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Sniffing out the CO. Building permits and more.                               Chelan Home Inspections I am not talking Carbon Monoxide here but “Certificate of Occupancy” (some other common acronyms CO, COO, CEO, C of O). This will mainly concern newer construction and in areas where CO’s are req...
The future is now, Dual function AFCI/GFCI Breakers.        East Wenatchee Home Inspections   Depending on what electrical code cycle you are in you will most likely start to see the new dual function Arc Fault/Ground Fault breakers (AFCI/GFCI). The only ones I have seen so far are by Square D (T...
Happy New Year, Preparedness... a good time to give it a thought.   Those of us that live in the Pacific Northwest we have a few things to think about, Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Tsunamis oh my. Then throw in a Chemical release just for fun.     I spent 15 plus years as an emergency responder and Ha...
Ignition Sources, 18 inch Rule- Knowing when to measure up.                            Chelan Home Inspector   Here is a little more fun for when it comes to home inspections and garages. One area that seems to get a little controversial is the part of what designates a source of ignition when it...
Happy Holidays To All This is a time for family and friends. May we all have a safe and joyous season, take time to tell those who are close to you how you feel and love them. We all have a limited time to share with each other.   Remember… ” Treat every day as if it were your last for one day yo...
It really is the pits-  Zinsco Panels   There are documented issues with Federal Pacific Panel (FPE) and the associated issues with their breakers and how the the Stab-Lok breaker attaches to the buss. The other infamous panel is the Zinsco  (which I have written on before).   (Zinsco split bus m...
SO, SO, SO…. SO Cables East Wenatchee Home Inspections   When it comes to electrical installations most of the materials used have a rating, marking and purpose.  Since electricity has an innate ability to kill and catch things on fire there are quite a bit of rules involved to keep it as safe as...
Caulk Talk, What’s your number?                                    East Wenatchee Home Inspections   I love when I get the phone call “ Are you the Home Inspector who inspected the home at Blankity Blank place?” ... “Well yes, yes I am”.   So this is basically the phone call I received recently f...
I think you need to be a groupie… Grouping of conductors in MWBC- Wenatchee Home Inspections   It is very common to find multiwire branch circuits (MWBC) in homes, especially newer homes.  A multiwire branch circuit is where you have two or more hot/line conductors (ungrounded conductors) sharing...
What the heck is it?  Anti-siphon/External Vacuum Breaker Devices- East Wenatchee Home Inspections   So as home inspectors one thing we are looking for are these mysterious little gadgets called a Vacuum Break or Anti-Siphon device on our exterior hose bibb/sillcocks.     These external vacuum br...

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