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A thoughtful look at the Northern Virginia Real Estate industry and the communities that make it so special. Find information about Reston, Herndon, Great Falls, Vienna, Oakton, McLean, Sterling, Potomac Falls, Ashburn, Leesburg and other areas in the D.C. Metropolitan suburbs of Northern Virginia.
Here are some phrases that a Buyer's Agent (or seller) never want to hear spoken at a listing showing:   'Dated' 'Deferred maintenance' 'Ugly' 'Bland' 'Dirty' 'Smelly' 'Old'   Here are some phrases that we would prefer:   'Updated' 'Well Maintained' 'Nice Space' 'Nicely Decorated' 'Clean' 'It sme...
I know there are still those folks who are not interested in being on Facebook. I get it. Yes, face-to-face relationships are the bread and butter of the service industry. In the past 24 hours, however, I have used Facebook in so many ways that are about face-to-face relationships, that I thought...
Last week I wrote a post, How My Clients Buy a Home, and so this week, I thought I would write a similar one about how I work with sellers.   When someone contacts me about selling their home, our first step is to sit down and discuss their objectives. I also provide them with information about m...
If you are a Realtor, you have probably struggled with the question of whether or not you are a sales person.  Of course, the answer is 'yes,' but the product is not what the public thinks.   I sell myself to my clients. They need to believe that I am the best person to help them sell their home ...
I read a post recently (and I apologize for not linking it, but I cannot find it!) about how millenials are being grouped together and treated as a single entity for marketing purposes. The auther stated, correctly, that they should not all be treated the same way, that each 'Millenial' is a pers...
  There is one house that I have been watching for a couple of years now. Yes, you read that right--a couple of years.   It has been listed a number of times, taken off the market and relisted. I have shown it to several clients, all of whom are happily living their lives in their new homes now. ...
  The relationship between a client and their Realtor® has to be based on mutual trust and respect. Today, I came across this article, When to Fire Your Real Estate Agent. This article makes some great points about things you should consider before hiring someone to help you buy or sell a home.  ...
  If you are just thinking of beginning your home search, something really big has probably changed since you last toured homes. More and more homes are taking advantage of home technology and installing home cameras.   It used to be that you might see an occasional 'Nanny Cam,' or a security cam...
  Do you suffer from home buying analysis paralysis?   Working with buyers can be a satisfying job. What can be more fulfilling than helping someone find the home of their dreams? Of course the other side of that equation is being unable to find someone the home of the dreams and, yet, continuing...
  This week I got an email from a customer who said that over the weekend they had purchased a new construction home. We had plans to meet and review my services, but before we got a chance, they bought a new home and gave up their right to Buyer Representation.   This brought up a point that I t...

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