sacramento real estate agent: The Scourge of Sacramento Real Estate is Paperwork - 07/21/14 08:40 AM
There are times I get a lot of pushback from home sellers or home buyers in Sacramento who don't want to fill out paperwork or don't understand when we ask for paperwork that we're not dinging around. There are valid reasons we need paperwork completed and signed. It's not just to keep ourselves amused, far from it.
I don't know a real estate agent alive who likes paperwork. Like agents everywhere in the country, Sacramento real estate agents like to sell homes and talk to people -- they don't want to fill out paperwork anymore than a client wants to deal … (10 comments)

sacramento real estate agent: Should You Worry if That Sacramento Home Sold in One Day? - 07/20/14 09:23 AM
People think that 15-day closings are fast, but hey, 7-day closings in Sacramento are even faster. There was a time in my life as a real estate agent, back in the 1970s, when almost all of my real estate transactions closed within 7 days. Put it into escrow on a Friday and close the following Friday. It was the 7 / 7 real estate transaction, meaning 7% down (to pay commissions and closing costs) and 7 days to close escrow.
No time left to worry and fret. Not like today. Today, 15 days is plenty of time for a buyer to … (5 comments)

sacramento real estate agent: Trulia Will Toot Your Sacramento Agent Horn if You Don't Want To Do It - 07/15/14 10:29 AM
I figured something was amiss last week when all of a sudden I received an email from Trulia telling me that its affiliation with my brokerage caused them to set up a free account for me and begging me to activate it. It was in the name of my team, which I found really strange.
At first I thought it was because the system Trulia uses does not allow me to feature my own listings because, like many top Sacramento listing agents, I put my buyer's agent's name first on the listings through a co-list so my agents will get calls … (4 comments)

sacramento real estate agent: A Top Sacramento Agent Works Her Tail Off - 07/13/14 10:39 AM
Every time I think that I need to drum up more business, the business just appears. It's without fail. I might look at my closings and say oh my gosh I need to list more homes because I'm so used to handling a certain number of listings, and then the phone rings. It rings over and over. My email dings.
It's not quite like that kid in Tom Robbins' new book, Tibetan Peach Pie, who made it rain one day out of the blue by screaming to the heavens to please let it pour down, but it's the same principle.
June … (7 comments)

sacramento real estate agent: When The Pedal Meets the Metal in Selling a Home in Sacramento - 07/12/14 08:56 AM
I tell potential clients when they ask me to justify my commission because they can find somebody cheaper that they can always find somebody cheaper but the question is do they really want to work with a cheaper agent or, more important, do they really want to work with somebody else after talking to me?  Because my value lies as much on the middle and back-end of a transaction as it does on the front end.
I don't want to hear that the seller listed with some other agent and then the home fell out of escrow due to some stupid … (5 comments)

sacramento real estate agent: Even the Neighbor Chopping Down the Door With an Ax Enters Aloha Here - 06/30/14 11:14 AM
The crazy stuff that happens in real estate is enough to make a Sacramento real estate agent's hair curl, unless of course one is on vacation in Hawaii. While I am sitting on our wrap-around balcony, typing on my laptop, my team member Barbara's phone rings. We are informed that the neighbor next door to a Folsom home we have in escrow went berserk last night and chopped down our buyer's door with an ax. Let me tell you, I am relieved that we are sitting outside on our balcony watching the waves roll in. We are certainly thinking clearly. At … (10 comments)

sacramento real estate agent: What It's Like to Turn 62 in Maui - 06/28/14 10:09 AM
My financial adviser tells me her father spends about half the year in Maui. When he's at home in Sacramento, she says, her dad is all grouchy and grumpy. But when she talks to him from his home in Maui, he's happy, carefree and go-lucky. That's because everything is better in Maui, or at least that's what my sister says, and I believe it.
Maui is where my team member Barbara and I are spending the next 10 days. Oh, yeah, we've got our laptops, iPads and cellphones, but we've also got our cameras and a joyful attitude. You just can't … (14 comments)

sacramento real estate agent: Hair Today and Gone to Maui for This Sacramento Real Estate Agent - 06/26/14 07:11 PM
Yeah, and my team member, Barbara, is going to Maui with me. We are so excited. It will be a girls' getaway. We have reserved an oceanfront suite at Fairmont Kea and our limo driver should be waiting in baggage claim by noon. I can feel the effervescence of champagne now tickling the back of my throat, and we've not yet settled into our cushy seats on the aircraft.
Hawaiian Airlines does not fly directly to Maui anymore from Sacramento, so we had to settle for Alaska Airlines, but that's OK. We're both bringing our Mac laptops and iPads and cellphones, although … (6 comments)

sacramento real estate agent: The Neighborhood of Land Park and Tomosynthesis 3D Mammograms - 06/25/14 07:08 AM
No matter what the topic, even if it's why a neighborhood in Land Park is better than other areas in Sacramento, you know that I will take a different point of view, just because that's how I am. I tend to think a few steps ahead, which is often what keeps me out of trouble, unless I share those thoughts and then I'm in trouble again.
This morning I read about tomosynthesis, which is a new 3D screening for mammograms, like a 360. I tried to imagine how that would work on me. I've had those scans for dental implants, but … (4 comments)

sacramento real estate agent: Another Duplex in the Land Park Area of Sacramento Sold Last Week - 06/22/14 09:07 AM
Probably the hairiest part of this year-long adventure in selling a duplex in Land Park was the end of it. I had advised the sellers upfront that this sale could take a while, given what they wanted for the property and its location. I didn't think it would take a year but that's what happened. That's primarily because most of the cash investors from the Bay area have long ago turned their attention elsewhere and mostly what's left in Sacramento to vie for investment properties are local Sacramento investors.
It's not just hearsay but investors in Sacramento tend to be more … (3 comments)

sacramento real estate agent: Don't Let a Bad Roof in Sacramento Stop You From Selling That House - 06/21/14 09:35 AM
Over the past month or so, I've closed two homes in Sacramento that needed new roofs because the roofs were bad. I was able to get the roofs replaced before selling the homes at no out-of-pocket costs to the sellers and no hassles.
We generally need to replace the roof before selling because there are a lot of buyers in Sacramento who won't look at a home or even consider making an offer on a home, regardless of the price, if the roof is shot. They just don't want to deal wtih it. Doesn't matter in some cases what the price … (3 comments)

sacramento real estate agent: Thanks to Melanie Ross in Benicia thru Active Rain: Sold in Sacramento - 06/19/14 08:20 AM
When you read a person's blog, you start to get a feeling for how that individuals thinks and you often hear about the things that person does, which in my case are typically kind of whacky but what the hey, I am not what one would call a conformist. I suspect that's part of what makes me so successful at selling real estate in Sacramento. I am not a square peg who fits into a square hole. And I'm not stupid enough to try to squeeze my rounded self into a square hole. I stay out of holes, if you want … (7 comments)

sacramento real estate agent: Why Home Buyers From Open Houses Don't Always Want Targeted Marketing - 06/16/14 09:22 AM
It's not entirely uncommon when talking to a prospective home buyer who pops into an open house for that buyer to refuse to give out personal information. They worry that they'll end up on some targeted marketing mailing or calling list, and that a real estate agent will hound them to death. I think those kinds of worries stem from the fact that the buyer hasn't seen the benefit.
If a buyer knew that a real estate agent would not contact them unless requested and understood the benefits of receiving listings that fit their parameters the minute those homes came on … (9 comments)

sacramento real estate agent: How to Handle a Contingency Release When the Buyer Needs More Time - 06/10/14 09:00 AM
A mortgage loan officer told me a few days ago that he was not ready to release the loan contingency in the purchase contract. Excuse me? A MLO is not a party to the purchase contract. I didn't have the heart to break the news to the fellow and, besides, it's not my place to rile up the parties supporting the transaction. There's no point to it. No upside.
The fact is a buyer agrees to certain terms in the contract and there are time periods for performance, including releases of contingencies. Keeping the parties in contract is one of my … (7 comments)

sacramento real estate agent: This is What Reading About John Wayne Does to a Brain Before Bedtime - 06/09/14 09:20 AM
I had this horrible nightmare last night. OK, maybe for some people this wouldn't be considered a nightmare but for those who know this Sacramento real estate agent, they would understand. The dream was about selling my house, which isn't all that unusual since my blog a few days ago was about fixing up homes and selling them. I always think about selling my home, even though I have absolutely zero desire to put it on the market. That's because I'm a nut job, er, real estate agent.
The nightmare was two-fold. First, my house was being sold by a competitor since … (13 comments)

sacramento real estate agent: Selling or Buying Homes in Land Park - 06/06/14 08:53 AM
It's an added benefit for clients when an agent lives in Land Park and also sells homes in Land Park. It's not absolutely necessary, but it helps to know the neighborhood. Not only do I live in Land Park and sell homes here, but I also sell an extraordinary number of homes in Elk Grove, of all places. Some buyer's agent in Elk Grove told one of my clients that he lives and works in Elk Grove, implying to her that she should have hired him instead of me, or at least that's the way she took it, and she was … (5 comments)

sacramento real estate agent: What Happens When the Seller Leaves Appliances the Buyer Doesn't Want? - 05/26/14 09:46 AM
I wouldn't go so far as to say that some Sacramento home buyers are undeserving little snots, but hey, why not? Maybe I would. You know the type. The seller might bestow upon the buyers many thousands of dollars from the seller's very own pocket to close escrow because the buyers don't have enough money in the bank to pay their own danged closing costs. The seller might also fork out additional dollars to replace a furnace, for example, or fix a roof, or pay for pest work or make other repairs after a home inspection revealed a few minor defects … (12 comments)

sacramento real estate agent: A Character Trait that Pays Off in Sacramento Real Estate - 05/22/14 08:49 AM
My mother used to dress me like Shirley Temple singing the Good Ship Lollipop when I was a kid. I had dimples and long hair spun with rags into ringlets. But no sooner did she put me into a dress than I managed to tear it or get it filthy doing something I was probably not allowed to do. Not only did I do things I was not supposed to do, but I often hauled along others with me.
Yup, it wasn't enough to do this stuff on my own, I invited company as well. Gave my mission credibility in numbers. … (10 comments)

sacramento real estate agent: Sacramento Real Estate Agents Who Discount Commissions, and Assholes - 05/20/14 08:27 AM
I am not saying that Sacramento real estate agents who discount commissions are assholes, far from it -- because assholes are a whole 'nother separate story in itself that have nothing to do with real estate commissions. It's that I want to talk about both because discounting a real estate commission and working with an asshole, well, they are two things I don't incorporate in my business.
An elderly seller asked last week how I deal with the more difficult people in real estate, the individuals who present challenges and want to argue about stupid stuff. I looked her in the … (10 comments)

sacramento real estate agent: Even My Own Sister Should Hire a Home Stager to Sell Her Home - 05/19/14 08:18 AM
In a conversation with my sister last night, she asked how she could go about selling her home. She lives in Minneapolis and they've had an unusually hard winter this year, but every winter in Minnesota can be difficult. I don't know if she's really ready to move yet but when she eventually is ready, she'd probably come to California and live near me in Sacramento. She's the only family I have left, apart from my inlaws, and I love her dearly.
So when she asked me what she had to do to sell, well, I didn't go into all of … (8 comments)

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