ginger harper of southport: Beautiful Sunset over the Creek - 12/18/14 06:51 PM

WE have the most beautiful sunset over Beaver Dam Creek in Southport NC.
We enjoy the Ibis, Herons, Cranes, and gulls on the end of the dock.  We have kayaks in the water to scoot around in the creek.  What a glorious place to live.
When we get tired of that, we go and walk on the ocean.  Our beaches are still undeserted and we can enjoy the shore with all of the living things that live there.
Come and see for yourself

ginger harper of southport: Bit of Blogging Each Day - 12/17/14 06:40 PM
I have been learning from a  dear friend and agent, by the name of Thomas, for teaching me a few tricks to  I know that we have so much to learn from each other and to share.
  Just little simple trick of our business that can help to make the phone ring.  I learned about linking in the body of my blogging that will take you straight to my website. 
This may be a simple thing for the more experiences bloggers but I have not taken a course on Blogging yet.  That is one of my … (5 comments)

ginger harper of southport: Peanut Brittle and Fudge~Yea! Easy Recipe - 12/16/14 06:50 PM

Here it is!
Last night, Jimmy and I made seven  batches of Peanut Brittle and one batch of Fabulous Fudge. 
WE played at this for about 3 hours and enjoyed every minute of it.
Today we had our Annual Christmas Party and the office and I, of course, took Brittle and Fudge.
It was a big hit with everyone. 
On Thursday, Jimmy has his Christmas Party at his office and we will do the same there. 
The Brittle is done in the microwave and very easy and I will gladly share if you let me … (3 comments)

ginger harper of southport: The House is Dressed for Christmas - 12/16/14 06:10 PM
The House looks amazing for the Christmas Holidays. 
We have a lot of fun Dressing it for Christmas.  This house is the Norment House in Southport and was built in 1913, therefore a hundred and one year old structure.  Builders sure do not build them like they used to.  The house is solid as a rock.  The rooms are large and roomy with space to wonder around and enjoy privacy.
The history of the house is amazing with the different families that were raised in the home. I know some of … (3 comments)

ginger harper of southport: Pay it Forward in December - 12/10/14 04:45 AM
This is such a great idea and everyone can do this.
YOu get this great feeling in your heart when you do something for someone else and it is not expected.
It can be as simple as letting a car get in line that is stuck on a side road; smiling a someone with a frown on their face; letting someone get in line in front of you when they have only one or two items and you have a basketfull;
I sit in the evenings and make afgans for the folks in our local Nursing Center,  I make … (8 comments)

ginger harper of southport: Sunny Southport in December - 12/09/14 05:43 PM

Another beautiful day in Paradise!
Sunny and warm.  I am enjoying this time of the year so very much.  It is quiet on our highways right now.  That will change in the next week or so.  Lots of famlies like to come to the beaches to enjoy a quiet relaxing Christmas Holiday..
Not much real estate activity going on right now but it is picking up soon,
Hope it is going well for you.
Take care,
Ginger of Southport

ginger harper of southport: St James Golfing Community in North Carolina - 12/06/14 06:39 PM
Ginger of St. James
Posted by With warm regards,
Ginger Harper

ginger harper of southport: Is Social Media the Bane of our Existence? - 06/16/14 05:46 AM

I think that the Social Media has a place in our world but we have to be careful not to make it the Main part of our existence.
So may people right now, use the social media in unhealthy ways.  There are many folks that are airing their personal grievences in public for the world to see right not. 
This is a person thing that needs to be kept in private.
Just remember that when you put it on the Socail becomes a world wide exposure.
The evolution of social media woes
I remember a story that happened here in … (2 comments)

ginger harper of southport: Baby Boomers Are Not Downsizing? - 06/13/14 11:17 AM

We are finding the same thing happening in the Southport Oak Island Area of Brunswick County.
We are located on the coast of North Carolina right at the mouth of the Cape Fear River.
It is a beautiful Coastal Community that offers the Ocean, Rivers, Creeks and Lakes. 
We are finding that many of our buyers now, as they grow older, are wanting smaller more compact homes to live it.  They do not want a lot of company that keeps them working, cooking and cleaning for those that are wanting a free stay at the Beach..LOL
Baby Boomers Are … (0 comments)

ginger harper of southport: Here's a fun way to share your listings on Facebook... - 06/10/14 07:29 AM

This is such a great thing to do Jared and I will look into it and try to do the same.
I do post my listings on facebook but they just do not seem to get the attention that I would like for them to get.
Thanks so much for sharing this with us.  I will review you page and see how you are doing this.
Ginger Harper of Southport NC
Nobody decides to log on to Facebook to look for homes.  NOBODY.  
Most folks are tired of the constant advertising and marketing they see on Facebook today.  

ginger harper of southport: Chrisp Cool Day in Southport - 11/11/13 07:04 PM
Good evening..
I hope that you are enjoying your day as much as I am.  It is Sunny and Cool...what a delight...
This is a day for buyers to be all over the place trying to find the perfect place to settledown.
Tomorrow, we are having an antique fair at the community building.  Folks will bring stuff
out of the attic to see if they have an heirloom worth thousands.
 It is so much fun to see the unique, antiques that we find in the most unlikely places..
Thar's Gold in them thar attics..LOL

ginger harper of southport: Debbie Reynolds..I really want to meet her - 10/29/13 06:44 PM
My experience in the real estate industry over the last 33 years is that investing in real estate is still the American Dream and can make your life very satisfying and financially comfortable if done right. I am so glad you stopped by to learn more about me and the Clarksville TN Real Estate Market. I use my blog to pass on information about the real estate industry to you my readers and my real estate industry peers.
Check out some of my other social media sites.
Linked In
YouTube Channel

I also want to share with you  the many things there … (2 comments)

ginger harper of southport: There is no place like home! - 10/29/13 06:24 PM

Here is a wonderful Fall picture of the Wooden Boat Show that is held in Southport North Carolina once a year.  This is a show where many craftsmen build a wooden boat that is tried and proven in the waters around the area in the Cape Fear River, The Intra-Coastal Waterway or the Atlantic Ocean. 
Many of the carpenters, have a dream and envision the building of their dream boat.  They have a passion for doing something special that will be one of the most memorable thing that they would ever do.
There are so many  wonderful things that happen … (6 comments)

ginger harper of southport: Blueberry Topping - 10/24/13 07:43 PM
Yesterday, my husband and I had to buy a new freezer and had to clean out the old one in  the process.  We came up with about 10 gallons of BlueBerries that we had picked over the past few year. Much too many to keep in the freezer.  Therefore, I decided to make BlueBery topping that works well on Ice Cream, Cake and Toast. 
So last night I am cooked  them to make the topping, which consitst of the BlueBerries, Sugan, lemon juice and 1/2 stick of butter.  All you do then, is cook until they become thick.  Then  we put … (6 comments)

ginger harper of southport: Fall Brings Fishermen and Buyers - 10/23/13 07:26 PM
Fall is bringing us some buyers, finally.  It seems that we have been all frozen out of the real estate market but in the past week or so, buyers are returning to our quiet shores once again. 
Fishing is good right now off the piers of Oak Island and surf casting has always been a favorite of mine, especially on East Beach on Bald Head Island.  A couple of years ago, I caught a 42 pound Drum.  What a treat.  Problem being that the fish was too big to keep according to NC Wildlife and Fisheries.  We had to throw him … (0 comments)

ginger harper of southport: Colonial Days At Ole Brunswick towne - 10/07/13 07:00 PM
Colonial Days At Ole Brunswick Towne is a fun day to be had by all.   I enjoy the Candle making and help others in making candles for the holidays.         Sponsored         Sponsored     Sponsored SORT BY DATE 1 1 selected   Ruth Lawrence RE: Appraisal Tomorrow 4:45 PM         Denise Rainwater Comps for 2508 E. Pelican Drive 2:37 PM         Ginger Harper 310 NE 39th Street 2:14 PM         Marie Cantin Proof for Pilot Ad - October 9th 2:12 PM     … (2 comments)

ginger harper of southport: Great Day in Southport - 09/25/13 06:58 PM
Great Day in Southport~My Town. Re-blogged by 0 agents
   It is another great day in Southport NC...
WE are on the Beaver Dam Creek that goes into the IntraCoastal Waterway that goes into the Cape Fear River that goes into the Atlantic Ocean.  The way "the crow flies", we are 2 miles from the Ocean.
Talk about a great place to live...this is IT!
In the afternoon, we go and sit on the dock and catch up with the events of the day and watch the sun set, and the ibis and herons go home to roost.
"Nothing could … (2 comments)

ginger harper of southport: 5210 SE Walden Creek, Southport NC - 09/23/13 12:53 PM


ginger harper of southport: Southport, my home! - 09/20/13 06:56 PM

I love Southport...
Southport is one of the most beautiful and charming small towns in North Carolina.
Visitors flock to Southport's picturesque tree-lined streets to explore its many restaurants, shops, marina, yacht basin, waterfront & historic attractions. Hundreds of years ago, pirates & explorers visited the area.
Today, it's convenient location, where the Atlantic Ocean, Intracoastal Waterway, & Cape Fear River meet, is still very popular with mariners of all types..Motor boat and Sailboat treasure these waters.
I have been a broker with Coldwell Banker Sea Coast Realty has been a Southport resident for 32years and shares some of my favorite things … (4 comments)

ginger harper of southport: Do you have a Food Bank in your county? - 09/16/13 12:59 PM
We in Brunswick County, North Carolina are having a hard time feeding our needed.  We have food banks opened up to feel those in the County that are hungry.  There seems to be so many folks that are in need right now. I have gone to our church and we are asking for our congregation to help us fill up the shelves with food. 
Today I picked up the food that our Coldwell Banker Sea Coast office has collected and took this food to the Collection point for our local food bank.   I do hope that the folks that are hungry will … (3 comments)