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How to choose between an FHA, VA or conventional home loan? People who work with home loans every day can forget just how confusing their jargon can be to outsiders. Here is a quick overview of the three main types of mortgage from which both first-time buyers and old hands may choose. In Americ...
 With positive news coming from the housing market, lenders are feeling more comfortable offering new loan programs to buyers. Right now, you have the ability to purchase with NO MONTHLY MORTGAGE INSURANCE and only 5% down.   Would you like to know how you can avoid the costly FHA monthly mortga...
    If you are new to the real estate market, the cost of a home may appear daunting. You may feel that you cannot qualify for any home loans, based on your income. However, lenders have a logical and clever way to formulate the best loan amount for you. It is possible to own a home, even with a...
  Could I purchase again after a foreclosure or short-sale? As much as people think you can’t, that’s far from the truth. Good news! You absolutely can! What Are Extenuating Circumstances? A death in the household or a permanent disability were typically the only extenuating circumstances that c...
Should I Buy a Used home or A New Home? Untouched and Clean The most obvious benefit to buying a new home as opposed to old, existing, or used is that it’s brand spanking new. It’s untouched, it’s clean, everything is in good working order and nothing needs to be repaired. That’s a pretty huge i...
  I help a lot of first time home buyers and as a first time home buyer I understand there are many questions or concerns that they may have.  I simply put together a short summary of the Loan Process here at NuHome Group.  This summary is very brief to help not complicate things. Qualification-...
  FHA HIGHLIGHTS FHA- 580+ FICO for PURCH, RT, C/O including Flips & High Balance! FHA - Repair Escrows OK! FHA - 203k Full & Streamline w/ 580 FICO! FHA - HUD REO $100 Down Homes OK! FHA- MFG HOMES OK - 580+ FICO - 620+ FOR SINGLE WIDE   FHA- No LTV Caps! FHA- NO OVERLAYS!!! FHA - YSP Credit UN...
I was recently at a business training to learn more about real estate. Instead of the training being focused on logical and practical operations it was more of a sermon.  The guest speaker spoke about how we give ourselves the option to fail by the way we emotionally express ourselves on a daily...
  Está usted interesado en comprar una casa? El equipo NuHome Group le ayudará a conseguir pre-aprobado en menos de 24 horas. La compra de una casa hoy en el mercado actual es una gran inversión. Muchas veces es más barato tener una casa que alquilar. Por lo tanto, no deje que estos tipos de int...
  Realtors guide for Home Loan Process  Introduction: I have come up with this system to better explain the loan process for the Real Estate community.  I as a Loan Officer, try to educate my fellow Real Estate colleagues in the loan process.  If we all are on the same page then we can work in be...

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