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To be, or not to be: that is the question- A day in Kronborg Castle   Another adventure from the Travels of Sweden 2014. “This above all: to thine ownself be true”       “To be, or not to be: that is the question”   Well it maybe one of the most quotable phrases from Shakespeare, from his play Ha...
Push me and I will use a four letter word.                     Chelan Home Inspections   Ahh the infamous four letter words. We all know what they are, or do we?   Well in the world of home inspections “THE FOUR LETTER WORD”  is “CODE”.  This word will evoke many  emotions in the world of home in...
The Brown Recluse Spider, The legend of…        Chelan Home and Pest Inspections   Well being a structural pest inspectors I have gotten several calls over the years on spiders, and especially the Brown Recluse Spider. I even grew up thinking there was Brown Recluse spiders in Washington State be...
The missing piece. Metal Plate Connected Wood Trusses.        Cle Elum Home Inspections   It is very important when during a home inspection to try to traverse the attic space if possible, and it is require by Washington State Home Inspection Standards when we are able to do so. But often this is...
Panning for Pan Abode Homes                                          Chelan Home Inspections   Okay who did not like Lincoln Logs?  Come on ladies we know you really did too and where sneaking into your brothers bedrooms to have a little play time with these !  I know as a child I played with Lin...
Wooly Bully… Balsam Wool Insulation.                  Leavenworth WA Home Inspections   It make me all warm and fuzzy inside, and “It Tucks In”.  I love finding those hidden gems from building day past during a home inspection. Here is an insulative material from yesteryear. It is Balsam Wool.  T...
Burning Down the house. Direct Vent Gas fireplaces. Chelan Home Inspections   “My house's out of the ordinary, That's might don't want to hurt nobody Some things sure can sweep me off my feet, Burning down the house”   Talking Heads- “Burning down the house” Sometimes during a home inspection you...
Shocking... GFCI protection for pool pumps and more. Wenatchee Home Inspection   We are moving towards GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter)  protection for almost any location that could be remotely associated with water and electrical outlets and equipment.     One area seems to be a no brain...
Circuit breaker orientation. Up, down and all around.       Chelan Home Inspections   When performing home inspections on older homes/housing stock you often will run into odd, or out of the norm installations.   One such case was an older home with a panelboard installed horizontally versus the ...
What is a Sufficient Number of Receptacles? A historical review of Convenience receptacles.   In modern homes we want to have proper amount of receptacles in the home for convenience and to keep people from using extension cords on a more than temporary basis.  As a home inspector the use of exte...

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