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Lately, I've been making a special effort to find bloggers who are new to me, and so often they are not at all new to ActiveRain.  Ah!  So many blogs - so little time!  So this week, there will be many familiar faces, but also some bloggers I've not yet met!  So here goes: Utah Man's Random Act o...
Realtors who participate in our MRIS, the multiple listing service, have a new tool - the "Coming Soon" feature.  And so far, it's being completely under-utilized.  Basically, if you want to do some effective pre-marketing on a listing, you may put it into MRIS ahead of time as the status as Comi...
This week has flown by, and while I didn't have a lot of time to write blog posts, I did manage to find some good ones that you guys wrote, and here are the favorites: Thank You, But I Can't Accept Your Cash Ranee Bray:  This is a sweet story about what could have been an awkward situation. Just ...
Meet Brady Cunningham, a magical little man with a smile that won't stop.    Now, I forgot to have children, which means that it's a little late for grandchildren.  So I'm trying to convince Brady to let me be maybe a fairy grandmother.  His amazing real grandmother doesn't mind.  He's ten month...
I've been thinking about this post for a couple of weeks now, since I met a man at his book party named Michael Morton - author of a new book called Getting Life.  The invitation to the party came from my friends, Ann and Alan Morrison.  Their daughter, Nina, is an attorney for the Innocence Proj...
This afternoon, I showed some wonderful condos in Alexandria, Virginia.  Coming to or from Virginia, I passed the Washington Monument, and on the way home, the sky was clear and an amazing shade of blue.  And in case you are wondering (especially after all of the posts I write about distracted d...
Hope everybody is recovered from Thursday's feasting - and are we sick of turkey leftovers yet?  I did manage to stay awake long enough (the turkey coma paid a visit or two) to find some favorite posts, and here they are: What you don't know about "Agency Relationships"...  Mike & Eve Alexander: ...
When Claude Monet lived and painted at Giverney, he had a flock of chickens, and their descendents still live there.  Tonight, I was going through my photos from September's trip and found this guy.  He really strutted his stuff in front of the tourist's cameras.  The caretakers must get some re...
I've never taken advantage of the Black Friday sales to Christmas shop, but there was one year when I did some shopping for myself, and the gift I got was an unexpected lesson in prospecting. At the time, I shared an office with one of the all time real estate greats, Sheila Leifer, who is still ...
Every year, Isee pictures of perfect turkeys that have just emerged from the oven, on a platter waiting to be carved.  But tonight, I had to get a shot of this guy after being mauled by eight hungry people - well, one of the vegetarians did pass on the turkey, but the rest of us dove in.  It was...

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