donna foerster: How Does Your Garden Grow? - 05/13/15 11:10 AM
How Does Your Garden Grow?
Are you a "Gardening Aficionado" or a "Weekend Warrior"? I'm the latter. I do what I can, when I can and I rely on the professionals and experts with the rest. The weather in the Denver Metro area can still be unpredictable, even in May, so we typically wait until after Mother's Day to plant just about anything. That was a GREAT plan this year...we had SNOW on Mother's Day!
The temperatures are creeping back up gradually and the over night lows are fairly mild, so it might be "safe" to start planting this weekend! We like to do … (11 comments)

donna foerster: Time to Build (Our Business, Not a House!) - 12/01/14 02:51 PM
Time to Build (Our Business, Not a House!)
I'm having an AHA moment. Something of a rude awakening that I really needed. It seems the universe is conspiring to help me focus on our business and particularly our Internet presence so that we can have a strong and successful 2015. Thank you universe!
I've read several blog posts in the last week or so that have really driven this message home for me. I'm listing them here with links, just in case you are like me and you need a slap in the face or a kick in the pants. … (34 comments)

donna foerster: 2014 Holiday Film Festival @The Wildlife Experience - 11/30/14 07:05 PM
Holiday Things to do in Parker Colorado:
2014 Holiday Film Festival @The Wildlife Experience
Bring the whole family to enjoy some quality time together during the month of December. The holiday magic begins with arts and crafts, followed by the movie (feature presentation). 
Movie Schedule:
Saturday, December 13th ~ Elf
4pm - Arts and Crafts
5pm - Feature presentation
Sunday, December 14th ~ The Muppet Christmas Carol
1:30pm - Arts and Crafts
2:30pm - Feature presentation
4pm - Arts and Crafts
5pm - Feature Presentation
Saturday, December 20th & Suday, December 21st ~ The Polar Express
1:30 & 4pm - Arts and Crafts
2:30pm … (23 comments)

donna foerster: Saturday's Shots: Ho Ho Ho! - 11/29/14 09:45 AM
Saturday's Shots: Ho Ho Ho!

Our "Santa Season" officially started last night with the Mayor's Tree Lighting. Rich (aka Santa) and our friend, Kam (aka Mrs. Claus) road to O'Brien Park in a horse drawn carriage. It was lovely! Then they came back to the Parker Arts, Culture and Events (PACE) Center in Downtown Parker where they greeted kiddos from 6:30-8:00 pm.
Last night I was an elf, directing parent/kiddo traffic to visit with Santa, and I gave out candy canes and small gifts from Santa. I was lucky enough to get a photo with the jolly man … (23 comments)

donna foerster: 5th Annual Colorado Give Day: 12/9/14 - 11/28/14 12:06 PM
5th Annual Colorado Give Day: 12/9/14
Community First Foundation and FirstBank partner to "host" Colorado Gives Day. This is a statewide event to encourage giving to non-profit agencies and organizations. It's a 24 hour, non-stop opportunity to support the charities that are meaningful to you. We have several non-profit organizations that we support. In each case, we have a special reason to get involved.
Alzheimer's Association
My paternal grandmother had Alzheimer's disease. She was living in Florida and I was in Colorado. I felt powerless to do anything to help her until I learned about the local chapter of the … (7 comments)

donna foerster: Are We Communicating? - 11/27/14 12:22 PM
Are We Communicating?
I just read a great article on business email etiquette. Sounds pretty boring huh? The author shared tips that make good business sense. Throughout our day, we are often corresponding with other professionals and with our clients via email, therefore remembering these tips will help us to be better communicators! Here are some points that stood out to me.
~If you are not sure if you should be formal, or casual. Go with formal.
~If the email you receive starts out "Dear", that's how you should respond.
~Don't use ALL CAPITAL LETTERS. It appears as though … (20 comments)

donna foerster: Holiday Things to do in Parker 2014: Visit Santa at the PACE Center - 11/17/14 01:26 PM
Holiday Things to do in Parker 2014: Visit Santa at the PACE Center
Do you have your Christmas wish list ready? Then perhaps you should plan to come to the PACE Center and share your hopes and dreams with the jolly man in the red suit!
Santa will be at the PACE Center beginning Friday, November 28th from 6:30-8 pm (directly following the Mayor's Holiday Lighting. He will also be there on Saturdays from 5-8 pm between Thanksgiving and Christmas.
The PACE Center will have a separate "Santa" entrance for folks coming to visit with Santa. This will be the drop … (4 comments)

donna foerster: Holiday Things to do in Parker 2014: Holiday Carriage Rides - 11/17/14 01:25 PM
Holiday Things to do in Parker 2014: Holiday Carriage Rides
Once again, the Town of Parker will be hosting FREE Holiday Carriage and Wagon Rides around Old Town Parker, from 4:30-8:30 pm, every Saturday between Thanksgiving and Christmas. (November 29th, December 6th, 13th and 20th.) The carriages will have pick up and drop off at O'Brien Park and the PACE Center. No tickets will be needed, rides will be offered on a first come, first served basis. Please dress warmly!
You, your family and your friends can also stop inside the PACE center to visit with Santa Claus. He'll … (8 comments)

donna foerster: Holiday Things to do in Parker 2014: Mayor's Holiday Lighting - 11/17/14 12:48 PM
Holiday Things to do in Parker 2014: Mayor's Holiday Lighting
What are your plans for the Friday after Thanksgiving? Maybe you'll be eating turkey leftovers, or perhpas you'll be out shopping Black Friday specials. Are you in town visiting family or friends? Why not bundle up and head on over to O'Brien Park in beautiful Old Town Parker to enjoy the festivities of the Mayor's Annual Holiday Lighting?
Join Mayor Mike Waid, the Parker Town Council and Santa and Mrs. Claus as the Mayor lights the holiday lights in O'Brien Park! The fun begins at 5pm. Get there early for … (2 comments)

donna foerster: Holiday Happenings: November 2014 - 11/17/14 12:13 PM
Holiday Happenings: November 2014
This time of year there is quite a bit of activity all over town~concerts, plays, 5K runs, Santa visits~non stop fun! Here's a quick run down of some local events. I've included links for more information and details for each!
Now through November 22nd
Legally Blonde
Presented by Inspire Creative
PACE Center, Parker
Show times vary
November 22nd
Denver Concert Band~Tis' the Season
Holiday Music and other classic favorites
Lone Tree Arts Center
2 pm show time
Prices $13 for adults, $8 under 16
November 21st-23rd
Annie Jr.
Mainstreet Center, Parker
Show times vary
November 25th & 26th
Denver Ballet Theatre's "The Nutcracker"
PACE Center, Parker 
Show … (15 comments)

donna foerster: I Can Feel It Coming, Can You? - 11/16/14 09:23 PM
I Can Feel It Coming, Can You?
I believe I'm currently feeling the calm before the holiday storm of activity starts. We just got back from vacation and my email in box has at least 4 invitations for upcoming holiday events. We also had one snail mail invite.
Soon it will be Thanksgiving and we'll be running from house to house visiting friends and family. I haven't started Christmas shopping, or even thought about gift giving. Someone asked me today when I plan to put up my tree and some of my neighbors already have their outside Christmas lights up. … (3 comments)

donna foerster: Wednesday's Wisdom: Caution, Purpose and Faith - 11/16/14 07:39 PM
Wednesday's Wisdom: Caution, Purpose and Faith
"Choose your friends with caution, plan your future with purpose and frame your life with faith."
~Thomas S. Monson
There are 3 messages in this quote and each one is important on its own.
"Choose your friends with caution." I'm not cautious when it comes to this. I just jump in and maybe that's ok, and maybe not. I should probably give the "process" more time. I think I have a tendency to smother people after I meet them. New relationships need breathing room and time to develop.
"Plan your future … (12 comments)

donna foerster: Giving Locally: One Warm Coat - 11/16/14 06:29 PM
Giving Locally: One Warm Coat
Over the next few weeks there will be many opportunities to give to those less fortunate in your area. The Container Store will be collecting new and gently used coats for One Warm Coat. This is a national organization that supports local needs.
In 2013, The Container Store collected 20,000 coats. This year the goal is 25,000! In addition to coats, stores will also be collecting sweaters, hats and gloves. Stores will be collecting items from now through December 31st.
For more information, please visit The Container Store blog.
You can also … (8 comments)

donna foerster: Selfie Sunday: Sea World Orlando - 11/16/14 05:49 PM
Selfie Sunday: Sea World Orlando
You can't really tell where we are in this selfie, but you can tell we are having a good time! We took this photo on Monday while visiting Sea World in Orlando with my sister, brotheri-in-law and niece. We were waiting for the dolphin show to begin.
We saw 3 shows while at Sea World. Of course, we saw Shamu. That's a MUST DO when visiting Sea World. We even sat in the back of the "soak zone", but thankfully we didn't get wet!
Selfie Sunday: Sea World Orlando

donna foerster: You Can Take The Girl Out Of Texas... - 11/15/14 02:58 PM
You Can Take The Girl Out Of Texas...
..but you can't take Texas out of the girl!
I've been fortunate to meet a few of my ActiveRain friends in person. Usually it happens when I visited their state, on 2 occasions my friends were visiting Colorado, and of course, I've met AR folks from Colorado at meetups and impromptu lunches and coffees.
Last week while vacationing in Florida I had lunch with one of my favorite AR stagers...Kathy Streib! The funny thing is that even though I've been friends with Kathy for quite a while, we've NEVER talked on … (16 comments)

donna foerster: Silly Saturday: I Decided to Get a Tattoo! - 11/15/14 11:02 AM
Silly Saturday: I Decided to Get a Tattoo!
No, I was NOT drinking.
Maybe I just had too much sun!
It was the last full day on the cruise.
It was definitely impulsive!
Those of you who know me, know how I feel about tattoos. Not really something I would every consider doing.
However, when you're on vacation, on a cruise ship in the Bahamas just enjoying life, eating to your heart's content, hanging out by the pool, gambling in the casino, you do things you wouldn't normally do.
Yes, I got a tattoo. I even have a … (27 comments)

donna foerster: Who Is The Next ActiveRain Millionaire? - 11/13/14 02:34 PM
Who Is The Next ActiveRain Millionaire?
I was browsing the ActiveRain leaderboard today, checking on my current ranking and I happened to noticed that someone I know and who I subscribe to is inching her way ever closer to ONE MILLION ActiveRain points! Woot!
Who is it? It's Kristin Hamilton! Seems this Southern California girl has been in the Rain since 2011 and she's already accomplished a great deal. She's a regular blogger (great habit) and she writes on a myriad of topics (very appealing to me).
As of this writing, she has less than 2,200 points needed to get … (16 comments)

donna foerster: It's Time to Revive an Old ActiveRain Group! - 11/13/14 10:07 AM
It's Time to Revive an Old ActiveRain Group!
After a great ActiveRain contest many years ago (February 2011, to be exact), I started a new ActiveRain Group, Never Ask The Same Question Twice (NATSQT).
You know as well as I do that consumers have questions. Some times they'll search for answers on the Internet, some times they'll ask friends and family for advice, and some times they'll ask us...the professionals. Our clients, past and present, ask us questions all the time!
What are the closing costs going to be?
What's the difference between and inspection and an appraisal?

donna foerster: 30 Posts in 30 Days: An AR November Challenge - 10/31/14 10:05 AM
30 Posts in 30 Days: An AR November Challenge
You thought November would never get here so that you could participate in this amazing challenge! Am I right? OK, maybe you're a bit nervous. Maybe you've just been managing to write every so often, or once a week or a month. Now's the time to jump in! Make the commitment to blog. It WILL benefit your business. 
I've been writing "warning" posts throughout the month of October to prepare bloggers for this special opportunity to build a new blogging habit (or reinforce what you are already doing). excuses. Jump … (239 comments)

donna foerster: Friday Funnies: Outtakes and Bloopers - 10/30/14 11:04 AM
Friday Funnies: Outtakes and Bloopers
Back in the day, no this isn't a Throwback Thursday post, but it could be...I watched Seinfeld. I believe the show was so successful due to the terrific characters and cast. Jerry, Elaine, George and Kramer. While goofing around on YouTube I found some blooper videos. If you thought the show was funny, the bloopers are even better. I picked this video to share. It's a bit long, so you might have to save it for the weekend.

Friday Funnies: Outtakes and Bloopers


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