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A Hat Trick - Home Inspection Findings                                              Chelan Home Inspections   Hat Trick n. Sports   1. Three goals scored by one player in one game, as in ice hockey. 2. Three wickets taken in cricket by a bowler in three consecutive balls. 3. Three consecutive win...
A shocking tale of Building Codes in America.                                           Wenatchee Home Inspections   There are many iterations of codes out there in our country. Some areas adopt statewide codes, such as Washington State. Some states allow local jurisdiction to amend the code, and...
What about your smokies- Tips on smoke alarm placement and usage.   Leavenworth Home Inspections   Lets first start with with a little nomenclature, “Smoke Alarm” versus “Smoke Detector”. Photoelectric Smoke Alarm Many will use these two terms interchangeably but there is a slight difference. A ”...
Sniffing out the CO. Building permits and more.                               Chelan Home Inspections I am not talking Carbon Monoxide here but “Certificate of Occupancy” (some other common acronyms CO, COO, CEO, C of O). This will mainly concern newer construction and in areas where CO’s are req...
The future is now, Dual function AFCI/GFCI Breakers.        East Wenatchee Home Inspections   Depending on what electrical code cycle you are in you will most likely start to see the new dual function Arc Fault/Ground Fault breakers (AFCI/GFCI). The only ones I have seen so far are by Square D (T...
Happy New Year, Preparedness... a good time to give it a thought.   Those of us that live in the Pacific Northwest we have a few things to think about, Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Tsunamis oh my. Then throw in a Chemical release just for fun.     I spent 15 plus years as an emergency responder and Ha...
Ignition Sources, 18 inch Rule- Knowing when to measure up.                            Chelan Home Inspector   Here is a little more fun for when it comes to home inspections and garages. One area that seems to get a little controversial is the part of what designates a source of ignition when it...
Happy Holidays To All This is a time for family and friends. May we all have a safe and joyous season, take time to tell those who are close to you how you feel and love them. We all have a limited time to share with each other.   Remember… ” Treat every day as if it were your last for one day yo...
It really is the pits-  Zinsco Panels   There are documented issues with Federal Pacific Panel (FPE) and the associated issues with their breakers and how the the Stab-Lok breaker attaches to the buss. The other infamous panel is the Zinsco  (which I have written on before).   (Zinsco split bus m...
SO, SO, SO…. SO Cables East Wenatchee Home Inspections   When it comes to electrical installations most of the materials used have a rating, marking and purpose.  Since electricity has an innate ability to kill and catch things on fire there are quite a bit of rules involved to keep it as safe as...

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