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Here in the Cedar Rapids real estate market your house will sell in less than 60 days. (33% sell this fast!) or it will take more than 4 months. (32% take this long) In other words, roughly 65% of all houses will sell either in the first 60 days or not until after 4 months! After being a Cedar Ra...
We are big dog lovers and love the Maltese breed. We have had our first litter. Four in all with 2 males and 2 females. Take a peek. Cute! We think they are the best indoor dogs on the planet. They always choose someone as their follow around master. They just want to be a part of the action and ...
1. Set Specific Goals. Write them down and look at them everyday. Remember that a true goal has got to be measurable.2. Project a Cheerfull Voice. Look in the mirror and smile too!3. Use Positive Language. Focus on the glass being half full.4. Practice Good Posture. Sitting and walking.5. Focus o...
Currently, Rudish Developers are building two new ranch style homes with three car garages in the Hunter's Ridge area in Marion, Iowa.  These two beautiful homes are now completed and are are priced at 239,900.An interested buyer can make changes and their own decisions prior to moving in.Please ...
Faithful and loving family dogs remain the most wanted in the minds of dog owners.  For the third consecutive year, Labrador Retrievers took top billing as the number one registered dog with the American Kennel Club.  Golden retrievers achieved a close second.Of course, we love Maltese puppies.  ...
1: Choose to grow personaly. This sounds simple but many people today just try to "protect" the life they have. Take action today to actually start exercising, saving money, being kinder, etc.  Be a person who is on the never ending journey of personal growth.2: Choose to always treat others righ...
It was My 4th, 1977. I was in the 5th grade in Fort Dodge, Iowa. It's hard to believe that something 30 years ago still lingers in my mind. It was a cold Wednesday night. A cold downpour pounded the earth. The rain added excitement to shooting baskets for two boys. As my friend and I continued to...
Everyone was something else before getting their real estate license and becoming a Realtor.  I held many positions in sales and marketing prior to passing my exam in 2001 and becoming a Cedar Rapids Realtor.  Four major things had to happen for me to succeed at this profession before I became "N...
Have you seen the new movie, "The Final Season?"My family and I went recently and noticed that hundreds of fellow Iowans couldn't wait to see this home grown flick. After all we have been waiting a long time. Stores have been trying to sell hats and shirts for nearly 2 years it seems. If you are ...
There are three types of debt that can be reported to a credit bureau: Mortgages,installment loans (cars, furniture) and revolving debt (credit cards) How you use and pay off this debt will affect your credit score.The best thing you can do for your credit score is to have a mortage and pay it on...

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