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You can't turn on the television, watch a sporting event, or surf the Internet without being hit up with advertisements trying to convince you to buy some sort of credit or identity theft protection related product., Lifelock,, and Privacy Matters (aka FreeTripl...
For consumers, 2009 will always be known as the year of the ‘credit crunch'.  One of the biggest things consumers will remember is how poorly their credit card companies treated them.  Almost everyone received letters in the mail about their credit limits decreasing, interest rates rising, and th...
On November 29th, Liz Weston from MSN published the following article on how FICO Score Damage Points are calculated: Essentially what happened was FICO simulated the impact of a var...
...Last week we talked about 4 of 7 strategies to help raise your credit scores with the credit cards tightening their grips every day.  Here are three more strategies to keep your FICO scores high and minimize the abuse from creditors! 5. Go Small and Go Local - As consumers, we tend to focus on...
We're officially four months away from the Credit Card Holder's Bill of Rights going into effect. And, if certain Democrats have their way, we're only thirty days away. The mainstream card issuers have a shrinking window of time to remold their cardholder base to their liking. This means consumer...
Collection Companies are the big bad wolves of the Credit Repair Industry.  Many people are unsure where to start with settling debt or negotiating collections, but in actuality, collections are the easiest things to fix on your credit report.  Here's how: 1.)  Pay for deletion This situation is ...
No. FICO scores are created to be as objective as possible.  According to the Equal Credit Opportunity Act, lenders cannot use this type of information when issuing credit.  The scores do not consider your race, color, religion, national origin, sex or marital status. Other factors not considered...
It's late 2009 and the consumer credit world is still in turmoil!  You have MANY new changes:  1)   You have a new credit law, The Credit Card Accountability Responsibility and Disclosure Act of 2009, which partially became law in August 2009 and will completely become law in either February of 2...
While a short sale may be a good move financially when you can't find someone to buy your home for the full loan amount, it still has very serious credit implications. It is very likely that your credit scores will suffer greatly because of the short sale and believe it or not, may have the same ...
Most people assume that if you make a lot of money, you'll automatically have great credit scores. This is a common misconception about credit scores and it's easy to understand why one would think income would be a factor. It sounds reasonable ...and makes perfect sense, so why wouldn't we assu...

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