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Home Inspector - Certified Structure Inspector - IOS #1730, EA #30
There is a deadline approaching. March 1st is the deadline for Nevada Business licenses. I have heard that the Secretary of State is going to take the license holder information from the Real Estate Division and cross reference it against thier business license records and those who are in non co...
Most Home Inspectors are out to do the best job they can. I think a Home Inspection is one of the best investments one can make when owning a home. But as utility prices rise and consumers are getting more concerned about wasting energy does the Home Inspector address much of this. They do to a p...
When someone like me looks at homes all the time you start to see where some of the common areas Home Owners fails to do maintenance. One of these areas is furnace filters. When was the last time you changed yours? A dirty filter can slow the air movement down and reduce comfort in your home and ...
One thing I love about Nevada especially Las Vegas is that there is always something new going on. City Center is back in the news. This time it’s not about windows melting stuff or a building that can’t be used. This time the news is an auditorium that has sat unfinished for 3 years is now going...
While performing Home Inspections and Energy Audits in the Reno area I do come across Vermiculite insulation on occasion. Vermiculite insulation around here is usually found in the attics of older homes. Vermiculite was sold in bags which made it easy to pour into the attic, even by home owners. ...
Images of snow covered roofs with icicles depict the typical winter scene. While many see the icicles as a thing of beauty they are the sign of a problem The formation of icicles is part of what’s called an ice dam. Ice damming occurs when the roof is covered with snow and the underside of the ro...
Nevada has adopted the 2009 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) for all new homes built. The various jurisdictions have decided how they are going to enforce it. The difference between this code and others is that it focuses solely on Energy Efficiency. In the Reno area most home builde...
Energy Efficiency is one of the most important things a buyer is concerned about when buying a home but they don’t know where to turn for help. I have stated in my previous posts one of the most underutilized programs in Real Estate is the Energy Efficient Mortgage. Many Agents and Lenders are no...
If you’re in Real Estate in Reno you have probably heard of the FHA Energy Efficient Mortgage. This is FHA option has been on the loan docs for a while now but is very underutilized in Northern Nevada. With budgets tighter and the movement to be more environmentally responsible about 92% of buyer...
The Vegas tradition of taking something and making it bigger, better or over the top has come to zip lines. The Fremont street zip line that started in late 2010 with a temporary 30 day permit will now get bigger and better. In January the construction of a permanent 11 million and 120 foot tall ...

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