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If I had to describe my Dad in one word, and just one word, it would be laughter.   Well, hard headed, determined, stubborn and mule headed come to mind, but if it was just one word, hands down, it would be laughter.   My Dad had that ability to make me chuckle every day. Matter of fact he made m...
I like the mention of ten days reduce. Thirty days reduce. The market speaks. Buyers vote with their feet. No activity means overpriced severely. The market accepts your price when you get showings and offers. No showings and no offers, yep, overpriced.Hi folks. Here’s some info that may help you...
What you say can and will be used against you summarizes this. More important, it counts for your Neighbors, too. And your idle Facebook chat. Remember the expression that loose lips sink ships while answering questions. This keeps the conversation in perspective.We've done this before: spilling ...
I get a kick out of this post. It does seem true at times. Realtors do a little of this and that. You learn Quickbooks, Computers, Sales, Management, Diplomacy, Service, etc. It is like being the whole store and not just one department!How many hats do you wear as a realtor?  Let’s see:   ·      ...
Loan Pre approval is the first step to having a successful home buying experience. It narrows down the correct price range for shopping purposes plus exposes the Homebuyer to the types of loans that will be offered to each Buyer. Step one is the important one!Champagne Budget - Real or Perceived?...
There are some great staging photo tips below. I like the one about taking the photos with and without the lights. Also, remember to remove pets from the photos. Spruce up those floors.  Declutter. Watch for wires. Pay attention to sunlight. Each effort matters to get the best photos to get the h...
Traders for Breakfast, Traders Not, Traders for Breakfast, Traders Not? Well it takes about five minutes to get there. You can call in and Breakfast is piping hot ready to take out when you stroll up to the counter. It is good like I mean ten on a scale of ten. My sneakers are on, the day is gray...
REALTORS, whether you say YES or you say NO, either way there is an Opportunity Cost! No decision IS a decision, so when you say YES or NO to an appointment or a listing, there is a cost no matter what. But when you make the decision of taking or declining the appointment or listing, here is the ...
HOT Tips for the NEW Top Producer Mobile Contact Manager Product on your iPad! My goal many, many Queen of Crash Landings ago was and has been to run my business off an iPad as much as humanly possible. Sorry, Riley Rover, it is just an expression. I love your four paws and your sock stealing ant...
A Realtor sells services. A Realtor sells time. A Realtor sells expertise. A Realtor sells lots of things besides the obvious answer of homes and land. A Realtor helps you find one of the most important investments of your lifetime!Ask just about anyone what a real estate agent sells and the over...

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