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SO, SO, SO…. SO Cables East Wenatchee Home Inspections   When it comes to electrical installations most of the materials used have a rating, marking and purpose.  Since electricity has an innate ability to kill and catch things on fire there are quite a bit of rules involved to keep it as safe as...
Caulk Talk, What’s your number?                                    East Wenatchee Home Inspections   I love when I get the phone call “ Are you the Home Inspector who inspected the home at Blankity Blank place?” ... “Well yes, yes I am”.   So this is basically the phone call I received recently f...
I think you need to be a groupie… Grouping of conductors in MWBC- Wenatchee Home Inspections   It is very common to find multiwire branch circuits (MWBC) in homes, especially newer homes.  A multiwire branch circuit is where you have two or more hot/line conductors (ungrounded conductors) sharing...
What the heck is it?  Anti-siphon/External Vacuum Breaker Devices- East Wenatchee Home Inspections   So as home inspectors one thing we are looking for are these mysterious little gadgets called a Vacuum Break or Anti-Siphon device on our exterior hose bibb/sillcocks.     These external vacuum br...
Being watched by Uncle Buck             Okanogan Home Inspections   During a home inspection in Winthrop, WA I was treated to some spectacular views. Sometimes being a home inspector has its perks.     All through the day I found I was being watched by a local resident. There was this Buck with s...
Neat, Neat, Neat, yeah it is suppose to be Neat. Mechanical Execution of Work. Wenathcee Home Inspections   As home inspectors we see a lot of messes. It is not uncommon see stuff in various levels of disarray.     Just a bit messy But messy when it comes to electrical work is a bit troubling.   ...
Sundae at the Fountain   Okay it not really a Sundae but Sunday. It is a fountain though.   As temperatures dropped this week our little fountain creatures started getting their Ice Coats. A little later that morning a friend showed up at the fountain, a Goldfinch.   As I was watching that Goldfi...
Forgotten Friday- Findings from the days of yore and King George. Wenatchee Home Inspections As a home inspector many times we are fortunate to have the first glimpse of some history long forgotten.   During an inspection of an attic in Wenatchee I found this newspaper laying on cedar shaving ins...
I have a sad story to tell you, It may hurt your feelings a bit, Bathroom Receptacles- “I have a sad story to tell you, It may hurt your feelings a bit Last night when I walked into my bathroom, I stepped in a pile of … Shaving cream, be nice and clean. Shave everyday and you'll always look keen....
Is my window too high off the floor for emergency egress? Manufactured Homes Rules.   Wenatchee Home Inspection Services.   This is a quiz for those who sell and do home inspections on Manufactured Homes. What is the required sill height for egress windows/emergency escape and rescue?   Well lets...

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