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Why seriously consider having your "NEW construction" home inspected before escrow.   One of the mistakes that many people make when buying a newly built home is to skip the home inspection. They believe that because is a NEW construction everything shall be great. The smell of new construction,...
Energy Coservation:  Homeowners and business owners can employ a number of methods to "green up" their indoor environments to make the interior more comfortable and to lower heating and cooling costs.  One method is installing window film.  Window film is represented in three general categories. ...
Home Inspection (Gainesville): Have your Home Inspector ever broken something at a home during an inspection?  We’re not talking about accidentally knocking over a vase or putting a gouge in a doorframe with your toolbox.  We’re talking about snapping the handle off a hose bibb, or putting your f...
WHY HOME INSPECTOR USA IS YOUR BEST CHOICE:   HOME INSPECTOR USA has the "ONLY" Certified Master Inspector (CMI) in Gainesville Florida John M. Acaron (Lead Home Inspector/CMI); Engineering (BSME &TDME) and Former Residential Contractor. Florida Licensed Home Inspector: #HI-80 Florida Licensed Mo...
WHY HOME INSPECTOR USA IS YOUR BEST CHOICE:   HOME INSPECTOR USA has the "ONLY" Certified Master Inspector (CMI) in Gainesville Florida John M. Acaron (Lead Home Inspector/CMI); Engineering (BSME &TDME) and Former Residential Contractor. Florida Licensed Home Inspector: #HI-80 Florida Licensed Mo...
 Fire Places: There is nothing like coming home and warming up next to a roaring fire during the long, cold months of winter, or even chilly evenings in any season.  Long commutes to work in the cold and the increasingly short hours of daylight in the fall and winter are made more bearable by the...
ONE STOP SHOP: Comprehensive Home & Commercial inspections, IAQ (Mold) inspection and Mold Testing, 4 Point Insurance Inspection, Wind Mitigation, Roof Inspections, WDO/Termite inspections among others. For more information relative to my company and services please visit: HOMEINSPECTORUSA Our fo...
Home Inspections Gainesville Florida:             Be on the lookout.......... Home buying can be a risky process, especially when it comes to new homebuyers. There are lot of ways a new homebuyer can be tricked into buying a home that isn’t all that it seems. To avoid buying any kind of home here...
Anti-tip brackets are metal devices designed to prevent freestanding ranges from tipping. They are normally attached to a rear leg of the range or screwed into the wall behind the range, and are included in all installation kits. A unit that is not equipped with these devices may tip over if eno...
According to the EnergyStar™ Program, heating and cooling costs can be slashed by up to 20% per year by properly sealing and insulating the home. Insulating the attic should be a top priority for preventing heat loss because as heat rises, a critical amount of heat loss from the living areas of t...

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