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When Men were Men and Sparkies played by the sparks.     Chelan Home Inspections As a home inspector I get to see a lot oddities out there. Some are just very interesting. I also am a bit of a geek and history buff so that has lead me to collecting old code books ,especially the National Electric...
Diving Into Electric Furnaces- Its elementary!             Wenatchee and Chelan Home Inspection Services I am amazed how often I find electric furnaces with an element or two not working. Quite often the home occupant does not even know because warm air is still blowing out of the registers.     ...
Out here in the fields- Bighorns in the Entiat Mountains   On the way home from a home inspection I stopped to take a few photos of the local Bighorns that reside in the Entiat Mountains.         Swakane Canyon Back in the 1960’s to  the 1970’s  the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDF...
Bonding and Grounding, What they mean and which is more important.   Chelan Home Inspections   Bonding or grounding what do you think is more important? Heck many do not even know the difference?   So let’s start off with terminology .   From the 2014 NEC Article 100-   Bonded (Bonding). Connecte...
2015- Moore is More.  50 years of computing.   Oh how the times have changed   Its 2015 and we have reached the 50th anniversary of Moore’s Law. Moore’s law is  based on Moore’s paper published in 1965 about the processing power of computers. Moore’s Law describes that the number of transistors i...
Wild Wednesday   This week in home inspection was quite fun. I had several friends sharing the inspection process with me. My posting have been lacking since time has put the squeeze on me.   This was a female that thought I was the cat’s meow. She could not get enough of me and followed me aroun...
You are suppose to test them monthly, AFCI’s and GFCI’s. New GFCI requirements.   We all know no one does this, push the test button on GFCIs and AFCIs monthly. Heck I am not even that good at doing it myself and I know better. With that knowledge technology is coming to address this issue on GFC...
A Hat Trick - Home Inspection Findings                                              Chelan Home Inspections   Hat Trick n. Sports   1. Three goals scored by one player in one game, as in ice hockey. 2. Three wickets taken in cricket by a bowler in three consecutive balls. 3. Three consecutive win...
A shocking tale of Building Codes in America.                                           Wenatchee Home Inspections   There are many iterations of codes out there in our country. Some areas adopt statewide codes, such as Washington State. Some states allow local jurisdiction to amend the code, and...
What about your smokies- Tips on smoke alarm placement and usage.   Leavenworth Home Inspections   Lets first start with with a little nomenclature, “Smoke Alarm” versus “Smoke Detector”. Photoelectric Smoke Alarm Many will use these two terms interchangeably but there is a slight difference. A ”...

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