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Circuit breaker orientation. Up, down and all around.       Chelan Home Inspections   When performing home inspections on older homes/housing stock you often will run into odd, or out of the norm installations.   One such case was an older home with a panelboard installed horizontally versus the ...
What is a Sufficient Number of Receptacles? A historical review of Convenience receptacles.   In modern homes we want to have proper amount of receptacles in the home for convenience and to keep people from using extension cords on a more than temporary basis.  As a home inspector the use of exte...
  Dry charge, loopholes, refrigerants, cooling costs and you! Chelan Home Inspections   If you live in a part of the country that air conditioning is part of your life you should have some information when it come to servicing and replacing Air Conditioners (AC’s) and Heat Pumps.   So one of the ...
  Bonding of other systems, stop the shock. East Wenatchee Home Inspection Services Bonding of other systems, Intersystem bonding what you need to know.   Proper bonding is one of the most crucial mechanisms when it come to safer electrical installations.  By bonding all systems together this wil...
The burning fact, the story of the 9V battery gone bad.  East Wenatchee Home Inspection   Well till I found this while doing some other research I would of never thought of this. But there is a potential fire hazard when storing 9 V batteries.  If you are like me I have many of these 9v batteries...
Bathroom fans need some love too!               Wenatchee Home Inspections Services   I must thank some fellow Home Inspectors for this subject matter.   One of the most neglected devices in a home is the bathroom exhaust fan. Like anything else they do need their maintenance. Most manufacturers ...
Travel log Tuesday- Stories from Stockholm   Here is another story from my Travels in Sweden.   Leaving Wenatchee in the heat of the summer (100+ degrees) and fire season for Sweden seemed even better because we would get a little reprieve from the heat and smoke.  But as luck would have it we wo...
Are you now a fan? A little light on the subject.                  Kittitas Real Estate Inspections   As always it seems I run into certain items on a home inspection in groups.   This item is a fairly common one, switching out a light for a fan (without a light). This maybe okay, catch word… may...
Being so “Vane” in Arild Sweden. Adventures of the Wenatchee Home Inspector   Well I can not believe its been a few weeks since leaving Sweden. But all things must pass. ( Arild ) One of the areas we explored was a little town of Arild. Arild is located in southwestern area of Sweden in Höganäs M...
Residential Dryer Fires… You mean I have to clean? Wenatchee Home Inspection Services New report from USFA on Residential Dryer fires.   (Don’t let this be you)   I tell my client on every home inspection that cleaning your dryers should be done on a regular basis.  The USFA has just released a r...

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