This came across my email a day before Thanksgiving, and I would have posted it had it not been a time I relish spending with just my family and those we invite into our holiday gathering. During these times, nobody uses a cell phone, computer or anything that takes our attention away from OUR ti...
This is one of the most misunderstood passages and a major stumbling block to many outside the Kingdom of God. The biggest misunderstanding lies with the word meek. Meekness doesn't equal weakness. Meek may rhyme with weak but that's the only similarity. Meekness is similar with gentle. Think of ...
This video was masterfully put together and illustrates how we should feel about those who are not just like us... So what is love? How do YOU define love? I believe in love in these terms. There are 3 general ways (I'm sure there are others, but probably could be lumped under one of these catego...
My Dad. 1st Lieutenant Roy A. Horning II at the controls of a C-47 Goonybird over Poix, France. After Pearl Harbor was attacked and upon hearing he was signing up since his draft number was low.... His father told him just don't sign up for the infantry whatever you do! His father Clarence was a...
This came via The Elijah List daily email yesterday. It came on the heels of watching the Fall of the Republic and I feel was an answer to Bonnie and my prayers concerning what we had just watched. This sounds alot like what Ronald Reagan went through shortly after his election when he came out o...
I was alerted by friends recently to listen to their church's sermon on sex. They told us that it had caused a little stir within the church. As Pastor David Ashcraft of LCBC (Lancaster County Bible Church) says... these are not his words but God's words. He does the absolute best job I've heard ...
This is very long and can be quite discouraging. I don't recommend watching this if you don't want to see the truth and would prefer to live in a rose colored world. I would suggest buying the DVD or watch this incrementally. This is the best job I've seen yet of explaining just how bad things ar...
Urgent Call to Prayer & Conference Call:Tomorrow November 6, 2009 8:00pm ESTWe have entered into a time in American history where the Church no longer has the luxury of peace after great victories. Today we celebrate, with humility, the stand for traditional marriage that the people of Maine made...
I chose today to finish my testimony series. Today is signifcant for 2 different reasons, 1st of which is, today I turn 4 years old in the Lord. Just 4 short years ago today, I awoke never expecting to meet the Creator of the entire universe, nor did I expect to be born a second time. And yet, re...

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