donna foerster: National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day: 4/26/14 - 04/22/14 09:37 AM
National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day: 4/26/14
It's time for Spring Cleaning and that includes ALL the rooms and spaces in your house...bedrooms, kitchen, closets, cabinets...the bathroom and the medicine cabinet! Do you have unused, expired or unwanted prescription drugs taking up space in your medicine cabinet, in a drawer, or under the sink in your bathroom? Maybe you have a few in your beside table or nightstand. Perhaps in a kitchen drawer or cabinet. Not sure what to do with them? Here's the answer.
National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day: Saturday, 4/26/14
What is National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day?
It's an opportunity … (11 comments)

donna foerster: Motivational Monday: I Couldn't Pick Just ONE Quote - 04/21/14 09:41 PM
Motivational Monday: I Couldn't Pick Just ONE Quote
I wanted to write a post today that included an inspirational quote. My only problem was that I couldn't pick just ONE. So today, I've included a few motivational messages for my readers. Hope you find one that touches you!

"Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life. Tip toe if you must, but take the step." -Unknown
"It's better to be a failure at something you love then be a success at something you hate." -George Burns
"When something bad happens you … (20 comments)

donna foerster: On Planet Foerster It's Good To Recharge - 04/17/14 09:31 AM
On Planet Foerster It's Good To Recharge
On Planet Foerster, every work place would not only have an employee break room or kitchen for snack time (well stocked, or course, with salty and sweet snacks and treats), it would also have an employee lounge for nap time! 
Immediately following lunch would be the perfect nap time. We’re all in a food coma anyway and we can’t focus, so why not recharge our batteries? Lunches and nap times would be scheduled in shifts so that there would always been appropriate coverage for clients and customers in need of services.
The lounge would be … (20 comments)

donna foerster: Motivation Monday: Be Kind - 04/14/14 10:03 AM
Motivation Monday: Be Kind
Part of my daily routine is to scroll through Pinterest. Sometimes I'll find a recipe (or photo of a recipe) that piques my interest. Other times it might be a craft or garden project. Frequently I'll find quotes or sayings that inspire me. Over the weekend I came across a great quote from Mark Twain.
Kindness is a language that the deaf can hear and the blind can see.
~Mark Twain
I believe that doing just one act of kindness begins a domino effect. When you do something nice, even something small like smiling at someone, … (19 comments)

donna foerster: Stop THREE On Our ActiveRain Meetup Saturday! - 04/13/14 04:48 PM
Stop THREE On Our ActiveRain Meetup Saturday!
ActiveRain stop number ONE was breakfast with Teral McDowell and her husband while they were here from Texas visiting family.
ActiveRain stop number TWO was lunch with Debbie Laity while she was in Colorado Springs for some real estate education.
ActiveRain stop number THREE was the Courtyard Country Inn B&B in Westcliffe, Colorado. We knew we'd be meeting John G. Johnston and his wonderful wife, Mo. We were surprised to find Paula Bradfield and Sondra Meyer-Peterson!
We met Paula when she visited the Denver area in January 2013. This was the … (6 comments)

donna foerster: Tuesday's Treasure: ActiveRain Friends - 04/08/14 02:02 PM
Tuesday's Treasure: ActiveRain Friends
On Saturday, March 23rd, Rich got in the car and began our ActiveRain Adventure! We met Teral McDowell and her husband, Larry for breakfast. They were here from Texas visiting family. What an awesome treat! AR Meetup #1.
After stuffing ourselves silly, we got back in the car and headed South to have lunch with another AR buddy. Debbie Laity, from the Western Slope of Colorado (Cedar Edge), was in Colorado Springs for a class on Friday and she stayed for the weekend! Awesome!
We were able to connect with her and have lunch together. Debbie and … (16 comments)

donna foerster: 2 New Faces in the Rain! - 04/06/14 06:04 PM
2 New Faces in the Rain!
In the past few weeks, I came across 2 new ActiveRain members. Both members have joined ActiveRain at the Rainer status, so I can't reblog their posts. (Bummer!) Instead, I've decided to feature each of them in my post, so that you can find them, learn more about them and comment on their posts.

First up is Andrea Ayers.
Andrea has braved the waters and written a few posts. The one that caught my attention is titled, Just Getting Started and Wisdom Welcomed.
Andrea's home base is Colorado Spring, CO. Since she's "just … (21 comments)

donna foerster: Butt Bling At My Age? - 03/31/14 08:05 AM
Butt Bling At My Age?
I have found that as I get older my tastes change. When I bought my first new construction house, I wanted light oak cabinets. When we built this house 7+ years ago we went with knotty cherry. I wanted something darker and richer. The dining room furniture in our first house was a lighter wood also. The dining room set we have now? Much darker.
My decorating style has changed too. I've reduced my collections and wall hangings. I don't want clutter and I don't want items to dust. I'm much more of a minimalist these … (25 comments)

donna foerster: My Guidelines for Business and Life - 03/24/14 10:23 AM
My Guidelines for Business and Life
The guidelines I follow for business and life are not original. I apply the Rotarian's 4-Way Test. It makes decisions and conduct simple.
Of the things we think, say or do...
1. Is it the TRUTH?
2. Is if FAIR to call concerned?
3. Will it build GOODWILL and better FRIENDSHIPS?
4. Will it be BENFICIAL to all concerned?
I've thought about some other "rules" I might apply, but I can fit each of them back in to one of these four. In business we strive for a win-win scenario. That falls under … (25 comments)

donna foerster: I Could Get Used to Daily Affirmations! - 03/21/14 02:33 PM
I Could Get Used to Daily Affirmations!
I believe you get what you give. When you put out negative vibes or if complain most of the time, you are going to attract negative attitudes and behavior.
When you begin your day with a smile and a hopeful heart, when you set your mindset to a positive frame, then you are a magnet for more of the same!
I have never been one to say Daily Affirmations. Thinking about it makes me think of the Saturday Night Live skit with Al Franken as Stuart Smalley. (Here's a link to the You Tube … (14 comments)

donna foerster: Countdown to Spring: My #1 Favorite Thing About Spring! - 03/20/14 04:32 PM
Countdown to Spring: My #1 Favorite Thing About Spring!
My absolute favorite thing about Spring is GARDENING! I love to get my hands in the dirt (or Miracle Grow potting soil)! I like to go to the local garden centers, Walmart and Home Depot to admire all the beautiful flowers and pick the ones I want to bring home.
Although I'll be looking, I won't be buying until mid-May. The weather between now and then is just too fickle. Last year we bought 2 new rain barrel-like planters and potted some beauties. They should be blooming again this year. 
I bought some … (12 comments)

donna foerster: Countdown to Spring: #2~Bright Cheerful Colors - 03/20/14 08:06 AM
Countdown to Spring: #2~Bright Cheerful Colors
Oh my gosh! It's here, Spring is here and I haven't finished my countdown! 
Break open the crayon box! #2 on my list has to be Bright Cheerful Colors. I've been doing my best to add them to my countdown posts. Some lavenders and purples, some oranges and tangerines, a few pinks, greens and blues. I have a few favorites this year:
Coral is high on my list. 
Celery (not the food, the color) is a close second.
And lavender (I'm not much for purple, so this is a surprise to me) is number … (10 comments)

donna foerster: Countdown to Spring: #3~Birds Singing - 03/19/14 08:43 PM
Countdown to Spring: #3~Birds Singing 
  I mentioned the Sight, Smells and Sounds of Spring in a previous post about Baseball. Another wonderful Spring-like sound is that of birds singing!   There's something almost magical about the sound of bird song, particularly in the morning hours.   Their song reminds me of the feeling of renewal that Spring brings with it. The world is in a sense, coming back to life. Grass that's been dormant for so many months begins to turn green again. The trees and shrubs begin to bud out with new leaves. Soon flowers will poke their heads … (8 comments)

donna foerster: Countdown to Spring: #4~The Great Outdoors - 03/19/14 01:30 PM
Countdown to Spring: #4-The Great Outdoors   Longer Days and Warmer Weather translates to outdoor activities! Hurray! As much as I like to watch movies and play card games, I like to get some fresh air!   One of the many reasons we bought our house 7+ years ago was the views. Our property backs to the community golf course plus we have mountain and city (Denver) views. We have a wonderful covered deck on the back of the house, but guess what? We don't spend very much time out there enjoying our views, or the weather, or each other! This year … (5 comments)

donna foerster: Countdown to Spring: #5~Farmers Market - 03/18/14 08:42 PM
Countdown to Spring: #5~Farmers Market
Spring will officially arrive in just 2 days! Longer days are already here. We've had a few warmer days mixed in with colder days. Easter is about a month away. Spring cleaning has begun, albeit slowly.
What's next?
Parker's Mainstreet will be the home to the bustling, Sunday Farmers Market beginning in May. The "season" will run through October. We visit the market at least once every year. I'm always on the "hunt" for something unusual.
I love the smells of the fresh, homemade products. (I really like the opportunity to "taste test" before making a … (9 comments)

donna foerster: Countdown to Spring: #6~Warmer Weather - 03/18/14 08:47 AM
Countdown to Spring: #6~Warmer Weather
Those of you who really know me might be surprised that Warmer Weather is coming in at #6 on my list. Cold weather is not my friend, at all. However, there so many things about Spring that I truly love, this just didn't make the top 5!
What's not to love about Warmer Weather? I'm not talking 90s and 100s, I'm talking 60s, 70s and 80s.
Temps in the 70s are probably my favorite. Warm enough, but not too warm. You can go outside for a walk, a picnic or a bbq, you can sit … (14 comments)

donna foerster: Countdown to Spring: #7~Longer Days - 03/17/14 09:11 PM
Countdown to Spring: #7~Longer Days
OK, so I may have griped and groaned about losing an hour of sleep, but I'm really happy to have an extra hour of daylight! 
Sunshine is an amazing thing. Feeling the warmth of the sun on my face during the day energizes me. Just seeing a sunny day out the window of my house is encouraging. Knowing that if folks want to go out to look at properties in the evening we'll actually be able to find our way to the door and open the lockbox!
The daylight will last a little bit longer EVERY day … (12 comments)

donna foerster: Countdown to Spring: #8~The Sights, Smells and Sounds of Spring - 03/17/14 10:46 AM
Countdown to Spring: #8~The Sights, Smells and Sounds of Spring   I love the sights, smells and sounds of Spring!   A baseball game fulfills all those senses. You watch your favorite players as they are announced and they take the field. You inhale the intoxicating smells of hotdogs, cotton candy and other wonderful treats. And there's nothing quite like the crack of the bat, or the thump of the mitt when the ball is caught and an out is made!   This year we plan to make a few trips to Colorado Springs to watch the farm teams play a few … (9 comments)

donna foerster: Countdown to Spring: #9~Spring Cleaning - 03/12/14 04:50 PM
Countdown to  Spring: #9~Spring Cleaning
  Let me be honest, as much as I like a clean house, I simply don't like the tasks involved in getting it clean! Scrubbing showers, cleaning sinks, vacuuming, sweeping and particularly dusting are just not things I want to do.    Thankfully, we recently agreed that we should hire someone to do it for us. I have always thought that hiring someone was a luxury. Now I feel differently.   #1~I want my house to be clean, but I don't want to do it.   #2~There are things I could be doing if I wasn't … (16 comments)

donna foerster: Countdown to Spring: #10~The Easter Egg Hunt - 03/11/14 09:03 AM
Countdown to Spring: #10~The Easter Egg Hunt
    One of my fondest childhood memories is visiting my Grandparent's house for Easter. My Grandma would have Easter baskets for my Sister and I, sometimes homemade, sometimes store bought, always filled with love and goodies.   My Grandma would also make hard boiled Easter eggs that she would color and decorate and then hide all over the house (in the living room and dining room). Then we would play the hot/cold game to find the eggs. "Oh, I think you're getting warmer. Oh, you are red hot", she would say as we … (19 comments)


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