mls: "Condo has food bones" - Hilarious Bits & Pieces From the MLS - 04/09/14 12:34 PM
I'm b-a-a-ack. Yes,  it's Blooper Day again, and goofs were everywhere this past week. Reading the MLS was like reading a comic book, and the local real estate ads were even more, uh, "creative." I also received some very funny submissions from my sharp-eyed colleagues. Thanks to Jan Pastras,  Jane Peters and Patrick Martin, all of L.A.,  for their help with all the fun. Please enjoy:
Bones "Condo has food bones" (Offered by Carnivore Condos - Motto: "We kill it, we eat it, and then we sell it.")
"Construction complete in Mars" (You should consider setting up business there.)
"This is a nice hoof" … (11 comments)

mls: "Stacked Unise" - Keeping Abreast of Hilarious MLS Goofs - 03/24/14 04:24 PM

The Blooper Scooper is back, folks, and what a hilarious week it was! The MLS and local real estate ads were rife with goofs. Thanks to Jane Peters and Patrick Martin from Los Angeles for their side-splitting contributions. Read 'em and weep:
 All-tered State "New copboards thruout" (Let me guess - they can store a lot of donuts?)
"Access to amnesties -need membership" (Aerial leaflets dropped by mystery red-white-and-blue planes seen flying over Moscow.)
"Small Jim included" (I think they prefer to be called "little people.")
"Visit beautiful Fleur de Flys"  (Hence the maggots in your hair.)
"Seller dead - can't be repaired" (Ergo the … (35 comments)

mls: "Hand-painted tikes" - Colorful & Hilarious MLS Goofs - 03/13/14 05:25 PM

It’s time for the Blooper Reel, folks, and this week’s bloopers did not disappoint. Every week I receive contributions from all over the U.S. and Canada. These include hilarious gaffes from MLS sites as well as from real estate ads. Thanks to Patty Da Silva from Davie, Florida and Patrick Martin of L.A. for some whoppers. Names are withheld to protect the guilty, so let’s enjoy a few laughs:
Did I Say That? “Nice now - much better than beef” (McDonald’s ad – shortly after the “meat” was identified as wildebeest…)
“Just needs a moo” (Said the McDonald’s inspector as he placed a skull and … (53 comments)

mls: "Proof of Earnest Monkey" - Another Week of Hysterical MLS Goofs - 02/27/14 04:00 PM

It’s Blooper Day,  my friends – and some of this week’s real estate advertising and MLS gaffes are as baffling as Richard Sherman’s post-game rant.  Let these be a lesson as to why one shouldn’t type during a play-off kegger. Thanks to Jane Peters and Patrick Martin, both from L.A., for their great contributions. Please enjoy: 
Fish Sticks “Leave card for filet” (Oh, is that a fish? I just thought you were just happy to see me.)
“House is moving” (Newsflash: Landslides are not a selling feature.)
“Wine close” (Yeah, when the wine box is empty, the party is over for me, too.)

mls: "Raid House" - Hilarious Marketing Bloopers! - 02/14/14 01:32 PM

Welcome to this week’s edition of “Dazed and Confused." I am not sure how any of this hilarious ad copy will help sell the properties being marketed. Nevertheless, these bloopers do provide some giggles, so please enjoy:
Well, of course! “New bullit house” (Just another day in Bonnie and Clyde’s ’hood…)
“Please request paperwok” (Not unless a fire extinguisher comes with it…)
“Nicest house aground” (Real Estate ad in The Shipwreck Times.)
“High Def TB included” (That explains the X-Ray machine in the driveway.)
“Free-sanding house” (I think Habitat for Humanity already came up with that idea.)
Well off-course “Drawing for new Druid” (Good,we … (81 comments)

mls: "Trainquil setting" - Are You Off-Track Due To Listing Bloopers? - 01/29/14 06:42 PM

Happy Friday - the Blooper Reel is back! No matter how many times I decide to take a vacation from posting, the gaffes on the MLS and in the local real estate ads are just too hysterical to ignore.  Thanks as always for your wonderful contributions – I received some great ones this week from L.A.'s very own agent extraordinaire Jane Peters. Now hold on for the laughter:
Goin’ South… “Needs attention for sagging” (Are you referring to my boobs, or Justin Bieber’s pants?)
“Leather-cowered walls” (If you were that cow, you’d be cowering, too, pal.)
“Desirable area near lark” (Garbled the raccoon … (12 comments)

mls: “Drop by for launch” - A New Year of Hilarious MLS Bloopers Has Begun! - 01/17/14 02:37 PM
Hi friends, and Happy New Year. A new year of bloopers is already in full-swing.  Check out these gaffes that indicate that some people didn’t learn how to proof-read in 2013. However, the culprits are certainly providing some laughs for 2014. Please enjoy!
Ready for take-off!

“New ear speacial!"  (Proudly offered by Vincent Van Gogh at Asymmetrical Realty, Inc.)
“We are now back in full swig” (I think that’s apparent, pal.)
“Pot-holiday reduction” (This property is obviously in mile-high Colorado.)
“Drop by for launch” (Methinks you’re as high as the Colorado Realtor.)
“A step above all otters” (That’s good to know…if I’m buying a houseboat.)
“8 foot … (87 comments)

mls: "Large puberty" - Hilarious MLS Holiday Bloopers - 12/19/13 12:39 PM

It’s Blooper Day, friends, and ’tis the season for hilarity. I think a few hapless folks thought that “Fall Back” was referring to performance levels, because some of these gaffes are doozies. Thanks to Mike Cooper and Bruce Walter for their contributions. Check ‘em out:
Under the Dome “Dome upgrades made” (Oh, I just thought you were selling an igloo.)
"MEW Reo" (Sadly, another fine cathouse has gone under.)
“Property runs to storm drain” (That’s called ‘erosion’, dude.)
“Motivate your clients with great rats” (That would motivate me to get the hell out of Dodge.)
“Fax doc for review” (But he keeps … (31 comments)

mls: “Easy SOW” - Holiday Bloopers on the MLS - 11/29/13 04:18 PM
Hi, friends – it’s blooper day, so hop aboard for another ride on the Blooper Loco-motive. These hysterical MLS gaffes are telltale signs that some folks are really off-track. Jane Peters shared a number of bloopers with us this week, so here we go – hang on to your hats!
 Mysterious “Submit poff of fuunds” (Methinks you’ve poffed enough already, Dweezil.)
“We qualify foreign naturals” ( For what – the Fruit of the Week at Whole Foods?)
“House has new sliding” (Neighbor with demolished house has new insurance claim.)
“Advance notice for meatup” (This must be an ad for the World … (24 comments)

mls: "Peekaboob view" MLS Bloopers from the Viewpoint of a Humorist - 11/14/13 08:40 PM

Hi, folks – it's Blooper day again. Be forewarned that my trusty spies and I are looking for MLS and real estate marketing errors in your market. Use that spell-check application and be sure to proof-read, because Big Boober is lurking. Uh, Blooper. Enjoy this week’s funny gaffes:
Wrong Move “Peekaboob view” (Sorry, I thought I was stroking your pet gerbil.)
“Wine and Chess open” (For those with checkered reputations…)
“Pad reminiscent of the Ratt Pack” (Offered by Savant Realty. Motto: We can spell “reminiscent,” but we can’t spell ”rat.”)
“Wall be open Tuesday” (Uh, if you’re referring to Berlin, you missed something big.)
“Join us … (14 comments)

mls: “This is a winer" - Winners and Losers on the MLS - 11/06/13 11:41 PM
I’m ba-a-a-ack! You can’t escape the eyes of the Big Blooper, my friends. Check out these hilarious errors I found in the MLS and in the local real estate ads this past week. Thanks to Jill Sackler of Plainview, N.Y. for submitting several hilarious gaffes she found. Names withheld to protect the inebriated:
Which Way is North? “This is a winer” (And we all know who the loser is...)
“This one beans remodeled” (I’d like to see the frank that accompanied the beans.)
“Half a mill looks like a nil” (I imagine your commission check will look the same.)
“Come see whats been addled” (Why bother … (19 comments)

mls: "Stairs drop don" - Listings That Fall Short Due To MLS Bloopers - 10/31/13 10:57 AM

Hey, Friends – it’s time for this week’s Blooper Reel. My trusted scouts and I found some crazy real estate advertising and MLS errors this week. Thanks to Jane Peters and Jill Sackler for their help in keeping me afloat in hysterical bloopers. Check these out:
No Pain “Separate wings for parents” (I earned my wings and halo the day my five-year-old daughter buttered the railings at school.)
“Guess area” (Are you referring to my stove at dinner time?)
“New powerful mike” (…Sounds like Mike got lucky last night…)
“Substndard plunb” (…Yet not as substandard as your alphabet execution.)
No Gain “Wrap this one up in a … (14 comments)

mls: "Big law in back" - MLS Crimes and Misdemeanors - 10/23/13 03:20 PM

Welcome back to the Blooper Reel, friends. This week’s MLS and real estate advertising gaffes involve dogs, goats, popes, and a guy named George. What is careless is often comical and, uh, “colorful.” Please enjoy: 
Got Your Goat “Let’s meet our goats together” (Sign on the meeting tent at Lost Shepherds Anonymous.)
“Georges house – open Sun” (When George steps out of the shower to the gasps of hoards of buyers – you’re toast, dude.
“Check out our properties on Goggle” (This must be the new search engine for snorkeling Realtors.)
“Unieek floor planned” (…Not as unique as your language skills.)
“Big law in back” … (17 comments)

mls: "Very small car garage" - Hilarious MLS Bloopers - 10/17/13 11:33 AM

Hi, friends – welcome to this week’s edition of “How to shoot yourself in the foot in a public forum.” These advertising and MLS bloopers will keep you laughing, but I am not sure how well they help sell the properties being marketed. After you finish laughing, you can decide:
Gone To Waste “MUST be accompanied” (That explains why the guy with the accordion is trailing me.)
“Tall pams sway in the breeze” (Is anyone missing a women’s basketball team?)
“Call or don’t go” (Gee, Friendly Fran, does your welcome mat say, ”We cook small children”?)
“Nice back dried up” (Oh, I just thought you … (111 comments)

mls: "Escrow now terminal" - Death by Blooper on the MLS - 10/09/13 03:25 PM

Do you ever wonder how some people continue to get work in spite of their blunders? I know I do. I can overlook the occasional blooper, but some of these are ridiculous. They are also quite hilarious… although I doubt the sellers would think so. Welcome to the Friday Blooper Blog, which highlights real errors found in property listing descriptions in the MLS and local real estate ads. Please enjoy:
Rat-a-tat-tat! "Not open til furter notice" (Sold by Washington Congressional Realty, Inc.)
“Beautiful rodenten bushes” (Do you fertilize them with cheese?)
“Trampauline strays” (Pauline may be a tramp who strays, but you’re … (6 comments)

mls: "Extra acheridge" - Widespread (and Hilarious) Advertising Goofs - 10/02/13 04:44 PM

Wow – another week, another wonder! Yes, it’s Blooper Day, and the MLS and local real estate ads have been rife with errors this past week. Thanks to Jill Sackler of Plainview, NY, for her great East Coast finds. The gaffes are widespread, friends, so be sure to send me your best finds. In the meantime, enjoy these:
Up and Down “Big Trampauline strays” (Pauline may be a big tramp who runs around, but you’re a moron.)
“Low cots to buyers” (Sales pitch to Snow White and her small statured friends.)
“Remove shoes as flavor” (Ah, that Odor Eater taste is such a fine accent … (17 comments)

mls: “Room to spread ouch” - Painful (but funny) Advertising Bloopers - 09/26/13 02:27 PM

It’s a new week, and here we go again, my friends. Hop aboard the MLS blooper train for the ride of your life. This week had more than the usual rash of MLS and real estate advertising gaffes. Please enjoy:
For Free! “Free tors” (Apparently Sweden is reducing its surplus of tall, blond, good-looking men.)
“House got fecelift” (Too much paper, not enough flush.)
“Location on bus lane” (Hence the large, smelly vehicle parked in the family room.)
“Room to spread ouch” (You must be moonlighting as a gynecologist.)
“Big gronds with weeping trees” (Big regrets for sobbing seller.)
For Pete’s Sake! … (10 comments)

mls: "8 horse bar" - Why You Shouldn't Drink and Type - 09/20/13 12:05 AM
Welcome to this week’s edition of the blooper reel, friends. Not every blooper is a misspelling – some are just nonsensical. Let these gaffes be a reminder that we should not only use spellcheck, but also re-read our work. Otherwise, there could some funny results, as with these funny whoppers:
Horsing Around “8 horse bar” (How do they fit their hairy a_ _ es on the stools?)
“Seene in Architectural Digess” (So you can spell the big words but not the small ones???)
“Dazing chandelier” (Yeah, that happens when a light fixture falls on your head.)
“Gret place to call home” (You’d be better off calling a … (42 comments)

mls: "Speed bums" - Are Bloopers Making A Train Wreck of Your Business? - 09/13/13 10:25 AM

Well, my friends, you are certainly in for some laughs this week. Thanks to Jan Pastras and Carlo Cappomazza of Los Angeles, as well as my Twitter friends at HelpUSell Real Estate for their side-splitting contributions from the MLS and local real estate ads. We never seem to run out, so please enjoy:
Going Somewhere? “Open 11 AM – 2 PMS Tues” (I’m already experiencing irritation and minor cramping.)
“Chickend cop” (A cop in a chicken suit - this must be the sequel to Undercover Cluck.)
"Wine caller in basement" (Yeah - I heard yo' mama likes to drink-n-dial.)
“Please sign in … (33 comments)

mls: "Screamed porch" - Hilarious MLS Bloopers - 09/06/13 12:20 PM

Welcome to the marketing bloopers roundup, folks. As summer draws to an end, it is apparent that spelling has also gone on hiatus. Thanks to Jane Peters of Los Angeles and Patty DaSilva of Davie, Florida for your contributions – you cracked me up!
The MLS Mess “Georgeously house” (Ask George if he also does hair.)
“School has hight point score” (Obviously that school is not your Alma Mater.)
“Neer restorants and shopling” (…And yet so far from reality.)
“Covenunt” (To us Catholic school grads, a coven of nuns is redundant.)
“Buyer’s should find out permit to responsable” (Agent should buy big dictionary to do the same.)

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