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Ponderings of local Realtor, Lindsey Hasford. Keeping up with the journey of real estate and the changes in the marketplace. Read on for antidotes, stories, statistics and encouragement in the journey of home buying, selling and life in general.



It's Saturday and the rainy clouds are looming overhead. So, what do the young ones do to keep busy?They build houses. Houses with two rooms, one for each of them, and then they start loading in their precious things...Pillows, blankets, favorite books, and toys. This morning is no exception.My ...
It was one of those days. You know.... the kind where everything you can imagine goes wrong before you even get out the door to meet your clients. It wouldn't have been so bad, but I was still shaking my head in wonderment when I got to the first showing. My poor buyers were waiting in the drive,...
There are a few things about real estate that can drive me crazy. But, in reality, I could probably have solved my own issues if I'd just been a pizza delivery driver first! It's like tonight.... I'm out showing houses to clients troubling over the directions from the MLS and how they are written...
Sometimes I wonder why the small things can make all the difference.Like a flower on a trail...It can be just a little bit of "sunshine" to chase the clouds away. Doesn't have to be much...for a 2-year old it's often dandelions...but, it's the unexpected little thingsthat make the biggest differe...
  My nearly 3-year old salivates EVERY time he sees a motorcycle. If it's blue his eyes do this little twinkle dance before he swoons and asks if he can ride one. His aspirations are set high!His focus on motorcycles has been a 6-month dream and I'm sure will only strengthen as he grows. As you c...
  Tonight's storm ended up being a deluge of rain causing deep puddles all the way down my driveway. I am confident that my corn and sunflowers are quite happy with their lengthy drink. But, our weather has been so volitable lately that it seems like watching the clouds is becoming a full-time j...
Found the cutest children's book by Pamela Duncan Edwards and illustrated by Henry Cole. It's a book that every real estate agent should read and have on their shelf for those buyers that love the lesser fortunate homes. This cute little story reminds me of why I love selling and showing these o...
Yesterday there was an article put out by MSNBC stating that lenders may choose to deny couples money to purchase a home if they are expecting child. Is it just good planning for their financial portfolio to be so selective? Or, is it bigger than that... is it discrimination? In reality, I am sur...
Do you remember that feeling when you were a wee little thing (but growing) and your pants just didn't fit anymore? You pulled up your pants and the ankle ended at your knee? And, the button didn't button so you had to ask for help and your mama told you to suck in just to get it to stick?It's l...
  A bad day at the office with layoffs and paycuts...followed by cranky kids who don't understand the stresses of adult issues...coupled by your inability to figure out where that next mortgage payment is coming from...let alone groceries to feed your family? The reality is...that this is a very ...

Lindsey Hasford

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