southport activities: Labor Day Weekend... - 09/03/10 09:48 PM
This is the Labor Day Weekend that we will enjou so much.
WE have grandchildren  coming from far and wide to enjoy the ocean for one last time of this year.
Tomorrow we will  join in for the CRAB DERBY on the old Southport pier.  Children of all ages will come with their best Crab Catching snag the most and biggest crabs off of the dock..
All  get wonderful "Crab Derby T shirts"....lots of sun..and lots  of fun..
Hope your weekend is so wonderful.
Ginger of Southport..

southport activities: Boost Class today.. - 08/17/09 11:00 AM
We had our weekly Boost Class today.
Today was very interesting in the fact that we are going to have a group "Call Night" every Tuesday.
This is at time that we will call our Sphere of Influence or Book of Business...  It is a non-threating way to get a hold of folks that you need to talk to and have just neglected to do so.
I am old...but willing to learn new tricks..
Ginger of Coldwell Banker