, as a listing agent, I am generally communicating with and directly working for a representative of the estate.
This individual, while she or he may … (7 comments)

sacramento real estate agent: When Selling a Home for an Elderly Seller Turns Into Elder Abuse - 08/02/14 08:56 AM
Oh, I know that the real estate seminar business is brimming with courses, classes and designations for real estate agents about how to work with elderly home sellers and buyers. The elderly is a targeted class for many reasons, just like GenYers are a hot topic. But I don't think you need a class to teach an agent how to show compassion, respect and to employ a little bit more patience. This is something that comes naturally to most of us, I want to believe.
An agent in my office described an incidence to me last week about a scam being … (15 comments)

sacramento real estate agent: What is the Criteria for an Agent to Accept a Sacramento Listing? - 07/25/14 09:21 AM
Every agent operates differently under his or her own way of doing business, but this Sacramento real estate agent takes her listings under defined criteria that some will find odd. Not every listing has to sell if the seller isn't eager to sell it, and not every seller wants to sell a listing. Seller motivation is not always a key ingredient, although I'm sure that's precisely what agents are taught in agent real estate school.
But let's say a seller does want to sell a home, for whatever reason. That opens another can o' worms. Then I need to examine whether … (8 comments)

sacramento real estate agent: A Sacramento Agent Daily Justifies a Real Estate Commission - 07/24/14 08:51 AM
There are a lot of sellers who never blink twice when I tell them my real estate commission fee, because it's the same fee I've charged for the last 40 years. But there are also those who read articles online stating that agents will negotiate and so they try it with me. I don't blame them for trying. If I were in their shoes, I'd probably do the same thing.
I look at it as an opportunity to explain what I do and how I do it, because if they knew, they wouldn't ask. They just don't know, and it's up … (7 comments)

sacramento real estate agent: The Scourge of Sacramento Real Estate is Paperwork - 07/21/14 08:40 AM
There are times I get a lot of pushback from home sellers or home buyers in Sacramento who don't want to fill out paperwork or don't understand when we ask for paperwork that we're not dinging around. There are valid reasons we need paperwork completed and signed. It's not just to keep ourselves amused, far from it.
I don't know a real estate agent alive who likes paperwork. Like agents everywhere in the country, Sacramento real estate agents like to sell homes and talk to people -- they don't want to fill out paperwork anymore than a client wants to deal … (10 comments)

sacramento real estate agent: Should You Worry if That Sacramento Home Sold in One Day? - 07/20/14 09:23 AM
People think that 15-day closings are fast, but hey, 7-day closings in Sacramento are even faster. There was a time in my life as a real estate agent, back in the 1970s, when almost all of my real estate transactions closed within 7 days. Put it into escrow on a Friday and close the following Friday. It was the 7 / 7 real estate transaction, meaning 7% down (to pay commissions and closing costs) and 7 days to close escrow.
No time left to worry and fret. Not like today. Today, 15 days is plenty of time for a buyer to … (5 comments)

sacramento real estate agent: Trulia Will Toot Your Sacramento Agent Horn if You Don't Want To Do It - 07/15/14 10:29 AM
I figured something was amiss last week when all of a sudden I received an email from Trulia telling me that its affiliation with my brokerage caused them to set up a free account for me and begging me to activate it. It was in the name of my team, which I found really strange.
At first I thought it was because the system Trulia uses does not allow me to feature my own listings because, like many top Sacramento listing agents, I put my buyer's agent's name first on the listings through a co-list so my agents will get calls … (4 comments)

sacramento real estate agent: A Top Sacramento Agent Works Her Tail Off - 07/13/14 10:39 AM
Every time I think that I need to drum up more business, the business just appears. It's without fail. I might look at my closings and say oh my gosh I need to list more homes because I'm so used to handling a certain number of listings, and then the phone rings. It rings over and over. My email dings.
It's not quite like that kid in Tom Robbins' new book, Tibetan Peach Pie, who made it rain one day out of the blue by screaming to the heavens to please let it pour down, but it's the same principle.
June … (7 comments)

sacramento real estate agent: When The Pedal Meets the Metal in Selling a Home in Sacramento - 07/12/14 08:56 AM
I tell potential clients when they ask me to justify my commission because they can find somebody cheaper that they can always find somebody cheaper but the question is do they really want to work with a cheaper agent or, more important, do they really want to work with somebody else after talking to me?  Because my value lies as much on the middle and back-end of a transaction as it does on the front end.
I don't want to hear that the seller listed with some other agent and then the home fell out of escrow due to some stupid … (5 comments)

sacramento real estate agent: Even the Neighbor Chopping Down the Door With an Ax Enters Aloha Here - 06/30/14 11:14 AM
The crazy stuff that happens in real estate is enough to make a Sacramento real estate agent's hair curl, unless of course one is on vacation in Hawaii. While I am sitting on our wrap-around balcony, typing on my laptop, my team member Barbara's phone rings. We are informed that the neighbor next door to a Folsom home we have in escrow went berserk last night and chopped down our buyer's door with an ax. Let me tell you, I am relieved that we are sitting outside on our balcony watching the waves roll in. We are certainly thinking clearly. At … (10 comments)

sacramento real estate agent: What It's Like to Turn 62 in Maui - 06/28/14 10:09 AM
My financial adviser tells me her father spends about half the year in Maui. When he's at home in Sacramento, she says, her dad is all grouchy and grumpy. But when she talks to him from his home in Maui, he's happy, carefree and go-lucky. That's because everything is better in Maui, or at least that's what my sister says, and I believe it.
Maui is where my team member Barbara and I are spending the next 10 days. Oh, yeah, we've got our laptops, iPads and cellphones, but we've also got our cameras and a joyful attitude. You just can't … (14 comments)

sacramento real estate agent: Hair Today and Gone to Maui for This Sacramento Real Estate Agent - 06/26/14 07:11 PM
Yeah, and my team member, Barbara, is going to Maui with me. We are so excited. It will be a girls' getaway. We have reserved an oceanfront suite at Fairmont Kea and our limo driver should be waiting in baggage claim by noon. I can feel the effervescence of champagne now tickling the back of my throat, and we've not yet settled into our cushy seats on the aircraft.
Hawaiian Airlines does not fly directly to Maui anymore from Sacramento, so we had to settle for Alaska Airlines, but that's OK. We're both bringing our Mac laptops and iPads and cellphones, although … (6 comments)

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