probate agent: Is it Better to work Probates as an Agent or Investor? - 08/20/14 11:56 AM

Probate Profits of $25K to $45K per real estate flip is what I have been targeting for the last 25+ years. I have had an untapped market and is what I want to discuss. 95% of investors and agents don't understand the potential of Probate Profits  and have been missing. Before you can realize these rewards, you have to understand the probate laws and process in your area, have general real estate savvy (contracts, finance, appraisal, escrow), and the proper people skills in order to deal with the executor, heirs, estate attorney and your investor or end user client if you … (1 comments)

probate agent: FREE PROBATE R/E WEBINAR MOVED TO MONDAY 8/18 4PM AND 7PM (PST) - 08/15/14 03:48 PM
We made a change with our Online Class on Probate Real Estate and the 5 Way's to get paid..this is how I have been earning on a Probate Home for over 25 years.
This Online Class is Monday, August 18th at 4pm and 7pm (PST).  This is your chance to look into the Probate R/E Niche and how I earn Six Figures Flipping, wholesaling, double ending sales and taking listings with Probate real estate.
My focus today is to help as many Agents and Investors as possible learn this Probate Niche so they can enhance what they are doing today in their … (0 comments)

probate agent: AGENTS I WENT FROM 70 HRS PER WEEK TO 20, BACK TO 70 NOW BACK TO 20 - 08/13/14 09:57 PM
LOL, yes it is funny but it is also fact.  My 40 year real estate career has been a roller coaster but I have loved every minute of it.    I have worked for myself since I was 24 and today at 64 I don't have any regrets.  Real Estate has provided a great life for my family and I plan on it providing a great retirement as well.  Although I will never fully retire lets just say semi retire.  
Ok what about the 70 hours to 20 hours?\
When I really clicked on real estates sales (I was 27) and … (6 comments)

probate agent: Friday Free Online Probate Real Estate Class - 08/13/14 11:54 AM
Hey AR'ers
Friday feel free to join me online for a FREE CLASS covering the income opportunities available with probate real estate.
Who should attend?
Tired of fighting constant competition over the same tired ol' leads that everyone else is chasing?
Are you an Agent wanting to take more listings? Double end most. OR do you want to work with Investors and learn how to have investors CALLING YOU to buy homes?
Are you an Investor who needs more opportunity to flip but can't find enough wholesale deals? You'll find them here. 
If you want to know how to work … (0 comments)


Ok, so all along my 25 years of working Probate Real Estate and pulling the property out of the court system, I would run into an attorney who would complicate things by requiring an appraisal or court sale.
 This is not necessary but many attorneys just don't know or will take the time to check out what I know that most don't... lol.  
It has been amazing and here is another story so you know what we deal with from time to time and as being a Probate Agents I will get around it all and close this sale.

probate agent: For Over 25YRS. More Listings. More Wholesale Buys. Less Competition. - 08/11/14 12:02 PM
Typically, I work with real estate agents and investors who are challenged by the constant competition over the same tired leads everyone is chasing and not earning the revenue they want.
If this sounds like you....You're reading the right stuff 
For over 25 years I've focused 90% of my real estate business on the Probate Real Estate niche. For 15 years I've been teaching real estate agents and investors how to work under the MLS radar with highly motivated estate sellers that the majortiy of the competition never even knows about.
During my career I have developed a system for … (2 comments)

probate agent: Avoid 10% Deposits for offers on Probate Homes - 1min Video - 08/08/14 08:40 AM
Since 1987 when the Independent Administration of Estates Act was enacted the Probate Real Estate process changed to what has been a very lucrative niche for me over the last 25 years.  One of the changes under this act was how deposits could be treated and basically avoiding the 10% deposit required upfront with a probate offer.  As a Probate Agent this alone could open a huge production increase for you if you understand the law and know how to work it.  Investors also benefited with this I.A.E.A law as they could now make multiple offers and not worry about huge … (2 comments)

probate agent: Would you like to know how Probate Court Confirmations work? - 08/06/14 07:37 AM

Remember, my focus over the last 25+ years I have been doing Probate Real Estate both as an Investor and Probate Agent has been with using the I.A.E.A to take my probate deals out of the court confirmation process.  This process (California) although full of red tape and many hoops to jump through is what most investors and agents know of in the Probate Investing world.  So let's talk about it.
     I assume you all understand under the old California Court Confirmation process there is a 10% deposit the buyer is required to place in escrow before the … (2 comments)

probate agent: How to remove the probate home from the probate court process - 08/05/14 02:12 PM
In my Probate Real Estate system it is important to bypass the court confirmation system and other requirements so you can have a smooth transaction for the estate, your buyer and you.   I have been doing this since 1987 when the I.A.E.A was enacted.  This law changed my real estate world back then and I have never looked back over the last 25+ years working Probates!
In California we have two probate systems to sell a piece of real estate which is in Probate.  The old Court Confirmation process is what most agents and buyers are familiar with but using … (0 comments)

probate agent: Probate Real Estate in California - 08/05/14 09:52 AM

In dealing with probate real estate in California over the last 25 years, I often have questions from my DF Probate students on how the California Probate process is different from any other State.
First, California has probably the strictest probate procedure to buy a piece of real estate out of than any other State in the Country. What I teach my out of California students is to first learn the California process my Diamond Farming Probate Investing system is based on, then once you know the procedures, it will be an easy task comparing your State’s probate process to … (0 comments)

probate agent: The POWER of PROBATE REAL ESTATE Profits - 08/04/14 01:05 PM
Profits of $25K to $45K per real estate flip are what I have been targeting for the last 25 years. I have had an untapped market and what I want to discuss, 95% of investors and agents don’t understand, the potential Probate Profits they have been missing.
Before you can realize these rewards, you have to understand the probate laws and process in your area, have general real estate savvy (contracts, finance, appraisal, escrow), and the proper people skills in order to deal with the executor, heirs and estate attorney. You will need to know how to structure your wholesale purchase … (0 comments)

probate agent: Here's a Wholesale Probate Home with 3 REALTORS EARNING! - 08/04/14 08:29 AM
The Baby Boomers are coming on strong and taking over Billions of inherited real estate from their parents who have passed.  Many of them are selling the properties to divide up the cash to family heirs or whomever the deceased wanted to give a share to.   My business is selling those properties, Retail or Wholesale, and earning a Double Commission on every one.   In this Hot Northern California Market we are selling 90% of our own estates and earning 4-6% commissions.  This could be the biggest year of my 25 years of Probate Home Production.
I am … (2 comments)

probate agent: Which is better? Going for the sale or taking the probate listing? - 08/03/14 10:32 AM
Of course the old rule is "List to Last" is more prevalent today in this Red Hot Real Estate Market than ever before.   Listings will always be the King but if you are spending all your time chasing listings the maybe you should read through this entire blog and find out what I consider the best farming system you could ever work.  
This is based on my 40+ year real estate career with 25 of those being in probate real estate. 
REO's are basically dead and several years ago when I left a major REO Team (I was a … (0 comments)

probate agent: Would High Quality Leads Help Your Business? - 07/28/14 09:28 AM
In my niche of probate real estate, I work with the poster child of Motivated Sellers and if you don't understand WHY probate estate sellers are SO MOTIVATED...we'll have to have a conversation about that another time. For now, this question often comes up and of course if you where one of my students you would know, but for the benefit of all you out there who are not yet a Probate Student of mine (20 years teaching probates) here is the scoop.
**Disclaimer: Quality leads are only as good as the individual working them. Probate Leads, next … (0 comments)

probate agent: Here's what the LETTER OF TESTAMENTARY is all about - 07/25/14 08:46 AM
As a Probate Agent in California there are two Probate Processes which can be used to sell an Estate Home during Probate.  The process we use with the Independent Administration of Estates Act which was enacted in 1987 and allows the estate to take the home out of the court supervision process and sell it almost like a regular sale.   Today we talk about one of the Documents you will need to close.
LETTERS OF TESTAMENTARY:  This document is prepared by the estate attorney and is certified.  This is approved by the court and allows the Petitioner/Executor to do certain … (1 comments)

I had a complex probate sale where I represented the estate (Administrator) who wanted to purchase another home before the probate Final Distribution (when probate ends and funds are available). 
This was a difficult move as the Administrator is not on title so how can he borrow on funds he doesn’t own yet?  Plus he had a Sister who was waiting for her money.   Well just to show you what can happen in the wonderful world of Probate Real Estate take a look of how this transpired and what I did.
The Administrator wanted a home out of the area which … (0 comments)

probate agent: Learn The Basics of Working Probate Real Estate - 90 min Webinar - 07/24/14 09:42 AM
Thursday July 31st at 7pm (PST)  I will be hosting a Training Webinar laying out the Basics of working probate real estate.
For the last 25 of my 40 years in RE I have  focused on probates, I have been able to cut down my work hours and increase my income.
You will learn...Add Six Figures to your current Business
Why Probate RE for Agents and Investors Why Documents you need to Close Lock Down the deal Work off the MLS Double End most deals Close in 30 days!  
There is a Cost for the Training, after … (0 comments)

probate agent: PROBATE REAL ESTATE: The 90/10 Rule - 07/23/14 07:55 PM
Since I started offering my Probate Real Estate system in 1992 through John Beck the one consistent fact which has repeated itself over the last 20 years has been 90% of those who buy my system or any system will not do what it takes to taste success.   I find this hard to believe because those who take the time and effort to look for something that will increase their income, production or whatever their "Why" is actually spent money and did nothing.   This is called Human Nature.
When I started my probate business I had to learn everything … (4 comments)

probate agent: PROBATE AGENT GAME PLAN + Webinar Announcement - 07/23/14 09:02 AM
What I do with probate is the following.  We track every probate in my area and send out our marketing information which has been tweaked many times over the last 22 years of working probate.  We follow up our letters with a phone call to the Petitioner/Executor asking if they received the GaryDTeam’s material.  It doesn’t matter if they did or did not but it opens the door for the conversation and a relationship to begin if this is possible.
I first approach the estate as wanting to bring an investor in to cash them out within 30 days.  This can be … (0 comments)

probate agent: Million Dollar Probates! My Latest Niche Within Probate Real Estate - 07/22/14 02:18 PM
Now that my Probate Street Team is firing on all cylinders, I have position myself to work in the Million Dollar Probate Home niche which will produce $40K+ Fee’s since we usually double end our Probate Homes.   My Team is handling the 60+ probate home leads we receive each month in our County and I have two Top ReMax Seasoned Agents who are handling the Day To Day for the properties from $150K to $1M.  Our Goal is a deal each per week for them (4) and 8 for the month.  We have done 18 Probate/Trust Sides for the year so … (2 comments)

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