probate agent: Free Probate R/E Preview Tuesday! 9/23 7pm (PST) - 09/16/14 02:03 PM
Tuesday 9/23 at 7pm (pst) I will be holding a FREE online PREVIEW of what I will be teaching at my Live Probate Real Estate Academy for Agents and Investors Oct 4th and 5th.  If your not earning Six Figures in your Real Estate business (Agent or Investor) you may want to check this Free Preview out.
Even if you are out of area you can take the academy as we will Live Stream the 2 Day Live Event. Everything you need to know about probate real estate and how … (0 comments)

probate agent: 2 MORE PROBATE ESCROWS LAST WEEK WITH A DOUBLE END - 09/15/14 09:23 AM
Greetings, just a not to those of you who follow me with this probate niche I have been writing about for some time now.   This system is so good and leads to more business than I think most agents find so I'm going to explain what I'm doing right now with probates, after  25 years, spending more time in the educational side but still highly productive.   Any agent with a work ethic should be able to add this niche to their current work schedule and be up and running in two weeks.  Check it out!

probate agent: YES! MY PROBATE R/E ACADEMY OCT 4/5TH WILL BE LIVE STREAMED! - 09/10/14 12:33 PM
This is a Jammed Pack weekend with EVERYTHING you need to Jump Start your Probate Real Estate business as either an Agent,  Investor or Both.  Take Advantage and register today as seating is limited and we are 50% full.   Register at
Early Bird 20% discount prior to Sept 15th. … (0 comments)

probate agent: So How About Probate Short Sales - 09/05/14 08:44 PM
In my Probate Real Estate Business over the last 25 years most of the homes which are in probate and come across my research every week are Free N Clear.  This is a great thing as it motivates the estate to possibly sell the house to free up all the Cash to pay off any creditors and help move the probate process to completion which is call the Final Distribution.
Today in my Probate Business I'm finding more and more probate homes underwater and what this means is the estate is going through probate, has a house without any equity and … (1 comments)

probate agent: A SOLID Niche will get you though Rough Markets - 09/03/14 10:24 AM
During my 38 years in real estate sales, I came to understand by working a niche around your general real estate business helps when market conditions come which slow down and hurt your regular business.   I think this is wise for any agent to do whether it's Probate Homes,  TS Sales,  Short Sales or whatever.  Doing something that the masses don't do will keep you going especially when we hit a market like we have had from 2007 to present.
During this latest down real estate market in 2008 I joined forces with another top agent and we established a … (2 comments)

probate agent: "Right To Sell" Without A Listing - 09/03/14 08:43 AM
Ok, another technique I use in my 25 year probate real estate business is to have a 14 Day Pre-MLS agreement where I can bring the estate home to the market place with two weekends of open houses, test the market with a “As Is” price and “Fix Up” price then report back to the owner what the market is telling us.
This last Sunday my team held a home open in NorCal where we had been talking with the state for about 2 weeks on our program.  The probate home was in need of fix up and updating but it … (1 comments)

probate agent: READ THIS if you want to Add 15 sides to your yearly production - 09/02/14 12:39 PM
In my Real Estate Business I'm often asked how many probate homes can one expect to do following my program.  This is a tough question to answer for someone else so what I do is tell them what I have been averaging based on my time schedule, number of probate files and market place.  As a Probate Agent if you have 60- to 80 new files each month with real estate like I do then your expectation should be the same with the exception being how good you are compared to me.  You may be better and do more.  Hope this … (0 comments)

probate agent: Why you will do more business Understanding Probate Real Estate - 09/02/14 11:04 AM
Many Real Estate investors like the idea of flipping real estate. This is where you purchase a property and before you close or within a short period of time after the close you resell for a higher price and reap the difference. Flipping Real Estate has been around for ages but what has been widely known in the investment circles is how to do this with probates.
The average investor and most agents look for N.O.D (Notice of Defaults), Trustee Sales, Divorces, fixer’s properties or some kind of distress situation where a seller would be inclined to sell for less that … (2 comments)

probate agent: 10% Deposit When buying a Probate?? Nope, not if you know what I know - 08/29/14 04:26 PM
I have had many buyers (VA or FHA) in the past not be able to purchase a Probate Home because the old law (which is still around) requires a 10% deposit with the offer.  Think about it.  VA and FHA buyers make up probably 60% of the market in most areas.  VA buyers are placing 0% down and FHA 3.5%.  They have closing on average at the medium sales price in my area of $8000 to $10000 and barely have enough to cover.  So here is the crazy part.
If they are buying a $300K house which is a starter … (0 comments)

probate agent: What's The Notice Of Proposed Action??? - 08/29/14 02:29 PM
In my Probate Real Estate business I buy and sell probates for investors (flip) and also represented landlords looking for rental properties to hold Plus end user, move in buyers who want a home for their family.  This has been a great wealth of business for me over the last 25 years.   The Probate Home Niche is something every Investor and RE Agents should know about.   
When we purchase a Probate out of the court system (I.A.E.A) we are going to have to provide a few things for the title company to insure … (2 comments)

probate agent: How Probate Real Estate Will Increase Agents Commissions - 08/29/14 12:30 PM
I am asked how much can I make if I start working probate homes as an agent.  This is tough to answer since there is a variable that we can't control!  YOU!     Yes, you are really the factor which will make or break your adding probate homes to your regular agent business.  But in general terms this is what I do and hopefully if someone is doing this then anyone with the right education, guidance and a never give up attitude should be about the same.
PROBATE FLIPS: From 1987 to 2000 all I did in my real estate … (0 comments)

probate agent: Here's 91 Million Reason You Should Get Started with Probate - 08/28/14 01:35 PM
There was $91 Million in Closed Probates through my MLS in 1 Year How Many Probates Did You Do?
The majority of real estate agents are under the impression probate real estate is a losing proposition.   Now, I’m seeing more and more agents looking at probate harder these days, but the overall feeling is it’s … (4 comments)

probate agent: What to do when writting your probate offer... - 08/28/14 11:21 AM
In my Probate Real Estate business I do several things.  I find probate homes to sell to investors who want to flip, Investors who want to hold (rentals) and to end user buyers who are looking for a home to move into. 
As I state many times in my blogs I do this usually off the MLS Grid and I'm the only agent who even knows the Probate was available to purchase.  This has been big for my production over the last 25+ years and I love teaching other agents how to do the same if they have interest.
If you … (0 comments)

probate agent: YES! You Can ADD 2-4 Escrows Per Month...Read On - 08/27/14 02:43 PM
Ok, let's talk about 2014 so far and my production with Probate and Trusts Homes.  
Yes! I'm working but it is sure a great feeling to work where 97% of my conpetition don't.
Plus - most who are trying to work probates, don't have a clue how to close one!
So what happens is avoid this niche (big mistake) within a few months and chalk it up as "To Difficult, To Much Red Tape".  
This is why I have been working Probate Homes for over 25 years AND CRUSHING IT. Even today with more agents and investors jumping on … (0 comments)

probate agent: How I got a 6% referral fee without being involved in the deal - 08/27/14 10:28 AM
So these days I'm all about saving time, delegating and still earning good.  
What I have been doing lately on a few deals is I refer the entire probate home to my Investor who is a Broker and buys and sells 10+ homes per month.  These are big players BUT the key is they are Brokers and if you grasp this in your business plus learn probate real estate so you have some inventory to do this and keep the entire fee then your business can soar.
Once I meet with an estate and evaluate what their need is, (Fast … (4 comments)

probate agent: AGENTS & INVESTORS...Need More Inventory ? - 08/26/14 08:39 AM
In my current Probate Real Estate business I deal with Investors often who are looking to purchase wholesale to either flip or to keep as a rental.   The MLS is tough to find good wholesale deals and the TS Sale court house scene has tripled in the amount of investors looking for good deals. As a Probate Agent I have been swamped with business so Investors should consider checking out Probates.
      What we do is track every Probate in my County and contact the estate very early in the Probate process (1st week) and ask if they will be interested … (0 comments)

probate agent: Why The Executor Would Take a Wholesale Offer - 08/26/14 06:18 AM
In my Probate Real Estate Business of the last 25 years I have been often asked why would a Executor take a wholesale offer when they don't receive the money once escrow closes so what is the motivation.  This is a great question and makes sense to ask so let's try to answer this based on my experience.
As I track weekly all new probate files which have been opened in my County(s), I always start my approach the same way.  I contact the estate and ask if they will be selling the estate property.  I have several answers which keep … (0 comments)

probate agent: FREE PROBATE TRAINING CLASS TODAY 4pm (pst) - 08/25/14 10:13 AM
Today @ 4pm (PST) I will be hosting a Online Probate Training Class explaining my 5 Levels of Income with Probate Real Estate from my 25 year proven Probate system.
For the last 25 of my 40 years in RE I have  focused on probates, I have been able to cut down my work hours and increase my income.
You will learn...Add Six Figures to your current Business
Why Probate RE for Agents and Investors Why Documents you need to Close Lock Down the deal Work off the MLS Double End most deals Close in 30 days! Free … (0 comments)

probate agent: PROBATE REAL ESTATE: The Close of Escrow - 08/22/14 02:20 PM
Probate Real Estate questions have been coming in so it appears my goal of exposing this opportunity is starting to take off. 
Again, as a Probate Agent for the last 25 years I am now semi retiring and will be teaching and coaching more.  I welcome your questions regarding Probate Real Estate for Investors or Real Estate Agents.
     One of the questions which comes in often is from investors and agents who don't want to wait 4 months to close a deal with all the court red tape and procedures required. 
First, if you go through the old … (0 comments)

probate agent: The Letters Of Testamentary...Explained - 08/21/14 09:53 AM
As a Probate Agent in California there are two Probate Processes which can be used to sell an Estate Home during Probate.  The process we use with the Independent Administration of Estates Act which was enacted in 1987 and allows the estate to take the home out of the court supervision process and sell it almost like a regular sale.   Today we talk about one of the Documents you will need to close.
LETTERS OF TESTAMENTARY:  This document is prepared by the estate attorney and is certified.  This is approved by the court and allows the Petitioner/Executor to do certain … (2 comments)

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