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After I volunteered to organize the Washington, DC spring meetup, finding the perfect venue had me scratching my head. Then I dropped into Fat Pete's for lunch.  I ordered the Carolina pulled pork BBQ, and was transported back to Pig Man's in Kitty Hawk. So Fat Pete's it is.Tuesday, May 12th  fro...
One of the fun things about having a friend in the National Opera's Orchestra is a chance to see free operas from time to time.   Tonight it was Rossini's La Cenerentola - Cinderella meets Italian Opera. In this version, there are two evil stepsisters and a buffoon of a stepfather trying to reach...
Right now, some of the nicest condo options in Washington, DC are units in townhouses that are being converted into 2 to 4 unit condos.  Typically, a developer will start with a DC row house with two main living levels, plus attic and basement.  Then the space will be transformed into two 2-level...
Today, there was a presentation scheduled for 10:00 am at my office.  It was a presentation for a seminar about online marketing, and I was there. But then he lost that edge you have when you know and appreciate there is only one chance to make a first impression - he was almost an hour late.Traf...
No matter how you might feel about Peeps, here is a post that will evoke strong feelings one way or the other!  And it comes from a guy who is really good at making us laugh! It's that time of year again when the Peeps return from their winter range and grace us with their marshmallow goodness. H...
Easter Sunday isn't just a serious holy day for Christians, but it's the day, second only to Halloween, that children can look forward to a huge sugar high! There is a "drug" store here in DC that is famous for a huge selection of seasonal candy, including Easter Candy.  It's called Rodman's, an...
This post is pretty profound!  And it really got me to thinking about then and now.  And now it's got me thinking about recapturing some of that excitement and enthusiasm from back in the day!  I missed this one when Kathy first posted it, and just in case you did, too, here's the re-blog. I’d Li...
It used to be forsythia and redbuds.  When they popped out, we knew it was really spring.  But they have been a little late for the past couple of years.  Now it seems that the flowering crabapple trees are beating all of the other flowering fruit trees as the early bloomers. I passed this one on...
Now this is real thinking-outside-the-box marketing!  And we're talking about marketing not just the house!  I've heard of conveying the stray cat that comes for breakfast every morning, but not the bride!  I am sure you are familiar with the phrase "Do you want fries with that?" Well, there's a ...
Somehow, I've always thought that I wanted to list and sell pretty houses.  I've even taken some properties off of my farm mailing list because they offend my sense of aesthetics.   But something has happened.  In Washington's Crestwood, there is only one house for sale in the entire neighborhood...

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